A Prairie Skies Reminder

Way back in November you might remember that I spun this yarn…

The skein on the left is 4oz of Three Waters Farm Reflections on Mirror Lake spun as a 2ply. I must confess I’m totally not sure of the fiber. I think it’s BFl, but it feels really soft, so maybe it’s merino + silk – 80/20, but I’m totally not sure. I thought it was BFL, but it feels really, really soft. Suffice to say this is by the far the shoddiest note taking I’ve ever done with a project as I don’t even have decent photos (insert eyeroll here). In any case, the skein on the right is a combination 1ply of Reflections on Mirror Lake and 1ply of Green Surround, 4oz of each. I got the idea of combining these two colorways from a brilliant spinning friend, meaning I totally copied her idea after I saw her combo spin. Many thanks, my dear (you know who you are), for your brilliance!

I spun them with the sole purpose of becoming a Prairie Skies shawl. I loved the pattern from the day it was released and as soon as I saw the color combination I got the materials and then as soon as I could after that, I started spinning. And sometime after that — because my notes are non-existent — I started knitting. I believe I started on it during our vacation to Missouri in January and finished up in early February.

And I blocked it shortly after. And then the move happened and it was stowed safely until today.

Because today is the last day of the Three Waters Farm Customer Appreciation Sale and I wanted to share exactly what you can do with “TWF” fibers and why I am such a die-hard fan and customer.

I mean, this is seriously in the top 3 of my favorite handspun handknits.

It’s nice and big and drapey and the colors are so rich.

You can see the little bit of texture in the main body and the hint of lace at the edge just makes the yarn sing. As I said, the pattern was a great match for handspun. Before I began I actually contacted the designer, Caitlin Hunter, for her take on how adaptable the pattern would be since I expected to run a bit short on yarn and she was very helpful.

Overall, I’m just so very happy with how this project turned out. Plain and simple.

For those interested in taking advantage of the Three Waters Farm Customer Appreciation Sale, you can hop over to the TWF Etsy shop here and just type in TWFAPPREICATE1715 when you check out to receive 15% off your order. it runs through today. Mary Ann stocked the shop wonderfully so there are still loads of stunning colorways and a great selection of bases to choose from. I hope you’ll check it out and treat yourselves! And then be sure to hop over to the TWF Ravelry group and share what you picked and how you spin or felt or knit or weave up your goodies. We always love to see what Mary Ann’s fiber grows up to be!

Well, I’ve done my enabling for the day (you’re very welcome, btw!) and I’ve got a few new spins that I’m getting ready to share, so I best be getting to work. I’m just going to go ahead and wear my beautiful Prairie Skies shawl, sip another cup of coffee, and continue my plying party (and do some yard work later this afternoon, but we don’t need to discuss that now).  That sounds like an awfully find start to a spring Sunday, don’t you think?

A long time ago in a town kind of far away…

I’m a day late here, but May the 4th be with you all my fellow Star Wars fans! I don’t know how you celebrated, but the kiddos and I went to our local Dairy Queen and got Blizzards for lunch in honor of all the adventures on the bitterly cold planet of Hoth (and because I had a hankering for ice cream) and then we blasted the theme music on the way home from our hike. I’m generally not the most creative when it comes to organizing celebrations, but ice cream and Star Wars theme music are always a hit in our house so it was a fun little break from the norm.

In other news, I have an FO to share with you. As alluded to in the title, I finished this one a long time ago in a town kind of far away. More specifically, I finished them a month ago in our old house, 2.5 hours away. The ladies in the Socks with Sarah group were talking red socks and I had a skein of Sweet Georgia CashLuxe Fine in China Doll that has been lingering in my stash for a good long while so I cast-on.

I just peeked and I don’t think they carry this colorway any more, but there are, of course, other reds to choose from — Cherry or maybe Clementine or Blood Orange seem to be the closest available now. In any case, I started them way back in the beginning of February and finished them the evening before the movers came. And a month and a day later, I took nice pictures of them finished.

Better late than never, right? They are a standard vanilla affair using my face Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Basic Sock pattern.

It’s such a good fit for me and pretty much committed to memory at this point. I don’t know how many pairs of this pattern I’ve knit, but it’s a lot.

As you can see, I haven’t washed or blocked these babies yet. If I waited for that, it would probably be another month before I was able to share them as everything is progressing a little slow for me these days. But alas, I love them. Simple, red socks. They’ve been on my to-knit list for years and now they are finally done.

On a very fun sock-related note, the three Kate Atherley patterns from last year’s Feel Good Yarn Co Summer Sock KAL have been released to the general public — hooray! Even better, you can buy any of the 3 designs separately or, until June 30th there is a coupon code that lets you buy all 3 patterns for just $10 — double hooray! You can find the bundle on the Feel Good Yarn Co website here as well as the individual patterns (Sneaker Socks, Diamonds in your Shoes Socks, and Summer Morning Socks). You can also find them on Ravelry where you can purchase individually or select all three and then enter the code FeelGood to receive the bundle discount. Don’t forget to check out the whole Feel Good Yarn Co line-up while you’re looking — they have their SilverSpun Sock, SilverSpun Sport, and the new SilverSpun Silk, too. They are perfect for summer knitting!

I do still have my Simple Skyp Socks on the needles, but I’ve been wanting to start a pair of basic shorties as we’re quickly approaching the time when my regular socks will be too warm to wear. Believe it or not, the one skein I have in mind is eluding me. How is this possible with my beautiful yarn shop of a living room display? Well, I do believe it did not travel with my stash because I had it out to be knitted up so it’s hiding in a project bag. Somewhere. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend — playing find the ball of yarn! May the Force/Fourth be with me as I search this one out and may you all have a beautiful, beautiful weekend!