Another Spinzilla in the Books

Before I get rolling with my Spinzilla 2017 wrap-up, I wanted to take a second to thank the ladies at Knit Like Granny/Crafty Like Granny who included my blog on their list of the Top 100 Best Knitting Blogs to Follow in 2018. It’s a great resource if you’re looking for knitting blogs & resources to check out. The post was even picked up and shared by Vogue Knitting’s Facebook page! So many thanks for including me and I extend the warmest of welcomes to anyone who is new to my little corner of the internet. I’m so glad you found me!

And now, on to a recap of Spinzilla 2017! This year was my second year participating in Spinzilla and once again I was captaining the Three Waters Farm team. Last year I spun through a whopping 28oz in one week, turning in a Spinzilla total (which includes a plying credit) of 6546yards.  It was a lot. The total was high for me largely because everyone in my house was sick that week except for me. Of course, spending a week with light on school and high on quiet screen time with kids, means a lot of spinning can happen.

This year, I had a later start due to visiting family and then the kids and I had school all week. The mister was kind enough to “enjoy” some quality time watching Downton Abbey with me while I spun on a couple evenings, but for the most part we just had a normal week at home. I fully expected my Spinzilla total to be lower and that was fine by me. I knew last year was likely to be an anomaly because of the whole illness thing. Before I share my totals, though, I think I’ll share my individual spins, sound good? Good.

First, I spun up 4oz of Maple Leaf Rag on a 60/40 Polwarth + Silk base.


I just did a simple 2-ply because, really, with a braid like this I usually feel like I’m just going to spin as consistently as I can and let those colors do the talking.


I’ll be doing a proper post-spa measurement and wpi check in the coming week as I tag it and send it to its new home, but I do believe it’s a fingering weight and should wind up in the 450-465yards realm. I home its new owner loves it as it’ll be a surprise and it’s a skein I think just turned out really to be a stunner.

Where do you go from there, really?!

Iron Blue! That’s where!


This is my favorite blue of all time, Iron Blue from Three Waters Farm and this one is on the 75/25 BFL + Silk base, a favorite base on mine, too. It’s currently available as a pre-order item in the TWF shop on either this BFLTS base or Superfine Merino.


I’m a blue fiend and this one just sings my song.

The plan is to pair it with African Sunset…


My spin was in the same BFL + Silk blend as Iron Blue, but it’s currently available in Mixed BFL in the shop, a sort of moodier incarnation, I think. Perfect for this time of year.

In any case, the pairing…



I think will be lovely and is destined to be knit up into a Brillig for the NimbleNim SAL+KAL taking place currently in the TWF Ravelry group. Mine will be a bit different as I spun for a lighter weight, but I think with some needle adjustment it’ll be just fine. Now both Iron Blue and African Sunset I chain plied and came out at about 325yards and 375yards respectively. Normally I wouldn’t fret over the discrepancy, but I do want to be able to use the entirely skein of African Sunset for the full color repeat effect so I’ve already got more Iron Blue on the way. It certainly didn’t take any arm twisting to convince me I should spin more!

And lastly, with the 12oz of fiber spun and plied that I’d hoped to finish, I spun up half the singles of this 4oz of Zinnias During Dusk…


And I went on to ply it after Spinzilla had officially ended, but I couldn’t help but share the finished skein.


It’s probably in the area of an aran weight and will likely be around 140-150yards once it’s washed and set.

So all in all, I’m very proud of my little Spinzilla pile.


My total Spinzilla yardage (which includes the plying credit) is 4356yards. Honestly, that’s a lot closer to last year’s total than I expected to get! More importantly, though, I really enjoyed the spinning and Team TWF — as always — was wonderful to spin with. I’m hoping to wind Iron Blue and African Sunset here momentarily and maybe while I have all the equipment out I’ll get Maple Leaf Rag reskeined and labeled and ready to head out to its new home. Zinnias During Dusk, I’m not sure yet what’s in store there, but I assume a cozy hat for the fast-approaching cold weather.

But there you have it, another Spinzilla is in the books!

Plyingpalooza Awaits

It’s true! I — like many other spinners — am in the throes of Spinzilla this week. Normally I’d have had a pre-Spinzilla post here with my plans and then regular updates, but let’s be real — I was not that ahead of things this year. I’m happy to report that despite my poor reporting here, I have been spinning away merrily this week with my fellow teammates on Team Three Waters Farm. Spinzilla is a yardage-centric competition for many, but on Team TWF, it’s about the yardage, of course, but it’s also about the good old fashioned love of spinning. And that’s what I love about it.

So far I’ve been exclusively spinning with my new wheel, the Schacht Reeves. I’ll admit, I found a new set of muscles or tendons or something in my right leg courtesy of the single treadle, but it’s nothing a walk with the Moose and knocking off a couple hours early one night didn’t alleviate. I found the Goldilocks whorl for the fibers I was spinning  — you know, not too fast and not too slow, but just right — and it was really and truly the best I’ve felt yet with the new wheel. It’s pretty awesome the way it just keeps getting better and better and more comfortable.

I’m about two-thirds of the way through my goals for the week.


12oz of singles are complete. The two bobbins on the top are TWF’s Maple Leaf Rag on a Polwarth + Silk 60/40 base.  It’s totally dreamy and 1000% perfect for this moment when the trees are all nearing their peak for the autumn season. This will be plied into a simple 2-ply and is destined to be a gift.

The two bobbins on the bottom are hopefully going to work for the Nimble Nim SAL+KAL being hosted in the TWF Ravelry Group. The left bobbin is African Sunset on a BFL + Tussah Silk base (this colorway is currently available on Mixed BFL here). It’s a wonderfully  moody colorway that I spun in no time just because it was so yummy. The right bobbin is TWF’s Iron Blue. It’s not currently in the shop, but it is hands-down my favorite blue ever. There is zero doubt in my mind that I will be ordering more via special order in the future. My plan for these bobbins is to chain ply them and hopefully have enough yardage to make a respectable sized Brillig. The pattern is highly adaptable, so it’s not that I couldn’t knit it up with less yardage, I’m just more interested in a larger sized scarf. If they don’t fit that bill, I will spin something else and save these beauties for another day. Time will tell!

I don’t think I’ll have any more time than plying these three skeins before Spinzilla comes to an end. I actually did not intend to spin them quite as lightly as I did, but as sometimes is the case in spinning, I went with the lighter weight because once I got into it, it simply felt right. In case I do make exceptional time plying though…


I’ve pulled out fibers destined to be quicker, heavier weight projects that I can fly through in a couple of spare hours.

Alas, I’ve got errands to run and then Plyingpalooza awaits. I’ll see y’all on the other side!