This Week in My Dreams

This week, there’s just been a flurry of activity in my crafting. A lot of finishing is always so exciting and energizing and inspiring. This week, after wrapping up a lot of plying, my wheel is free for new projects and its about time. I give a lot of credit — as I said Wednesday — to my recent immersion in the photos and fiber of Three Waters Farm.

They do an AWESOME job of posting photos on their Instagram feed that aren’t just their beautiful colorways, but that also highlight different color combinations. It’s these combinations that just slay me. Every time a new one is posted I’m inspired and it’s just such a great thing. Since they’ve been dominating my crafty dreams this week, I asked if I could share some of my favorites with you.

Fall Sunset on Merino/Tussah + Bright Spots on MSWMTS

Fall Refrain + Next to You, both on Corriedale

And my personal favorite…

Heart of Hearts + Dirty Girl Redux + Agate, on Polwarth/Silk + BFL/Silk + Polwarth/Silk respectively.

What have you been dreaming of  crafting this week?

This Week in My Dreams

I think because I’ve committed to knitting sweaters for both kids before the snow flies — or, let’s be realistic, before the snow stops flying this winter — I’ve been obsessing nonstop about knitting shawls and wraps. Of course I am. I may have even cast one on, but I’m still kind of in denial about that fact.

But I digress.

One shawlette that has been on my mind for a good long while has been Mel Ski’s Menehune.

                                               Copyright MSkiKnits — Please click photo for link!

Like so many, I’ve been touring Periscope this week. For those who don’t know, it’s kind of like YouTube, but you broadcast live and your recordings don’t stay available as long. I’m @KnittingSarah if you want to make a friend there & possibly see me babble on a bit. In any case, I’ve really loved & been inspired by Mel’s scopes as she’s such a driving force of kindness or positive thinking. You can find her on Periscope at  @MSkiKnits and I really recommend checking her out. Obviously, I also love her designs and have been dreaming of creating my own Menehune in this handspun…

IMG_0819It’s a 2ply I spun out of Cloudlover BFL/Silk in the ‘Blue Hawaii’ colorway.

IMG_0823And I think it would make an exceptionally pretty little shawlette.

What are you dreaming of knitting this week?

This Week in My Dreams

Earlier this week I decided to re-name my Friday post in which I share a project that I’ve been lusting after for the week. Henceforth it will be called “This Week in My Dreams” – it suits both me and the sentiment a little bit better, so I’m making the leap starting today.

In any case, with the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival going on this weekend my mind has truly been racing as I jot done yardage requirements for patterns for which I might find the perfect yarn. That said, all those flickers of inspiration haven’t slowed my single-minded obsession with using the handspun I’ve been spinning.


And I can’t help but daydream about knitting it into a version of Rilsdale by Libby Jonson of Truly Myrtle.

photo copyright by Libby Jonson – please click for link to Ravelry project page!

I’m pretty sure I’ll have to make some needle adjustments since I think my handspun will be a bit heavy, but I think it would make a simple smooshy, beautiful shawl just perfect for everyday use.

What are you dreaming of knitting this week?