Post PostStitch: The Finished Mares’ Tails Shawl

As you may recall, last month I was given the chance to try out a a PostStitch box.

The project was Mares’ Tails by Katie Rempe using a skein of Anzula’s Breeze. I really enjoyed the project a lot — knitting with this silk/linen blend was definitely a treat — a real taste of summer — and the pattern was one that was simply very enjoyable to knit. It was one of those projects that once you start it…

IMG_9244You just don’t want to put it down…

IMG_9279-0At all.

IMG_9349The whole idea of PostStitch is that these ‘projects in a box’ are manageable month-long projects and I thought it was pretty perfect as far as timing went, even in a busy month like May. I wrapped up my shawl just before the Memorial Day weekend and then it ended up sitting for a while before I had a chance to block it. And then it took a bit before I could photograph it, but today I finally have the FO pictures for you!

First,I want to point out a detail that is probably overlooked by many…

marestails2The textured body. This design element is very simple, but I think it adds authenticity to the shawl and really is a vital part of what makes it unique and special.

Next, the more obvious lace panel.

marestailsThis panel was really fun to knit — interesting & very pretty, but not too difficult.

I added a couple repeats to my shawl, so it is very, very large and I really did not have the proper space for blocking (hence the slightly not straight edge), but I did my best with the space I had and really, once it’s being worn it couldn’t be more perfect.

IMG_9574Here I am at Governor Dodge State Park after a 2mile hike in to see this waterfall. I thought it’d be a nice spot for an FO photo. You can definitely see the generous size here even though I’m technically holding the shawl upside down (whoops!). Really, it’s gorgeous no matter which way you hold or wear it. If I’d completed the scalloped edge that the pattern calls for this wouldn’t have been an issue, but I opted instead for a clean finished edge by way of a simple lace bind-off. I am a very active lady and I manage to routinely get my belt-loops hooked on things (true story), so as pretty as a scalloped edge would be here it just wasn’t practical for me.

IMG_9575After hiking in with this shawl gently folded in my bag, I actually hiked out wearing it. It was a cooler coverup than my button-down shirt and — well, let’s just say it — even tramping through the woods a lady likes pretty things.

This project is still available via the PostStitch website if you’re looking for a nice big, beautiful summer shawl. Or, if you’ve got some stash yarn screaming to take on Mares’ Tails, you can get the pattern here. Either way, you can’t go wrong here. Many thanks (again) to the PostStitch folks for a great project!