Apple Pickings, A Rusty Meat Hook, and The Many Things You Can Do With Yarn

Sometimes I sit down to write here and I just have no idea where the story will lead. Tonight is one of those times.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write here. It wasn’t because I haven’t wanted to, but just because I haven’t been sitting much lately. Shortly after I published my last post, we jetted over to spend a couple days at my parents’ house while Mr. Knitting Sarah had meetings. The highlight of the trip was the tried and true fall pastime around here: apple picking.┬áMy parents have an orchard a short and scenic drive from their house, so each year the kids and I go with my mom.


This year the rainy, rainy spring and summer led to an apple crop that was not the best looking. The proprietor explained that many of the apple skins had blemishes because of the weather, but that the actual apples were still good, even if they weren’t necessarily pretty.


We managed to find pretty ones. They were also quite tasty.


I’m usually a Pink Lady kind of girl and I rarely, if ever, buy Golden Delicious, but these were magnificent. I grabbed as many as I could find. We bought roughly 7 tons of apples and have been eating them nonstop since. My girl really wanted to make a pie, so we tried, but it kind of came out more like chunky apple soup encased in a nice crispy crust. It tasted good, but the presentation left something to be desired. I definitely have to work on my pie skills…

In any case, while there, I finished my Elbert Hat


Since this photo, I’ve blocked the hat and made it a pom. I’ll attach it and get some FO photos soon.

I also started my Wildflowers Cap


I finished it once we got home and then I asked Mr KS and got a hard no on the pom, so there will be no pom. I have it soaking and will get it drying shortly.

Since getting home, it’s been an all out sprint to get things tidied up before Mr KS’s parents arrive tonight. It was equal parts making it nice for when they arrive and a blast of autumnal cleaning. You know, the big push to get things zipped up before things get cold. The kids and I finally conquered The Great Multiplying Rock Pile. I washed all the windows. I got the oven cleaned. You, know, all the things that you don’t want to do during the nice weather and you can’t do during the really cold weather. I’d say 90% of it got done in the last 6 days.

Somehow in there, we managed to go some antique shopping. The mister is addicted to American Pickers and -we’ve agreed that we love the stuff they find, but would rather pay people like them to dig through the junk to find the stuff we like because, yeesh, they have strong stomachs! In any case, we’ve been checking out local antique shops for bits and pieces. So our house is definitively North Woods Cabin meets Yarn Shop which, you know, is pretty specific and weird. And, in case you were wondering, it involves a lot of conversations that go like this:

Mr KS: Hey, check this out! [holding up a rusty meat hook attached to an old piece of wood that may or may not have been a barn once]

Me: Uhh….. [insert reactive grossed out face here]

Mr KS: Seriously?! This is great!

Me: What would you do with it? It’s a rusty meat hook.

Mr KS: [looks at it & shrugs] Hang some yarn on it?

Me: [face instantly brightening] I like that. Nice! Let’s get it!

So in case it wasn’t clear before, you can pretty much show me anything, tell me that it’ll look great if I hang yarn on it, and I’ll instantly love it.


It’s totally impossible to photograph this spot in our house, but there it is. Yarn hanging on a rusty meat hook in my house. Looking awesome.

We are special people. I’m glad we found each other.

But I digress.

This week I also speed finished my second sock from my Three Waters Farm Storm’s End yarn


Better photos to come, of course, but you can get the idea from sock #1 that I shared in July. A friend who was using the same yarn was worried she might run short for the shawl she was knitting, so I was inspired to whip through the second sock so she could have my leftovers if it came to that. In the end she didn’t need it, but she finished and I finished. What a happy ending all around!

I’ve been spinning quite a bit, too, in the evenings when the body & mind are tired and, of course, despite all the cleaning and tidying around here, the spinning area is a low-level disaster…


That little end table should have a coaster and a bowl on it, but instead it’s strewn with full bobbins, empty bobbins, and random do-dads. I really should be emptying bobbins, not filling them, in anticipation of Spinzilla next week, but it’s my meditation, my release, so I just keep spinning.

Oh, and you’ll notice the dress form in the background of that photo (also why the photo is at such a weird angle…) — this is another of Mr KS’s decorative genius moments. We had that weird corner space next to the shelving and wanted to put something there. Mr KS didn’t even really ask, he just ordered it and now I have a really cool little spot to display things and it fills the weird space and it’ll make taking FO photos a bit easier. She’s currently donning my Hitchhiker, as you can see. I’m a big fan of this addition, too.

And there you have it, an update — disjointed and scatter-brained though it may be — from the North Woods Cabin meets Yarn Shop, where there is always something new and interesting happening with yarn. On my needles, on my wheels, on the walls — I wouldn’t have it any other way!