It Goes Without Saying

This weekend my husband & I split the family up for mini-adventures — he a bit farther afield with my son on a father/son camping trip, me at home with my daughter for a mother/daughter slumber party. The boys made the drive to Maquoketa Caves State Park in northeastern Iowa to camp & explore the caves. aldo caveThey had a great time….

576597_10151404530597000_193836823_ngetting to know the wildlife…

aldo cavesAnd hanging in the caves.

My daughter had her last day of school, so when I picked her up at noon I offered to take her out to lunch. She asked if she could have a new book instead.

20130604-080547.jpgAs a mum, there is really no arguing with that counter offer.

We ended up doing a lot of gardening. We started by filling our over-the-rail planters with petunias.

20130604-081102.jpgMy daughter got to pick the colors, so we got pink.  Of course.

Then my girl was over-the-moon to be set free with the hose to ‘clean off’ our deck so I weeded and weeded some more and set up both of our rain  barrels. We rounded out our day with lots of reading & strawberry frozen yogurt sundaes in bed.20130604-080538.jpg

My girl really LOVES to read. And I will say she was very excited to get to sleep in the big bed with me. I was reminded that not only does she like to snuggle even more than the dog, she snores and talks in her sleep. Somehow this 40lb person took up 3/4 of a queen sized bed & woke me out of a dead sleep at 3am  with her talking. It’s all worth it though. She’s pretty fantastic.

It was a happy homecoming when the boys returned, tired and bearing lots of laundry from their spelunking expeditions. We celebrated being freshly reunited by sitting down to a very basic, but filling spaghetti dinner. There is nothing like being apart — even for just a couple days — to make the simple act of being together feel extra special. I am grateful for my little family, the time we have to spend together, the adventures we get to have both near & far, and the bonds we share. It goes without saying, but sometimes saying it is important, too.