The Long Overdue Saugerties Shrug

The Saugerties Shrug by Jill Zielinski was one of those knits that was love at first sight for me. It was just before Christmas last year that I got an email from The Plucky Knitter showcasing this pattern and offering kits for it. Of course, in true Plucky Knitter style it was a big ordeal to try to score one of these kits. If you didn’t know, this shop’s updates notoriously sell out in minutes and you hear these wild tales of cart poaching and things in your cart selling out while you try to checkout and all sorts of craziness. I have no idea how much of it is true, but I do know that things move FAST when those updates go live. I don’t often order from this dyer. In fact, previous to this kit I had only ever picked up a couple skeins from Cream City Yarn that they had leftover from an event with this dyer. I simply don’t buy into this type of shopping since I’m rarely on a schedule that lands me in front of my computer at exactly the right moment and the crazed rushing is really not enjoyable for me even if this is some of the nicest yarn out there.

In any case, it was right before Christmas and I really liked this pattern and it just so happened that I’d be home for the update so I went for it. And I picked the Magnet & Steel and Thank You Note combination in Plucky Knitter Trusty a very lovely worsted merino…

(shown here with a braid of fiber in the same palette)

At the time I had no idea that details of these updates & kits are posted in the Plucky Knitter Ravelry Group and I had just assumed the darker shade/lighter shade would translate across the kits, but that was not the case. Not really wanting a light blue shrug, I contacted customer service to see if I could get a couple extra skeins of the darker shade to make the shrug I had envisioned and then very promptly did a special order for me which I greatly appreciated.

And as soon as the yarn arrived, I got knitting.

As I say a lot, I really love colorwork so that portion went very quickly for me.

The miles (ok, not really, but still…) of stockinette took a bit longer…

But the second round of colorwork was always out there in front of me to look forward to.

And I excitedly finished… on March 13. And now today, in early June I’m finally sharing the finished shrug with you.

saugerties1Of course, I love the colorwork & the beautiful blues.

IMG_9599And the fit is great. It’s the perfect shrug to just throw on to run outside or when you first wake up in the morning. I’m a huge fan of layers during the cooler months as we keep our home rather cool and this shrug will be a perfect addition to my knitted options.

And now that I’ve finally taken some proper photos of it I can actually start to get some use out of it. Better late than never, right?!