Simply Brilli[g]ant!

Last October I started out on a project. Over in the Three Waters Farm Ravelry Group, we held a designer based spinalong + knitalong dedicated to the work of Nim Teasedale. She’s a brilliant designer and just a very awesome human being in general so it was a real treat to participate. I picked her design, named Brillig, and two braids BFL + Silk Three Waters Farm fibers, African Sunset and Iron Blue, which I spun into two chain-plied fingering weight skeins.


And I started knitting…


And I kept knitting despite this nagging feeling…


Something wasn’t quite right with the edge. Finally I couldn’t take it, so I went back and read the instructions more carefully and realized that when slipping a stitch on the saw-tooth edge I was holding my yarn in the wrong spot.  Note to self: when your gut tells you something isn’t quite right, something probably isn’t and you should dig deeper, preferably before you spend a month knitting on and questioning a project.

So about a month later, I found myself here…


Starting over. Sure, I could have just kept going doing it the wrong way so it was all the same or I could have left what I had and worked it correctly going forward. There was a fair bit of soul-searching involved in this choice. At the end of the day, though, having spent that much time spinning the yarn and as much as I loved the color combination, I just had to rip it out and do it right.

So frog it I did.


Ribbit! Or shall I say, “Rip-it!

Thankfully, once I make this kind of choice in my craft, there’s not a lot of post-decision hand-wringing. As the motto of Wisconsin dictates, I just move “Forward.”


And forward I did go, with so much relief and happiness in the improved edge. Totally worth it, totally the right call.

I got it re-started and then the the SAL + KAL ended and I lost momentum. I worked on some holiday gifts, spun a lot of yarn, picked up my Find Your Fade and finished that, made a couple pair of mittens, and then I came back to my Brillig.


It’s a pattern I really enjoyed, so it was easy to come back to. Somewhere in the knitting it became evident that I was going to run out the Iron Blue I needed…


Because this saga was not dramatic enough yet, I suppose. In any case, I managed to pick up an extra 4oz of the fiber that I needed and I got right to it.


I didn’t mind the extra spinning. I love this colorway.

Meanwhile I kept knitting toward the end…



I finished up the spinning and came to the end of the first skein of Iron Blue…


And in a few short days, I was done.


I adore the color combination.


And I think the whole shawl is just so elegant.


Totally worth the extended hours put into it — the spinning, the knitting, the ripping, the knitting, the extra spinning, the knitting — just 100% worth it. It is simply Brilli[g]ant!