Summer Sock Club — July Socks Finished!

We’ve been plugging away over in the Feel Good Yarn Co Summer Sock Club this past month and it’s been such a bright, fun month indeed. For me, as soon as I saw the pattern, its sizing, and the colorway…

img_3943I had no choice but to knit these socks for my daughter. She’s big enough now to be able to wear a ladies small in a lot of sock patterns and the small for Kate Atherley‘s Summer Morning Socks — July’s club pattern — was just perfect for her.

I don’t normally work lacey patterns for socks, so this was an extra fun treat.

img_4025I knit the first sock up nice and quickly and found the lace patterning really fun.

The second sock — yes, I flew through that, too. Most of the WIP photos look like this though…

img_4046As I worked on them in the basement, hiding from the heat & humidity.

And that type of photo, so doesn’t do this justice.

img_4050Not one bit!

As I knit around and around, the pressure to finish put on me by my daughter was incredible — she was so anxious to get to this point.

img_4104You might not believe how excited she was to get these on today.

img_4106Needless to say, three hours later and they haven’t come off.

img_4105The fit is great on her. As predicted by the pattern, they are just a smidge snug getting them on — perfect considering I know the SilverSpun Sock will comfortably stretch just enough with wear for a perfect fit.

One more month to go in this super fun club — remember that if you’re knitting along that sharing your progress and FOs in the Ravelry group will put you in the drawing for a couple fantastic prizes at the end of the summer! I hope you’ll pop in and show us what you’ve been knitting!

Now…what will August bring? I can’t wait to find out!

Squeezing It All In

Planning and goals and deadlines.

That has been my week this week. If things go according to plan, this will be our last full week at home before we start our school year with the kids so I’m trying to squeeze in everything. Cleaning, gardening, spinning, knitting — it is ALL on the list. As I work on mentally shifting out of the relaxed summer schedule to our more regimented school one, I have lists upon lists of things I want to wrap up and goals I’m trying to hit before my days become math & history lessons, reading & writing 5 paragraph essays.

I’ve made some very good progress. We got our last shipment of school books and I managed to get them all organized so we are all set to begin the new year. My landscaping project is slowly, but surely being mulched with grass clippings from our wonderful neighbors and the weeding continues to be minimal and all the plants are looking great. I finally got around to washing our picture window so I’m not looking through a heavy coat of dirt while I spin. The floors got some deep cleaning and I’ve been keeping up (better than usual) with the laundry. In short, the housework — inside and out — is in a good place.

In my craft, I finished my July installment of the Summer Sock Club from Feel Good Yarn Co.

img_4025This is just a quick snapshot of the first sock, but the pair is done and awaiting some FO photos. Look for a complete wrap-up next week.

From the socks, I shifted my knitting to a special test knit.

img_4063I can’t show you the design just yet, but I can say it’s in Bijou Basin Ranch’s Lhasa Wilderness. It’s my first time using this yarn and it is seriously incredible. Not only is the yarn absolutely scrumptious, the shade of blue is perfection in my book. It’s such a treat this project is just flying off my needles. I can’t wait to show you more!

On the spinning front, you saw this project yesterday, but I thought I’d take an updated picture.

img_4065You can see my less than graceful first attempt at creating rolags. They are HUGE, but they’re spinning fine. I’m at the point where I’m debating a switch to a fresh spindle or shaft as it’s getting pretty heavy. I know I could remove the BBs from the spindle to lighten it, but as I have extra spindles and shafts I’d much rather go that route. I’m going to hang in there a bit longer though, as I’d really like to try to fit this rolag on there. We’re see how she spins.

When it does get too cumbersome, I have my lovely bouquet of Akerworks Mini Spindles to fall back on…

img_4004Have I shared this photo here? It was one I took for Instagram, but I just love it. Honestly, it reminds me of a pretty little bouquet and I have dreams of people giving their spinning friends & loved ones a bouquet like this for birthdays and holidays in lieu of flowers.

But I digress.

I also finished spinning my August Top of the Month Club fiber from Three Waters Farm.

img_4064This is Red Hot & Blue — it’s on Polwarth/Silk 85/15 and I spun it with the intention of having some wonderful barberpoling. I had so much fun with my worsted barberpoling skeins during the Tour de Fleece I decided to spin this one up the same way. It’s a little less organized as I quite literally was spinning it within an hour of receiving it and didn’t overthink the prep. It’s been one of my favorite Three Waters Farm spins to date, so I can’t wait to see it plied.

While that spin rested, I start in on Dyeabolical‘s 66 Sunset on Fawn Shetland.

img_4059It’s one of the shop’s new colorways this summer and I just love the earthy tones in this one. I’ve not gotten as far as I was hoping on this one because I really dove into knitting at the start of this week, but I’m enjoying every moment I steal for it.

And there you have it — my attempts to squeeze about a month’s worth of work into a single week. Even though I went into the week knowing my goals were unreasonable, the planning and goals and deadlines have carried me through. I have to say that I cannot complain with returns.

Summer Sock Club – June Socks are Finished!

The first installment of the Feel Good Yarn Co hand-dyed SilverSpun yarn for the Summer Sock Club arrived a few weeks back.

img_3545‘Blueberry Buckle’ is a fabulously lush blue — and I should know, being the blue fiend that I am. The accompanying exclusive pattern, Kate Atherley‘s Sneaker Socks, was the perfect match, too. Nice and simple, they were the perfect go to for car & park & pool knitting…

img_3686And even some marvelous lake side knitting.

This pattern was very well written and contains some really lovely details that really make for a great sock.sssockclubI’m absolutely positive I’ll be using this pattern again in the future.

And the finished socks are simply wonderful. First I have to share a detail shot…

img_3810Can you see that incredible gleaming silver? It’s fantastic & creates such a beautiful fabric.

I really love how the designer handled the gussets — it makes avoiding that pesky little hole that sometimes appears a non-issue.

img_3809Everything easiest knits up nice and perfect.

img_3808By the time this post goes lives, these beauties will be on their way to my mother-in-law. I’ve been slowly, but surely knitting socks for her and I thought these luxurious lovelies would be the perfect addition to her sock drawer.

I’ve gotten a sneak peak at both the pattern & yarn for the July installment of the Summer Sock Club and it is going to be really fun. Mum’s the word though on that project until it lands in the hands of the other club knitters. I can’t be ruining any surprises now, can I? It’s lucky I’m a good secret keeper because this one is pretty hard to keep!