In Review: String Theory Colorworks’ *NEW* Infinity

There’s been a whole lot of String Theory Colorworks love on the blog lately and rightfully so — so many good things are happening in this awesome little shop! Aside from the always fab colors & bases like the pair I shared last week and the wonderful sock club that I also wrote about last week, they’ve been adding some new bases to their regular line-up. I don’t know about you, but I love to try out new bases so when Caitlin asked if I’d like to audition one of her newbies for a review my response was pretty much, “OMG YES!!!” followed by a whole lot of jumping and dancing around. In the email reply, I tried to keep my cool, but agreed with lots of enthusiasm.

Since I told her just surprise me with whatever she’d like me to try out, when I got my skein of Infinity in Stellar Nursery I was totally jazzed.

IMG_0548The lovely new Infinity base is 80% SW merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon and I’m ecstatic to share that it’s a total dream. It’s everything you’d expect an merino/cashmere/nylon — or MCN — yarn to be — the very best combination of soft and strong. It’s a heavy fingering weight that is put-up in skeins of 383yards which is more than enough for a pair of socks for my size 9 foot. In the end, I had about 20% of the skein leftover even with a generous 8″ leg & cuff.

foot bodyThe colors are the same gorgeous vibrant beauties that I’ve come to know and love from String Theory Colorworks. While this colorway, Stellar Nursery, isn’t something I’d have chosen on my own I absolutely adore it. That’s why I so enjoy surprise yarn — I always discover a new love!

I had thought of trying a couple different stripe-friendly patterns, but I decided I really just wanted to enjoy this yarn without having to worry about a new pattern, so I just went with the basic AfterThought Heel Socks by Laura Linneman that I’ve used often and pretty much know by heart.

After my hilarious failure at mismatched stripes on my last pair, I decided to make this pair opposites. One start and ends with a grey stripe and one starts and ends with an orange stripe.


And for the heels…heelsI made those opposites, too. Just because.

wholeAll in all, I have nothing but fantastic things to say about these socks. From the luxurious base to the super fun colorway, you can’t go wrong with String Theory Colorworks’ new Infinity base. I know my toes are thanking me for these socks — yours will, too!