Storm’s End, Self-Striping Version

As promised, today I am going to tell you a little more about this…

Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

The Self-Striping Storm’s End from Three Waters Farm and what I did with it.

First, the base. This is a fingering weight 4-ply Merino + Nylon 75/25 base. Those who pay attention to bases will know this is a true workhorse. It’s soft enough to wear against your skin and the nylon, of course, adds strength and durability meaning you can pretty much do whatever you please with it. Socks, scarves, shawls, sweaters — you name it, it can be used for it. It comes in a 465-yard skein which is more than generous.

One tidbit to be aware of when you order is that it does arrive as a very long skein. Exactly how long, Sarah? Well, it’s too long to fit an average swift, so you will need to devise a way to wind it. I’ll admit, I played with it for a few minutes trying to figure out the best course of action, but then I realized how simple it really was…


You could, of course, simply put two chairs roughly 3 meters apart and wind, but this set-up meant I didn’t have to move any furniture. So I did a few laps around the kitchen table and wound it into a ball. It really didn’t take long at all.


Perfect! You could also, of course, wind it onto a niddy-noddy which is a good option if you are planning to pop it on your swift. I didn’t really have a need for a center-pull ball, so I just wound this ball and knit straight from it.


I had a lot of ideas for how I might use this yarn, but in the end once I got going with the Zigzagular Socks pattern, I was pretty much instantly hooked. This is a free pattern and Ravelry and it’s much easier than it looks. As someone who really values sock patterns that are easy to memorize, this one is surprisingly fun and simple.


You really wouldn’t expect that from glancing at the pattern, but it’s really super easy and addictive and fun. It does come with both written and charted instructions, too, making it accessible to pretty much everyone.


They really flew! Before I knew it…



Normally I don’t like to mix stitch patterning with striping yarn, but I like how these play together…


And I really love how the yarn alternates between tonal stripes and multi-colored space dyed stripes. I think it makes for much more depth of color and has really leveled up the average rainbow to be much more spectacular.


Plus, of course, that little added bit of interest paired with the stripes makes it knit up much faster, too. At least that propels me along!

As I mentioned yesterday, this yarn is a special event for Three Waters Farm¬†and they have¬†generously agreed to giveaway one skein of this yarn to a lucky reader here on the blog — you can read all about that and enter in yesterday’s post here. That giveaway will close tomorrow morning, Wednseday, July 19th at 9am CDT.

For those who can’t wait or miss the giveaway, this yarn is currently only available as a pre-order. You can find the pre-order listing for this yarn right here. Pre-orders for the yarn, will be open through Sunday, July 23rd.

I’ll admit, I had to do what I pretty much never do and put a pin in sock #2 while I whipped up the Mini Skein project I will be sharing with you tomorrow. Now that I’ve finished though, I’m excited to get rolling on sock #2 and slip this project into the “finished” columns. Mostly though, I’m just excited to knit with this fabulous yarn again!


Surprise, Surprise: A Completed Pair of Mystery Socks

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s very true that I love trying new things. New dyers, new bases, new colors — if it’s new-to-me I’ll usually try anything at least once in my crafting. In fact, I think my drive to try new things in my craft-life is part of what makes me as prolific as I am because I never get bored. Also, because I’m never afraid to try new things, I often find some of the loveliest yarns and colors out there. That said, my budget and time isn’t limitless and there is a fair bit of picking and choosing behind the scenes here. I follow a lot of artisans on social media and usually I’m pretty calculating as to when I decide to take something home. And sometimes, my priorities go out the window and I do something on a whim, just for fun.

A few weeks ago, I entertained one such whim. I noticed an indie dyer I’d had my eye on for quite some time, Narwhal Needlework, was hosting a fun little knitalong. The Mystery Skein Sock Knitalong required that you order a skein of yarn using the Mystery Skein listing (sold at a 10% discount for the event) and knit a pair of socks before October 1. Now I’d been dreaming of a skein of Planet Earth or Dr Watson’s Pullover for a while, but the idea of a surprise skein totally overwhelmed all sensibilities and I decided to order my mystery skein and join the KAL. I just love yarn surprises.

What I got was neither of the skeins I’ve been drooling over, but this one…

IMG_0613Chocolate Raspberries in the Squishy Sock base. This base is a 75/25 Superwash Merino Wool/Nylon yarn that is exactly what it says it is — squishy! And it comes in generous 462yd hanks.

Now I’ll admit that I kind of was hoping & half convinced that fate would deliver my mystery skein in the form of Planet Earth or Dr Watson’s Pullover, but — surprise, surprise — that didn’t happen. The reality though did not disappoint. In fact, it was awesome and inspiring to get a colorway I totally didn’t expect. It’s not the type of color I’d usually pick for myself and that’s really the root of why I love surprise skeins — they allow me to expand my palette and teach me to fall in love with a lot of things I wouldn’t normally even take the time to try. This skein of Chocolate Raspberries really kind of blew my mind — in a good way!

As a new-to-me dyer, I really didn’t know how this skein would knit up, but I knew straight away that I wanted to do a pattern with slipped stitches. I have no idea why exactly, I just had a feeling it would be a good match. After a little research, I picked the Atlantic Current Socks pattern by Melissa Sibley.

IMG_0636I was instantly pretty happy both with how easy the pattern was and how it looked.

weekend knittingI did skip the pattern instructions for the heel and just subbed in my favorite slipped stitch heel flap…

heel And I just did my standard toe decreases as well…

toeIt turns out that little slipped stitch detail…

legWell, it did turn out to be a pretty darn good match for this yarn.

choc & raspberriesI just love how these turned out. And isn’t the dyeing lovely?! Three cheers for trying new things!

I will admit that with a full sock drawer at my disposal, I’m thinking I will tuck these away in my cedar chest for the foreseeable future. I love, love, love how these turned out, but these brownish greys and pinks are so my daughter’s colors. I may just set them aside for when my daughter’s feet grow into them. We shall see.

Whether I wear them tomorrow or save them for my girl to grow into them, I’m so glad I participated in this little Mystery KAL and I so love the socks I have to show for it. Plus, I found a new yarn base & a new dyer to love. What a wonderful experience this whole little whim of a knitalong was — it really does pay to try new things!