Baskets, Bobbins, and Piles Of Things Not Yet Finished

Sitting on my desk is this basket…


Still full of Tour de Fleece handspun yarns that I haven’t shared with you. What can I say? I just haven’t quite gotten there yet. There’s a shawl the back of my chair that’s in the same boat, too.

Sitting next to my spinning wheel are these bobbins…


Plied and ready to be skeined and finished, these are my spindle spun singles from the Tour de Fleece.

On my wheel, a true spinning WIP…


This is the latest Top of the Month Club fiber from Three Waters Farm. I think I’m in love.

Across the room, my yarn and fiber stash…


Freshly sorted, cataloged, and rearranged. Note my mannequin has been binocularized. I know what ladies do to earn bead necklaces at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, so I’m kind of afraid to know what my mannequin in Central Wisconsin did to earn her own binoculars.

And in my knitting bag is this start of a shawl…


This will be a shawl for my mother in-law. She really liked it and bought all the components, but hit some roadblocks in the pattern-writing, so she asked and I agreed to take it on for her. Now that I’ve got the pattern memorized, I’m cruising an enjoying it

Sitting next to my desk is this humongous pile…


School books and school supplies, just waiting to be organized and distributed to various shelves throughout the house. I’ve got the preliminary schedule set, books are purchased (obviously), and I am working on getting whatever components exist online set-up. It’s also prime time for me to familiarize myself with where we are starting and how the new programs we’re trying will work. Starting school? That will be a piece of cake, the weeks of preparation are the busiest time for me!

Feeling school and a busy September bearing down on us and all that comes with the fast-approaching end of summer, we took a couple nights this weekend to spend time at the family cabin up in the Northwoods. There is no running water, let alone cell service or wifi, and we’ve come to really appreciate spending time there. We love being in a spot where we get to set down our smart phones & be unreachable for a while. A place where we get to make the kids step away from their screens without the usual resentment toward us for forcing the issue. We play board & card games, read, hike, and — introverts that we all are — generally enjoy the quiet. Inspired to check it out after attending an author event for Michael Perry at our local library, I read 2/3 of one of his latest books, Danger Man Working.


It’s a collection of essays he’s written over the years and it’s a great way to get a feel for his writing, I think, as he touches on a wide variety of topics.

Before homeschooling, I read a lot. Since homeschooling full time, it’s been very hard to find time to read for my own pleasure because I’m constantly side-tracked and in the middle of any number of other topics and stories. I’m also generally drained at the end of the day sometimes. These essays are just the right length for me to be able to sit and read and actually finish a story line before being derailed. I wish this book wouldn’t end. I laugh out loud, I cringe, I identify with people, I have vicarious low-level panic attacks, I tear-up — it’s good stuff. A great way to spend a quiet weekend. I did a little sock knitting while I read, but that project is still buried, waiting to be unpacked so I’ve got no updated picture for you today.

We did find a new hiking spot. I mean, of course we found a new hiking spot…


Mr. Knitting Sarah loves trails that are more game trail than human trail. I… well, I am learning to dislike them less. My main beef is that the poor footing wears out my faulty hip a lot faster than the more groomed variety, so I get frustrated when pain starts to seep in sooner than I’m ready for it.  But these thick woods…


They are beautiful and generally worth the effort. Any frustration melts away when I stop to take in the scenery…


Because there are so many little wonders all around.

We did not see any bears or wolves or other large carnivores and while Mr. Knitting Sarah is always a little disappointed in that, we did see more than our share of deer and fawns and I was lucky enough to see an ermine lope across the road in front of us. Oh, how I love those guys!

From this beautiful spot we watched at least 15-20 Cedar Waxwings catch flies…38513908_10155339465112000_8363549941024423936_o

And a Red-eyed Vireo darted down from the tree tops to see what we were all about.

As the day marched on toward lunch and our stomachs started to grumble we turned back to the car, to a picturesque picnic spot that Moose loved…


And ultimately back toward the baskets, bobbins, and piles of things not yet finished. Believe it or not, they are all right where I left them and ready to be picked back up again.