Sidetracked, Random, and A Little All Over The Place

I logged onto my blog here this morning ready to write up a short and sweet post sharing what I’ve been working on this week. Oh, the road was paved with such good, productive intentions! As I often do, while collecting my thoughts to write the post, I got into replying to a few emails and then — long story short — I found myself diving head-first into giving my blog here a much needed makeover! Those good intentions with which I started, were plowed over. Spectacularly.

In my defense, I’ve felt for a while that I needed to address some of my menus and other bits & bobs that have become dated in relation to the content I’ve been writing since I’ve started to divide time more seriously between knitting and spinning. I felt like there were just too many menus happening all over and that there wasn’t an easy way to navigate knitting vs spinning, for those who might have those preferences. I won’t be going back and re-tagging and reorganizing all the old material — at least not today — but going forward I’ll be attempting to tag things into much neater categories so it’ll be easier for you to find the posts you’re interested in. The content won’t change, it’ll just all (hopefully) be more clearly organized in that one main menu with drop-down options across the top.

I know it’s always a pain when things change, but I did try to stick with a similar aesthetic and I do hope in the long run it’ll prove an improvement. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me with them! I’d love to hear your feedback.

But enough about website design — it’s definitely a means to an end for me! Let’s get back to the short & sweet update, shall we?

Last night I did the unthinkable. I finished all my current plying projects. I know, I know! Pick your jaws up off the floor — I can’t believe it either. I feel like it’s taken a very long time. If I hadn’t fallen down the blog makeover rabbit hole this morning, I’d have these skeined by now, but alas, you will get to peek at them on the bobbins.


At the top, is my January Top of the Month Club from Three Waters Farm. The green bobbin on the right is my first even woolen yarn. And the other 5 bobbins are for a weaving project — the three tonal purple bobbins will be the warp and the other two, the weft. I’m hoping to have these all skeined, washed, and dried by next week to share with you as proper skeins of yarn — keep those fingers crossed, my friends!

In my knitting life, I’ve made surprisingly good time with the Snowfling Mittens I’ve working on.img_9712

This is mitten #2 — I started the lining last night and I’m already into the thumb increases. Dare I say that I might have these done, washed, and dried by the end of next week? You bet I’m daring to say it! Of course these mittens were a side-track in and of themselves as I set aside my Fairbanks Pullover to work on them. Perhaps I’ll get to pick that up again next week. I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared to knit sleeves at the moment, but you know what they say — sometimes you have to face things when you’re not prepared to face them.

And since the more I write here, the more off-track and random I feel like I’m getting, how about one more totally erratic aside for you to round things out. Ready? Here we go!

Can you see something awfully special in this photo?


Did you find him? Let me help?


It’s a least weasel! While out on the trail earlier this week, this fearless little weasel charged me. I’m not kidding! He was 8″ of pure moxie especially considering Moose was standing right next to me the whole time! It’s the first time I’ve seen one in the wild, and definitely the closest I’ve ever been — at one point he got with a couple feet of me! I can tell you that when on snow his camouflage is incredibly effective. I had at least a dozen photos on my phone where I thought he was in the frame only to find he wasn’t. It was like a crazy real-time magic eye picture trying to find him in the snow. Moose can confirm that — he could clearly hear the ermine and smell him, but he couldn’t see him either most of the time!

And there you go — side-tracked, random, and a little all over the place as promised today. May you have slightly more centered and orderly weekend ahead of you!


Welcome to the Brrrs

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in the past, but at our house we call the months of September through December “The Brrrs.” Partly because, you know, SeptemBER, OctoBER, etc., but also because where we live that’s the time we start feeling a chill in the air. It’s when we wake up and think, “Brrr! It’s cold!” It’s one of our favorite times of year and the mister and I celebrated last night with a little campfire in the back yard. You know, to properly welcome The Brrrs.

We talked about how the kids are doing in school, a few scheduling things coming up, the economy, and we counted satellites as they raced overhead. It was even cool enough for my favorite knitted hat. Ahhhhhh…

I’m still, yes still, fighting off whatever has decided to hang out in my respiratory system. I’m feeling much better, my energy level is back up and for the most part I feel good, but I have a lingering cough that still sounds not great. If it’s not gone or much improved at the end of the long weekend, I’m afraid it’ll require a doctor visit. I remain optimistic that it’ll be cleared up and am trying to take heart that I’ve built some crazy tough antibodies from this one. Suffice to say, despite feeling better I’ve not been at 100% and I’m still feeling a bit behind.

We did get to go for a really lovely little hike earlier in the week though…

img_4299With the natural spring right next to a small woodland, this is a park that is great for bird watching. We saw a few warblers and a cardinal family this time through. Oh, and lots of little toads — they were awfully cute! We saw the lingering signs of summer…

img_4309As well as the first signs of the impending autumn…

img_4305I’m so happy The Brrrs are back and hiking is a little more comfortable!

And really, very little says we’re beginning to tip toward autumn & winter like the fiber arts. I managed to get a lot of plying done this week, too, but because of the whole being a little slower than normal I don’t have proper FO photos ready to go quite yet. Four skeins are washed, set, and dried though (and a cowl & shawl, too!). Weather permitting, I should have those photos and stories all set to share with you next week.

I’m currently working on plying my final bobbins of that mass of singles I had spun…

img_4311Which are becoming this 3-ply of Nest Fiber.

I’ve also been sinking a lot of time into my Feel Good Yarn Co Summer Sock Club finale…

img_4313I’m at the toe of my first in the pair and I’m planning to take just a little creative license there. I’ve got just until September 14th when the knitalong is officially over, so I’m trying very hard to really cruise through them. I’ll admit that I’m really enjoying the pattern and they are going quite a bit faster now that I’ve really got the pattern in my hands & mind.

I also have a couple spindle projects going. I’m not moving mountains with progress on them, but now that I’ve actually been up to the task of cooking again I’ve been sneaking in my moments during the ‘down moments’ of making dinner.

This spindle I’m spinning some fiber that I blended on my new-to-me blending board. I still have to share that new development with you, too, don’t I?! In any case, first I couldn’t stop myself from trying out the blending board when it arrived…

img_4312And then I really just had to see how it would spin up. I can see hours of entertainment and fun ahead of me!

I’ve also been stealing a moment here and there for this spin…

img_4314These are some rolags I got a while back from Classy Squid Fiber Co. I have 6oz of them and I’ve been hoarding them partly because I LOVE them and partly because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to finish them. One day I wanted to have a quick and easy spinning project to take with me and I just grabbed my first pack of rolags here and started. I’ll figure out where I’m going with them eventually. For now, I’m just going to enjoy spinning them.

Throw in a little weeding in the gardens and the fact that I laid fresh grass clipping just outside my front window so I get the constant sweet smell of cut grass wafting through the house and I feel as though The Brrrs are off to a grand beginning here. I’m sure summer and autumn will do their little dance back and forth for a few more weeks yet, but at our house we’re celebrating each crisp breeze, each tiny shift of the leaves changing colors, and every song of the birds that are beginning to migrate south. Welcome to The Brrrs, my friends! May you enjoy each moment as much as we do!

Look At My Garden Grow!

I’ve mentioned on here more than once that I’ve been doing some heavy lifting in the yard this summer and I’ve had some requests to share some photos of the work. So today is the day — I’m going to take you on a little mini-tour!

First, a little background. My hubby and I put a lot of time into our yard when we first moved in over a decade ago and had grand plans to have lush and large gardens with veggies galore. But then babies and work and other things came up and we found ourselves struggling against the big Black Walnut tree adjacent to our lot. And we kind of let it all go. I don’t have “before” pictures, but just imagine 10years with no mulch or weeding or effort. It was an overgrown mess.

My good friend is a bonafide garden guru and last year we started talking about what I could do to fix things. Life got in the way for a while, but this summer she came up with a plan and then spent her share of time, sweat, and home-grown plants to get me going. And now — I’m not going to lie — I’m a little obsessive about it. The daily weeding, watering, and monitoring of each bed is something I really enjoy. The goal this year was to just clean up the most neglected parts right around the house.

We started with the front yard.



It turns out there is no good way to photograph this bed — lol! As you can see, it’s a little overtaken by lillies and I may have to thin them out sometime, but suffice to say it arches and is chock full of lillies and daisies and echinacea and bee balm. And although it’s currently a little unwieldy, it feels pretty true to my life and family and I really love it.

img_4087My friend contributed a number of awesome plants to this bed, including a snapdragon which just got its first bud. I can’t wait to see it!

Over the years, I’ve been splitting a single sedum plant I got as a housewarming gift to create an entire sedum border in the front yard. The plants are huge and healthy and I love the texture and when they pop with their lovely pink flowers. This year, for the most part we left all the sedum in place and added a few things here and there.

img_4082 This is one of my favorite spots in the gardens — my friend tucked these pretty flowers into this decrepit planter and they are such a fun pop of color. And do you see those big leaves to the right?

img_4073It’s rhubarb! We planted our rhubarb plants probably 8 years ago and where we had them they were just barely surviving. We’ve never been able to harvest from them. I showed it to my guru and she said, “let’s move those up front.” They looked like toast the first couple days, but they have BOOMED in a huge way. Boomed so much that I worry we should have given them more room. It’s just plain awesome. What a great problem to have!

Along the east side of the house, it was literally a heap of weeds and two big hostas.

img_4076It has been transformed. Neat & tidy and eventually it will be this full, gorgeous bed of hostas in loads of sizes, shapes, and colors.  There are a pair of kale plants in there, too…

img_4098 I randomly planted them 4 or 5 years ago from seed and they just keep coming back. I moved them both when we refreshed this bed and this one came roaring back.

img_4083Oh, and there are sunflowers here and there. Some are volunteers from the winter bird feeding, some are deliberate.

On the south side of the house my friend brought some amazing  organic tomatoes, peppers, and basils.

img_4078These are two of the tomato plants and looky here…

img_4103A nice big tomato is coming in!

Wrapping around our back deck is another troupe of sedum.

img_4080I have them lined up on all three sides — these are all split from some plants we got from our daughter’s 4K teacher. They’ve been a little slow coming around because they were wildly overgrown with weeds, but I pulled them all out, weeded, and replanted all three sides of the deck this summer. My lawnmower doesn’t bag clippings, but our neighbors have generously been sharing with us and I’ve been mulching my way around the house with each fresh load of clippings. If you hadn’t heard, our neighbors are awesome.

And this little ‘secret’ spot is heavily shaded by a giant forsythia, but I think of all that we’ve done this makes me the happiest.

img_4079It’s so simple and delicate. It probably look a little bare to you, but I love that’s it’s just a little tidy spot. I love the rich green of the hostas and the pinks and reds of the coleus. They don’t get much sun, so they are pretty tiny yet, but I really adore them.img_4077Oh! Another sunflower. This one was another plant from my friend. And last nigh, I realized this correlation with my spindle project…


I realize to some my progress might be a bit underwhelming because there’s no proper mulch or stones for edging. It’s nothing too fancy, but did I mention my budget for this has been $0? I fully plan to thank my garden guru with some fiber when she gets back into spinning this fall and I’m sure I’ll be shoveling our neighbors’ walk come the winter snow to thank them for the clippings, but other than that I’ve been astounded by the changes that we could make that are 100% sweat and time. If you would have told me last year that I could clean up my yard and make it look mostly neat & tidy on this kind of a shoestring I would never have believed you.

These days, I’m a teensy bit behind in the weeding, but it only takes an hour or so to sweep through everything around the house. And I can and will enjoy making that happen. I’m sure I’ll check out how the pepper buds are coming along (I couldn’t grab a good photo as I have poor light at the moment) and how high the basils have shot up and how much the tomatoes have grown their decadent fruit. And I can’t help but find myself dreaming of going beyond the beds around the house. Perhaps I’ll take on a small veggie garden next year and start in on a creative adventure with the rest of the yard, my garden guru is certainly encouraging me and she has me completely and totally hooked. Perhaps… perhaps… perhaps…

Up North

Last year our son really got into fishing so over the winter we decided to plan a fishing vacation during our boy’s birthday week. We found a very old-school looking family-owned resort in Northern Wisconsin that had everything we were looking for — a dog-friendly cabin that would fit our family plus my parents, a dock to fish from & where we could tie-up my dad’s fishing boat, and a lake with fish in it. And last week we packed up our little car and made the 5hour trek north to Lost Land Lake.

Reserving these types of places online sight-unseen is always a bit of a gamble because you really never know what a place is like. A couple photos online and testimonials help, but you never really know until you get there. After a quick stop for groceries in Hayward, the nearest town, we  made the 30minute drive out of all cell service to the very end of a dead-end road on which the Northland Lodge is situated. When I walked into the lodge, I was greeted with a smile and a handshake by an extremely kind lady who let me know that my parents had just arrived and then gave me a run-down of activities and amenities.

We made our way to our neat & tidy little cabin and spent the evening getting settled in. It was quite literally just steps away from the water…

img_3499And although the cabins did not have a ton of space between them, I found the resort to be very quiet and peaceful.  Despite the early morning that would surely be coming from us, that didn’t stop a certain little lady from getting her hook in the water that very night…

img_3507When you have fish at your doorstep, why wait? As the last of the light faded, we all made our way to bed for the night. Falling asleep to loons calling out on the lake, I definitely had a good feeling about the week.

And then I awoke the next morning to this…

img_3400Does it get any more picturesque?

I spent the next day and a good portion of every day doing this… img_3505I learned a lot on the boat during this trip. First, that my re-spooling of our fishing poles was a drastic improvement over the mess we had at the end of last year. Second, I am now a wizard with the palomar knot and I’m working on getting better with the uni knot. And third, the fisherman’s gloves that I have really help me get over the issues I have handling fish. I’m not proud to admit that handling them totally weirds me out, but it totally does. It totally, totally does. And these gloves actually really helped me get over that to the point that I can get in there and take hooks out all by myself. Sure, as I’m doing it I’m usually talking the fish through it — “Hey guy, I’m sorry I hooked you, but if you hold still I’ll get it out quickly and put you right back in the water, OK?” The main thing, though, is that I can actually help the kids as well as myself when we’re out and that makes the whole experience a lot better for everyone. In any case, the fish were biting like gangbusters — we caught loads of small fish, most of which we released except for just enough for a little fish fry for my son’s birthday party on Friday night.

We also brought along one of our kayaks which the kids loved getting acquainted with and Moose…

img_3501Well, he insisted on having a turn, too. He’s such a weird dog.

We also discovered something new about Moose…

img_3435We are well aware that he sometimes doesn’t understand the difference between shouts of joy & shouts of distress, so when my daughter was whew-hooing away with kayaking glee, Moose did what he thought needed to be done.

img_3443He chased her down…

img_3456Grabbed the strap on the front of the boat…

img_3457Towed her into shore…

img_3453Got himself some sure footing on land and held her there.

We’re not sure how he figured this all out since we didn’t show him how to do any of it, but I’ll admit my heart melted a little to know what great lengths my sweet pup will go to keep my kiddos safe. The downside, of course, is that once he put it all together he seemed kind of frustrated that after all his hard work both kids always wanted to instantly turn back around and go back out. He kept trying to grab them and tow them back in before they passed the end of the dock. As you can imagine, this made for a very tired Moose.

img_3490Silly, sweet Moose.

While Mr. Knitting Sarah took charge of the kayaking lessons with both kids, I stole a little time for crafting. I had packed up my spinning wheel and a couple projects when at the last minute we discovered that my spinning wheel would not fit in the car. I won’t lie, I was so sad!  Thinking on my feet because we were literally headed out the door, I grabbed a simple knitting project and my spindle spinning project to take its place. And the weirdest thing happened…

img_3504It was perfect!

I kept catching my husband watching me as I spun and then he would start chuckling to himself. Thinking he was laughing at me, after a couple days I called him out on it to which he responded, “No! I’m not laughing at you! I’m laughing at me. It’s just so hypnotic I can’t stop staring at it!” And it was — very soothing and relaxing and dare I say I actually really increased not only my comfort level with the spindles, but also my speed which was fantastic.

img_3494I managed to get through most of what remained of this 2oz of fiber and officially finished it up last night at home. This is one of my 1+1+1 projects that I thought was hopeless, that I would never finish on time. Now… there’s a chance. I’ve got the contrast color I’ll be plying with it left to go and I’m optimistic that the singles will be done by the end of the month.

I’ve been working on a lace knitting project which I knew would not fly in this type of environment, so instead I started yet another of my 1+1+1 projects…

img_2232My Hamlin Peak Cardi in Quince & Co Kestrel. It’s a very simple knit that I’ve really been enjoying. In the interest of full disclosure, I had to start over a couple times because I wasn’t being very careful about increases, but I’m on the straight-and-narrow now. I really love how simple the design is and I’m finding it a super fun knit. It turned out being a great fit for the fishing trip, too, because my hands were so incredibly dry from being in the water and worm dirt and what-have-you all day that there were times the wool of my spinning project was sticking to my hands like velcro. The linen posed no such problems. Hooray!

The birthday boy, of course, was spoiled appropriately. He picked a double chocolate cake along with some cookies & cream ice cream to follow his fish fry birthday dinner and mac n’ cheese birthday dinner. I added the trick candles because I knew his trickster nature would appreciate it. He was showered with a few new books, including a D&D Monster Manual that he read non-stop in his non-fishing time — he loves to create monsters!

img_3496He also got a couple Tin-Tin books as well as a couple new Wii games to indulge in at home. But mostly, he was happy to have loads of time for this…

img_3506And we were delighted to spend that time with him.

All in all, we had beautiful weather, excellent fishing, and many good times. The only thing missing was catching a glimpse of a black bear out in the wild which was on my husband’s wishlist. We even went for a hike through the woods thick with mosquitoes to try to see one but to no avail. Next time, I guess. Next time.

We’re home now, tanned and tired and only driven slightly mad by our share of mosquito bites. The bags are mostly unpacked. The Laundry (yes, with a capital L) is being tackled slowly, but surely. The kayak is put away in the boathouse. And the kids are sleeping in. And I’m going to sip my coffee and exist in this moment for just a little while longer…

img_3500It doesn’t get a whole lot better than this.

Random Happenings

There’s been a whole lot of ‘doing’ and not a lot of writing this week and, you know, while it feels really strange as the words pile up in my head it’s been very good on the productivity front. Today, I thought I’d go kind of casual here in sharing what’s been going on behind the scenes and share some photos and random happenings in list form.

1.Our family went on a really lovely hike on one of our favorite local trails.

img_3353We like to go here this time of year because if we time it just right we see loads of Bobolinks which I love. It’s also the last trail Mr. Knitting Sarah & I hiked before the birth of our oldest, who turns 11 next week.

2. While on this hike, we discovered that for the 12 years we’ve been coming to this trail my husband has been pointing out the call of Grasshopper Sparrows to me and I’ve been hearing just “grasshoppers.” It suddenly made a lot sense why I wasn’t as impressed as I probably could have been all these years when my hubby mentioned them.

3. Over the past month we’ve been doing a massive decluttering/deep clean of our house. It’s meant a couple hours almost every day of cleaning, many trips to Goodwill to make donations, and some tough choices, but it’s been a full family effort and that effort is really, really, really paying off. Our tiny house is feeling much bigger and easier to manage. I’d show you before and after photos, but we actually haven’t stopped to document any of it. We’ve all just been in true nose to the grindstone mode and you’ll have to take my word for that.

4. Part of my end of this decluttering effort has been an on-going yarn destash on Ravelry. The yarn is all very lovely and I’m sure I’d eventually get to it, but it’s just time for me to reclaim some space and send some of the yarn to new homes. Please feel free to check out the destash page — as of today it contains a wide range of commercial yarns as well as a few of my select handspun yarns.


5. I’ve been doing a lot of plying.img_3372-2This photo shows a skein that’s now finished and I’m finally on my last plying job for the Akerworks Flat Pack Lazy Kate Test. The test officially concluded just after I started the last bit of plying, so I timed it pretty well. I’ll tell you more about my experience with this awesome Kate soon, but for now you can check them out on the Akerworks website as they are now officially up for sale.

6. I helped launch the sign-ups for Team Three Waters Farm for the Tour de Fleece.


As you probably remember, I’m a little bananas for the Tour de Fleece so this is pretty exciting for me. It’ll soon be time to start picking my spins for this year and setting some goals. The shop currently is taking pre-orders for the Official 2016 Tour de Fleece colorway, Summer Jubilee…

Pre-Order Tour de Fleece Colorway, Superwash Merino/ Nylon Roving (Top) - Handpainted Spinning or Felting Fiber, Summer Jubilee

It’s not a requirement to participate on the team, but it is available on 3 different bases and, really, isn’t it fantastic?! If you’re a spinner and have some Three Waters Farm fiber in your stash (or feel like picking some up — the shop is always full of glorious temptation), I hope you’ll join us!

7.  I did some poolside knitting while the kiddos did some serious swimming.img_3312Generally speaking, I swim laps for a certain amount of time and then I earn my knitting/watching the kiddos time. It’s a good deal all around.

8. I’ve been using this Andean Plying Tool I picked up from Karen of Gift of Grace Handspun.

img_3301I love using an Andean Plying Bracelet to use every last bit of my singles yarn, but I always wound it too tight on my hand and, you know, started to cut off circulation to my middle finger (it was not great). I’m still getting the hang of it, but already this tool helps so much!

9. Moose was his usual ridiculous self.img_3370

10. After finishing a couple projects, I started something new on my needles.img_3351-1This is Joji Locatelli’s new Broken Wings shawl using Be Sweet Skinny Wool. The combination, in a word, is divine.

I hope your Friday is full of random beauty & awesomeness!

The Week in Yarn & Other Things

Forget the holidays, spring is the busiest time of the year at our house. Spring roughly translates to DO ALL THE THINGS. Yard clean-up from winter, finishing up school, seeking out a 100 bird day during migration, cooking some meals ahead for summer so we don’t have to heat up the house when it’s hot, spring cleaning, fishing season, spring play group — are you tired yet? And let’s not forget that this year I’m trying to get my act together and plan out the kids’ summer activities & be less disorganized in meal planning, too. All in all, that’s just a really long way to go to say that, as usual, I’ve been busy (and after writing that I kind of feel like I need a nap).

I didn’t make the time to tell any one story in particular from my week, so I thought I’d give you little snapshots of them all.

First, as I mentioned it was Mr Knitting Sarah & my wedding anniversary on Monday. As I finished up my morning’s workout, I heard my daughter loudly ‘whispering’ that my husband needed to get me some flowers.

img_3072He briefly tried to disagree, but quickly opted to pay my girl to pick this one for me and make me a card. It was the first card I ever got from him that was signed simply, “Your Husband” — for some reason it felt very ominous to me. It was pretty much awesome.

Out of no where, I decided to pick up my Knitted Patchwork project.

img_3080I’ve added a few new squares to it and I moved it to a little tub instead of smooshed in a project bag. I think maybe perhaps I’ll be more likely to pick it up and set it down more often this way and, you know, actually make some progress. I really do like it when I’m working on it, I just tend to forget about it when it’s not staring at me.

I managed to finish up the singles for this spinning project.

img_3103It’s from Spun Right Round and will eventually be a standard 3-ply.

Since I’m waiting to ply until the Akerworks Flat Pack Lazy Kate prototype arrives for the test I’m participating in, I started another spin.

img_3100And today I finished the first 2oz. This is from Dyeabolical and is the colorway named Wit Beyond Measure. It’s dyed on 100% Targhee and I’ve split it into 4 parts for a a 4-ply. The aforementioned lazy kate has room for 4 bobbins and one question I’m looking to answer is how it handles 4 bobbins from the Lendrum’s plying head. Of course this means I’m now spinning singles on my plying head. I realize I could spin them on a speedier flyer and transfer them to the big bobbins, but I’m kind of too lazy for that. Plus, this is a great exercise for me as I’m making adjustments necessary for a slightly heavier single as well as working on a flyer which I don’t usually use for singles. I’m feeling very good about how it’s been going so far.

We spent a bit of time on the trail and were hoping to get a big ‘fall out’ day with spring migrants, but alas…

img_3086This trillium was the most exciting thing we saw. My kids are very interested in the spring wildflowers and I am awfully terrible at IDing them, so every time we go out I snap a couple photos and go home to try to work out the proper name. This new challenge has been a lot of fun as we wait for the birds to show up.

A little while ago I got these very cool skeins in the mail for review.

img_3013It’s Durasport from Briggs & Little and a very hardy singles wool. I read a number of comments on Ravelry that folks like their socks that they’d made with this yarn, so I picked up Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter’s Chittery Chattery Socks pattern and cast-on.

img_3102I think they’re just they are knitting up to be just the sweetest! Do pardon the super crumpled pattern — that’s what I call “knitting in real life” and why I love being able to print copies of patterns.

I also had a little exciting stash enhancement this week.

img_3077This is called ‘Luminous Dusk’ and it’s dyed on Superfine Merino by Three Waters Farm. I wanted to share the eye candy, but also the news that Three Waters Farm is holding a Customer Appreciation Sale this weekend. Friday, May 6 through Sunday, May 8 use coupon code TWFMAY201615 to get 15% off your order. If you’ve been wanting to try your hand with this incredible fiber, now’s a great time to treat yourself!

Since the nap isn’t going to happen anytime soon, I’m off to get back to work. Have a fabulous Friday, all!