It Could Definitely Be Worse (Probably)

Sometimes things end up a bit of a disaster.

When I got my fiber club installment from Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber in the Spice Cake colorway dyed on the most luxurious Organic Polwarth + Silk base, I did my best to get right to it.

spice cake braidLike most of my spinning projects, the first 4oz flew by and I was beyond excited to finish up what I knew was going to be a drapey, gorgeous 2ply shawl yarn in what I anticipated being epic yardage. That’s why I did a 2ply, after all, was to get a whole lot of yardage.

spice cake on wheelI spun and I spun and I just fell head over heels in love.

And then somewhere along the line something happened.

Something truly not great.

Somehow the singles got very mucked up in what I’m sure was the direct result of me trying to whiz through the last half of the fiber too fast and trying to spin through a whole lot of interruptions. Whether it was that I changed the ratio unknowingly or I managed to get the twist going the wrong way (my stomach churns at the thought of that last one), I struggled during plying to recover what I could for a couple of hours one night and then went to bed and struggled for another hour or two in the morning. Finally I had to make the heart-wrenching call of pitching a whole bunch of my beautiful singles and just use what I could.

It shook my confidence to the core. I’ve been spinning just a handful of years and I’m by no means super skilled, but I’ve never, even in the very beginning had a mishap like this. To have to ditch this beautiful fiber in such a rich colorway kind of made me sick — it was like adding insult to injury, kicking me while I was down and all that.

But you know, these things happen. I think. I hope. And I had no choice but to make the best of it.

full skeinAnd what I could salvage wasn’t half bad. In fact, it’s beautiful.

orange detailI love the pops of orange amid the browns and purples and as I said before, it is an unbelievably rich colorway.

spice cake looseIn fact, the only thing I don’t love about it is that I know I could have a lot more than 330yards if I hadn’t had the incident.

It’s taken me a couple months to share this skein. Partly because I’ve just been busy, but partly because — you know — what do you say when you have this kind of disaster? When you have to scrap hundreds of yards of some of the most lovely base there is? The words that have finally come to me are that I’ve learned some valuable lessons. Take your time. Note your ratio. Take your time. Note the basics (like is the wheel spinning in the correctt direction?). There are some times — when there are loads of interruptions — that I simply can’t be spinning. And, oh yes, take your time. I also recognized that it was really time for me to have my wheel in a permanent place where I could easily spin daily, so once the Christmas tree came down I left a spot in the living room for it.  It helps to have everything in one spot and to not have to shuttle the wheel from place to place. The experience provided a healthy dose of humility & self-forgiveness, too. I will still make mistakes and that’s ok. It has to be ok or I will not get very far in this craft. And finally, the silver lining. For all that mess, I still managed to create 330yards are pretty spectacular yarn. It could definitely be worse (probably).