Endings, Beginnings

February 13th is the day I wrote about my first installment of the Legacy Yarn Club from Mountain Meadow Wool. It was kind of a whole other lifetime ago that I first held these beauties in my hands and started dreaming about what I could do with them.

This, if you’ll think way back, was the package I received and today I’m happy to say that I can finally share the long overdue finished objects I created with these lovely yarns.

First, the lovely marled skein on the left, named “Pumice” is a worsted weight yarn and it’s just darn squishy. I envisioned just a very basic hat for it and finally settled on Two by Two, a free pattern by Anne Gagnon.

It’s super simple, but it is one of the most comfortable, best-fitting hats I’ve made. Better yet, it’s pretty gender neutral so it’ll make an awesome spare hat around the house — you know, the hat you can grab when you’re trying to get out of the house in winter and the kids needs hats and yet all the hats are missing? It’ll be absolutely perfect for that!

The 3-ply yarn consists of a dark brown ply, a medium brown colored ply, and a very light brown/natural ply. It just makes this hat gorgeous!

With the Russet skein, I went a different direction. I mean, it would have been easy to have made two identical hats because the Pumice hat turned out so nicely, BUT it was March and I was wearing a uniform of leggings and a dress with 3/4 sleeves and — being in Wisconsin — I was constantly cold. Thus, I turned to Toast. Years and years ago a knitter friend mentioned this pattern to me and I looked at it, bookmarked it and never knit it. Until it came for skein two of this club delivery, that is!

Meet my Toast. Super simple arm warmers that I knit two-at-a-time so that I could just use up the entire skein. I did modify the pattern to include a 2 round garter edge on both ends of each arm warmer. There are certain situations where I’m cool with rolling stockinette stitch, but this is not one of them. Problem solved with the minimum amount of garter stitch possible.

I really love how both projects turned out — simple, but I think just the perfect match for these lovely yarns.

And that, my friends, brings us up to today.

April’s installment is a 2-ply worsted weight Lincoln wool dyed in the Summer Skies colorway grown at the Bar Quarters Circle Ranch in Buffalo, Wyoming. The blues are really lovely…

In contrast to the February delivery that had so much spring to the twist, this yarn has a pretty low twist and thus when knitted up it won’t have a ton of elasticity. I started thinking of a cowl or scarf and stumbled upon Pedestrian Crossing, another free Ravelry pattern. This pattern had a lot of examples in Ravelry with a wide variety of yarns that all looked great with the stitch pattern so I went ahead and cast-on.

This worsted weight is on the lighter side, so I did end up going down a needles size — since it’s a cowl and not a fitted garment, I just went for the fabric I thought looked right more than the recommended gauge.

I’m very pleased with how it’s turning out — it’s a little bit ripply at the moment, but that should come out in the blocking without a problem. Almost as amazing as the yarn is the fact that this pattern is a simple 2 row repeat. A quarter of the way into the first skein and I could effortlessly work the pattern from memory. I’m almost through the first skein now so I suppose I should start thinking buttons for this beauty!

With my 2nd delivery of the Legacy Yarn Club in my hands, I have to say that I’m really impressed with the variety I’ve received so far. The yarns are very different and that really makes this club pretty fun.  I can’t wait to wrap this project up and see what’s in store with the June delivery!