In Review: Louet’s June Spinzilla Fiber Pack

I’ve kind of been power stashing fiber over the last year or so. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of as I realize I should be working on draining my yarn & fiber stashes these days, but being relatively new to spinning I’ve never had a very deep stash. I knew that timing looked very good for my being able to participate in both the Tour de Fleece and Spinzilla this year though and somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of my mind it made perfect sense to stockpile fiber for those events as well as just the general daily spinning I’m shooting for this summer. Summer is my very favorite time to spin, especially early in the morning watching the birds out our front window or in the late afternoon on the back porch, so my ‘summer spin 2015’ challenge to spin everyday during the summer was a fun, enjoyable little personal challenge to take on and further justified the stash enhancement of late.

As you can imagine with this mindset, when I was asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of Louet’s Spinzilla Fiber Packs I jumped at the chance. Partly driven by that ‘need’ to further enhance my fiber stash, but even moreso I enthusiastically agreed because the folks at Louet North America always put together great packages. They have excellent base fibers and they have a real knack for creating mixed packs that are full of a great mix of both fibers I’m familiar with and some that are new to me.

The box that contained the June Fiber Pack arrived when I wasn’t at home, but I was so excited to see what was inside that I asked my hubby to text photos of the contents. No really, I did that and he totally humored me (he really loves me, obviously). I could not believe it the bounty!

IMG_9470It was close to 3lbs of a really amazing assortment of fiber (for non-spinners, this makes quite of bit of yarn)!

Specifically, the June Spinzilla Fiber Pack contained:

  • 1/2 lb of Dyed Merino/Silk Top
  • 4 x 2oz of Dyed Merino Top
  • 2oz of Baby Llama Top
  • 100 gr of Red Eri Silk
  • 1/2 lb of White Tencel Top
  • 1/2 lb of Wool/Mohair Top
  • 1/2 lb of Dyed Karaoke

I knew there was no way I’d get through it all in a single month, so I picked three to spin up and review for you here.

IMG_9501My first choice was the half pound of Dyed Karaoke. This is a fiber I normally would not choose. I tend to stick specifically to animal fibers — maybe with a little bamboo or tencel or nylon mixed in here and there, but this is 50% wool / 50% soysilk. One touch and I could tell it was very different than that which I’m familiar. The best was to describe it is that to me it felt both tacky & slippery at the same time. I was a bit challenged in finding a comfortable method of drafting, but I did a bit of research and opted to try spinning from the fold and it worked like a charm.IMG_9502I also opted to spin the singles heavier than I usually do which was an added challenge, but it went pretty smoothly.

The finished skein is 150yards of bulky weight yarn…

louet soysilk det And I’m  very pleased with how it turned out.

louet soysilkConsidering it was a new-to-me fiber blend, new-to-me drafting technique, and not my comfort zone of thin singles, I’m kind of wowed by how it turned out. I think this fiber blend would also make a great lightweight yarn for shawls, but it definitely will work great for a chunky cowl, too.

Second, I thought I’d try my hand at the Baby Llama top.

Apparently Super Dehaired Llama from Louet is where all the fluff is at!
#louet #junespinzillapack #spinstagram #igspinners #handspinning

 Words cannot convey how lofty and fluffy this fiber is. Having just learned the whole spinning from the fold thing, with this relatively short staple length I opted to use my newest skill again and it made this spin just completely delightful.
Plying from a center pull ball for the first time. So far, so good! #todayonmywheel #plying #spinstagram #spinnersofinstagram #igspinners

 I decided to try out another new-to-me technique for plying — plying from a center-pull ball. It wasn’t bad and with a smallish amount of yarn to work with I appreciated the lack of waste this method provides, but overall I’m not yet ready to give up my tensioned lazy kate. Nonetheless it worked just fine and the finished yarn is about 120 yards of sport/DK weight yarn.

louet llama fullIt reminds me a whole lot of alpaca.

llama fullAnd I totally am head-over-heels in love with this little skein. In fact, I would spin this fiber again in a heartbeat.
My third choice was the light green 1/2 pound of 50/50 merino/silk.

I have time for a quick fat single, right? #todayonmywheel #louet #merinosilk #junespinzillapack
This wonderfully soft fiber I opted to spin into a bulky single.
louet 5050detSingles aren’t yet my forte, but practice does make perfect and although its a bit overspun in places, I think it’ll knit up just fine.
louet 5050 greenThis blend was simply a delight to work with. It’s very easy to draft and I found it pretty easy to control even considering I was outside my comfort zone in the heavier weight singles. I liked the blend so much that I actually bought more when I spotted it at a yarn shop while on vacation last week.
IMG_9746I can’t wait.
But I digress.
As for the rest of the June Spinzilla pack, I cannot wait to dig into the Red Eri Silk
louet silkI have never felt anything softer in my whole life. I’m a little afraid to mess it up, but even though I’m kind of intimidated by this fine, fine fiber, nothing will stop me from spinning this treasure.
I will admit, I’m not quite sure what to do with the 1/2 lb bags of tencel top and the wool/mohair top…
louet tencelmohairSo I will let those simmer for a bit while I do some further research. I’m thinking about perhaps a dyeing experiment with the wool/mohair at a later date, but I’ve got to think that through a bit more.
These four 2oz bags of merino, though…
louet merinoI think they’d be very pretty as a striped yarn. Maybe short little strips of each color. I will keep thinking about those, too.
All in all, I’ll admit that I’m once again really impressed with Louet North America for putting together such a great pack at a fantastic price — retail on these fibers alone would be close to $200 & the pack costs only $75. Great for stash & skill enhancement alike, the Spinzilla Fiber Packs — of which there will be five — are a great investment whether you plan to participate in any of the upcoming fiber events or not.
Many thanks to the kind folks at Louet North America for letting me try out this fantastic pack of fiber!


Adventure Boundary Waters: When Life Happens

Last week my son turned ten. He’s crazy tall and adventurous. He loves Calvin & Hobbes and the TV show River Monsters. He’s the most empathetic person I know and he would do anything for family and friends. And he loves fishing. For his ‘golden birthday’ we’d planned a trip to the Boundary Waters area of very northern Minnesota — we’re talking a couple miles from the border with Canada — so that we could hike and fish and do all the things that our boy loves.

Life happens though.

About a week before our departure, my husband injured his back. With our son so excited to go fishing ‘up north’ we didn’t have the heart to cancel, so we just decided that we’d leave our canoe which is heavy and not real practical to move or get into for someone with a back injury. If Mr Knitting Sarah was up for it, we’d rent a boat from one of the lodges and meanwhile the boy & I could fish from shore. Not ideal, but it would be ok. I did most of the packing and all of the lifting and off we went, Mr Knitting Sarah being a true trooper throughout.

The mosquitoes were… substantial. We’d brought along our taller tent so that if we were hanging at camp we could do so with comfy camp chairs in the tent and safe from the bloodthirsty bugs. Less than 50feet from the lake, we went to sleep listening to loons calling and awoke to them calling and racing maniacally up and down the lake at dawn. It was beautiful.

My son and I spent a fair bit of time using our campsites’ little lake access…

To explore with eyes and ears the water & surrounding forest. We were lucky in this trip in that we saw a black bear (the first ever for the kids & me), a moose and her calf, 3 baby foxes, loads of bald eagles, and a pair of peregrine falcons, among other wonders of the natural world.

With the mosquitoes taking over at camp, we took time to drive up to Grand Portage State Park for a hike up to the High Falls. The hike was short, but through a beautiful, thick forest…

IMG_9666With amazing lichen and moss…

IMG_9678And, of course, the crown jewel — the High Falls…

IMG_9674The other side of the gorge is Canada — the kids were almost as impressed by that as they were by the huge waterfall (really, the scale isn’t great here, that’s 120ft drop you’re looking at).

While on the North Shore we had a tip in Grand Marais from a local that we could catch trout and salmon in a couple hot spots…

We had no luck, but it sure was a great place to just hang out fishing. I could seriously live in this spot forever.

In fact, we found so many picturesque places…

IMG_9689Mostly with me and my boy throwing a line in the water while Mr Knitting Sarah rested his back and our girl played in the water with Moose. We decided to rent a boat Thursday to try to break the fishing shut-out for the birthday boy, but lo & behold on Wednesday night…

A northern pike — our boy’s trip dream fish — took the bait. We snapped this photo in a cloud of black flies and almost immediately after  Moose, the beloved wonderpup, started to freak out, rubbing his face all over. We got him into the car and piled in after him only to find his whole face ballooning to about twice its normal size in the most pronounced and severe allergic reaction I’ve ever seen. We were 30minutes from the nearest store to which we raced for benadryl. As we cruised toward town and got within cell range we discovered we were 3hours from the nearest ‘will definitely be there in the morning’ vet. We got Moose his benadryl which immediately calmed him and slowly but surely the swelling started to go down. Concerned with his history of allergies and worried that camping would not allow for a great recovery (not to mention the potential to encounter more black flies) we hurried back to camp, frantically broke everything back into the car, and started the long journey toward help should we need it and a clean hotel to allow our pup to recover.

The disappointment at cutting the fishing portion of the trip short was as palpable as the fear for our poor Moose.

The following morning, the majority of his head and face and returned to normal, but his jowls were still considerably swollen and he was exhausted from the meds and stress. It’s all how you choose to look at it though. Yes, it was terrifying to see Moose so sick. Yes, we had to give up the loons and the day on the boat and fishing. We traded it, though, for a two night hotel stay in Duluth including a trip to the very neat aquarium in town and some other sight-seeing as well as the reassurance that we’d have emergency vet care nearby should we need it. Moose got to go to a couple dog-friendly restaurants where he was appropriately babied and loved on and rested. Despite the unfortunate excitement that caused our return to civilization, we really did have a great time in Duluth. It wasn’t the vacation we’d envisioned by any means, but it was still grand. Life, after all, is always about perspectives and trade-offs and just making the most of the hand you are dealt.

We even made time for a quick stop at Yarn Harbor, the local LYS, in its new location. Yarn Harbor has a an exclusive line of colorways dyed by local dyers Three Irish Girls  that are inspired by the Duluth area and it’s somehow become a little tradition for me to pick one up when I’m in the area. This time I chose ‘Land of the Loon’…

IMG_9744Quite appropriate, I thought.

(This exclusive Duluth-inspired collection of yarns is also available online through Yarn Harbor, just so you know)

On the drive home, partly to give my hubby a chance to stretch his legs and back (which still hadn’t recovered as we’d hoped) and partly just because he’s sweet and he knew the dog being sick had been very stressful for me, we managed to find two other yarn shops along the way.

Kunert Kreations is right along highway in Gordon, WI and quite literally has a little bit of everything. We’d visited years ago on the way home from our last Boundary Waters trip and it was fun to pop in and see it again. Here, the kids each picked something for me to make for them.

My son picked this ‘northern pike colored’ yarn for a hat…

IMG_9745I’m thinking maybe a wurm, but haven’t decided yet.

And my daughter found this hot pink merino/silk from Louet…

IMG_9746I just finished spinning this fiber blend from the Louet June Spinzilla Pack before we left for vacation and was very impressed (more on that soon), so when my girl picked this and wouldn’t stop hugging it I knew it was coming home with us. She held onto it pretty much the whole 5+ hour drive home while she read.

Just south in downtown Spooner, Wisconsin is Northwind Book & Fiber. Now, just the fact that it’s a book and yarn/fiber store tugged at my heartstrings as a kind of a dream shop, especially if you throw in coffee or wine. To find a really good selection of both yarn and books when we entered was phenomenal. Thankfully, I managed to have some self control and picked just one item…

IMG_9748Three Feet of Sheep from Frabjous Fibers in a Merino Rainbow. I fully intend to turn these 8oz of fiber into one long rainbow striped yarn which will undoubtedly be beyond awesome. Oh, and both kids found books as well — win-win!

We arrived home and I immediately got Moose in the bath to make sure he was completely cleaned up and comfortable and the strangest thing happened — he made a very miraculous recovery. When I say ‘very miraculous’ I mean it — past allergic outbreaks with him have taken months to clear up and by the time we got home and he got his proper bath he was 100% fine. Phew.

Unfortunately, this happy ending did not hold true for poor Mr Knitting Sarah’s back. Over the weekend it took a severe turn for the worse and he awoke in the wee hours of Sunday morning with such severe pain that he was unable to move. Thanks to our tiny house which cannot accommodate a stretcher, 2 EMTs and 3 cops very kindy hoisted Mr Knitting Sarah out to an ambulance at around 4am yesterday morning and took him to the hospital. A few hours and a hefty dose of medication later, he was up and gingerly walking and we got to bring him home. It sounds like rest and physical therapy should help him heal and prevent this from happening again soon, but for the next few days I’ll be adding nurse to my daily duties to help get him rest up and ready to return to work.

I suppose with a less sunny attitude I could really view our family trips as being a bit cursed. The last trip to the Badlands our tent was obliterated by high winds and it ended up rainy, kind of cold, and with our son being sick most of the time, but we had an amazing time and strangely our memories of that trip are all good. This trip we had epic bugs, the dog’s extreme allergic reaction, and poor Mr Knitting Sarah’s back drama. Things kind of always go wrong. At the end of the day though, it’s the unexpected mishaps that make memories and while there were certainly some standout traumas, there were a lot of great times, too.

Playing in Lake Superior…

Hiking through the northern forests…

Incredible views…

IMG_9660And a very memorable 10th birthday for this young man…

  I’ve finally started to relax into a ‘this is just life’ mentality instead of dreading what’s going to go wrong next. Life happens and plans change and that’s ok. This is just life. And despite apparent setbacks and all the things that go wrong, a whole lot goes right. And we are making incredible memories along the way.

Some Days Were Meant to Be Taken Slowly

This weekend has proven itself to be quite the couple of days. They’ve been the kind of days that remind me of the early days of my pregnancy with my son and one specific experience in particular. It was so stereotypical that it’s almost embarrassing, but of course I’ll share with you anyway. So there I was, just a few weeks pregnant standing at the counter making a lunch for my husband while he prepared for work and out of nowhere I burst into tears. He walked into the room and was alarmed and confused asking, “What happened?! What’s wrong?!” and I quite literally blubbered, “I don’t know!” through the cascade of tears. It’s what we’ve come to refer to as my ‘hormotional’ moments. While they definitely started when I was pregnant, they still occur now & then and I had a few of those moments the last couple days. I don’t know what to blame for these outbursts. Hormones? Definitely. Maybe it’s the moon’s fault, too, or maybe it’s just the perfect storm of events in my life. Whatever the case, rest assured that there are no baby knits in my future, but there were some very random tears in the recent past for no real reason at all other than I’m a lady and these things happen (and that’s ok).

Good husband that he is and sensing the oncoming storm and seeing the tears welling up as he was about to head out the door for an evening shift yesterday, Mr Knitting Sarah convinced me to take the kids to a movie yesterday afternoon. I think this was as much to save them as it was to help me, but nevertheless it was their first ever movie in a theater, so it was kind of a big deal. We even sprung for a tub of movie popcorn and everything.

IMG_9485We saw Avengers: Age of Ultron and needless to say the whole experience was a big hit.

From there, we had a slightly rocky afternoon — partly because my girl was picking fights with her brother, partly because my dear son was low on patience for his little sister, and partly because I was still battling my hormotions. We survived though and I got the kiddos to bed and then I rounded out the evening with an old-fashioned (something I almost never drink), some trashy TV, and some knitting.

IMG_9492It’s knitting that is for the upcoming Summer Sock KAL and I don’t want any spoilers here for members of the Feel Good Yarn Co Summer Sock Club, so all I’ll show you for now is my needles but I’ll assure you that the hand-dyed SilverSpun Sock is just as fantastic to knit with as the natural and the color is super summery perfection.

This morning I awoke feeling a bit more like the normal me and got right to spinning. After a couple nature documentaries (a new Sunday morning tradition), we moved outside where the kids ran and played and I spun.

My hubby snapped this photo and captioned it with, “I stepped onto the porch but somehow landed in 1880s Appalachia.” All I can say is that this right here is my happy place — surrounded by my family, sitting in the sun, listening to birds, spinning. There’s nothing fancy, nothing glamorous, but it’s home. It’s no surprise to me that it was my hubby who suggested I take my spinning outside when we started herding the kids that way. He knows me so well.

I managed to finish up my Sweet Georgia Polwarth + Silk in the Stormchaser colorway…

IMG_9494I plan to n-ply it eventually. I’m absolutely tickled with how the singles turned out.

I still have a few empty bobbins though, so when I finished this I hopped right into my June Spinzilla Pack from Louet. As I said when I first mentioned it a couple days ago, there is a TON of fiber in this pack for the price. I picked the 8oz bag of 50/50 wool/soysilk to start with mostly because I would probably never have picked a soysilk on my own.

IMG_9501This is SWTC’s Karaoke (50/50 wool/soysilk) in the Parrotfish colorway. I really knew nothing about soysilk and compared to other fibers I’ve tried it feels very different — kind of tacky, but slippery at the same time. In any case, I checked out what Louet says about soysilk on their website and thought I’d share with you, too.

SOYSILK® fiber is made from the residue of soybeans from tofu manufacturing. This process is 100-percent natural and free of any petrochemicals, making it an extremely environmentally friendly product.

  I have really limited experience with spinning anything not wool, but I like to use this type of variety pack to try the things, like a blend with soysilk, I normally would not. I struggled a little bit to get going with this fiber — just figuring out the staple length and the best way to spin led me to a quick google search for fresh ideas that might be easier than what I was doing. I landed on one comment that recommended spinning from the fold. I tried and it was like magic.

IMG_9502This definitely is not going to be the most even and balanced yarn I’ve ever spun, but now that I’ve discovered spinning from the fold with this I have much better control and confidence with it. I’m planning just a simple worsted or chunky weight 2-ply and I have what’s not spun of the first 4oz all prepped, so this project should go pretty quickly. I’m thinking a 2-ply from this 8oz should be enough finished yarn to make a pretty little chunky cowl for winter.

I haven’t quite thought about what yarn I’ll spin next. Or which project I’ll knit myself to sleep with tonight. Thanks to my quiet morning it’s the calm after the storm — I’m tear-free, I’m feeling mostly sane, and my hormotions are in check, so I think I’ll start the afternoon with a little yard work. Weeding & transplanting and maybe see if the mallard couple is still hanging out under the big maple tree by the enormous puddle. Some days were meant to be taken slowly and I think today is one of those days.

How Long Do I Have Before It Rains?

A week’s gone by and I feel as though I haven’t had a ton to share. I’ve been remiss on ‘Today on my needles’ and ‘Today on my wheel’ posts and have no excuse for it other than life’s been busy and I just ran out of energy to make them happen. The kiddos are wrapping up the bulk of their big subjects for school and I’ve been dotting i’s and crossing t’s with the record keeping for that. I’ve also starting trying to organize and shelve the homeschool books which are finished for the year. And then there’s the organizing and picking the summer subjects we’re going to do (they are fun, I promise). I spent some time looking at the pile of sewing I want to do (but not actually doing anything with any of that). Then our old car needed new brakes, so there was the delivery of the car, the finger crossing that they would find nothing more major wrong, the paying for the repairs (boo!), and the picking up of the car. Car repairs — like home repairs — just stress me out like no one’s business. I also spent a fair bit of time looking outside wondering, “Is it going to rain?” and “How long do I have before it rains?” and “How heavy is it going to rain?” – yes, it’s been one of those weeks weather-wise and I feel this strange need to at least try to plan my errand running around downpours. The lawn needed mowing. Some plants needed planting. The house needed cleaning. The bird feeders needed filling. You get the picture. Life was happening.

I actually have three finished projects that I’m excited to share with you, but one is still drying on the blocking mats, one is a garment that I’ve waited far too long to ask Mr Knitting Sarah to photograph on me and now the idea of putting on a chunky wool shrug sounds awful, and one is being held until early next week because it’s a review that’s the timeline I’m on. So instead today I’ll just show you what I’ve been working on in between all the staring outside and life happenings…

IMG_9478I’ve been spinning with my best pup never far from my side.

IMG_9476And this is the yarn I’ve been making. It’s Sweet Georgia Polwarth + Silk in the Stormchaser colorway which is definitely fitting since a lot of the staring out the window wondering about the weather has happened while spinning this. I’m still marling away at this fiber. I’m half tempted to set it aside and get going on the goodies I recently got from Louet, but then I look at the small basket of fiber left and think, “Nah! I can just finish.” So I keep spinning away. In the mean time I did prep my first spin from Louet, so that’s all set to go.

 Speaking of Louet, I cast on my ATX Linen Tote in Euroflax Sport

IMG_9480And I’m getting awfully close to finishing the increases. It’s a pretty simple, limited-thought-required knit. It’s going to be a while, but I cannot wait to get to the striping portion of the project. It’s going to look awesome.

It won’t come as a shock to you that this afternoon I have a few more errands to run — movies to return to the library and dog food to purchase just to name a couple things on the to-do list and yet here I find myself, looking at the darkening skies wondering, “Is it going to rain?” and “How long do I have before it rains?” Instead of racing out the door now that my son turned in his last assignment, I think I’ll go spin for a spell. After all, I can contemplate the weather while I work on my Stormchaser fiber. That’s totally appropriate, right?

While I Was Away…

I was cleaning up my inbox this morning and came across this photograph…

This is Moose on the trail somewhere in the 3-6month-old range. Really, how could I not share this with you? What with those enormous ears and feet that he somehow managed to grow into.

And this was him yesterday…

Just holding my hand for a snuggle, as he does. I thought I’d start with some adorable Moose photos because I’m very relieved and happy to report that he’s been off his food trial and eating actual dog food for going on 3weeks now. It’s kind of fancy limited ingredient dog food, but still it’s actual dog food with complete vitamins and minerals. And just before this photo was taken I’d checked him skin over for any signs of allergic reaction and he was clear. Hooray! This was especially exciting because the kids, Moose, and I spent the long weekend up at my parents house where he laid around in the grass (a luxury for this pup who seems to break out just looking outside sometimes) and I’d forgotten his special anti-bacterial/anti-fungal spray and improvised by using a little apple cider vinegar on him before bed. Yep, he is doing great and no creature on Earth deserves it more than this guy.

In any case, we did spend the long weekend up at my parents’ house. We went up early Friday and the kids got some one-on-one grandma & grandpa time while I attended a funeral for a friend’s grandfather. When I got back the kids were racing bikes up and down the driveway and my son called out, “Grandma let us each have TWO ice cream cones!” What happens at Grandma & Grandpa’s stays at Grandma & Grandpa’s — that’s as it should be, right?

(OK, I’m kind of teasing my mom here — they were those prepackaged little drumstick cones, so it’s not as bad as it sounds)

In any case, we all visited. The kids raced around. Having just finished my Mares’ Tails project, I cast-on a new WIP…

This is Bandwagon by Jen Lucas in Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber‘s 75/25 merino/nylon in the Mr Bates colorway. It’s such a fun, easy knit & it’s going to make a fantastic little summer shawl. And I’ll have something special for you with this project in a few weeks.

I finished out Friday night by opening up lawn tractor season at my parents’ house. Whenever we visit in summer, it’s a little tradition that they save at least some of their large lawn for me to mow with their riding lawnmower. There’s a running joke about losing the keys to the mower (because once we did and then had to go buy a spare) and also the constant reminder that one time I ran into a tree with it. In case you were wondering, the tree won and the mower needed some repairs. Whoops. It’s a wonder they still let me do the mowing, but I’m guessing it’s at least partly for comedic value.

Saturday the kids and I were treated to a trip on my dad’s boat.

We just went to a little local lake where we did some bluegill catch and release. My daughter got a little tired and ornery toward the end, but all in all it was an excellent time. We love Grandpa’s boat!

While we were away, it just so happened that multiple packages arrived for me. My Cloudlover Fiber Club shipment arrived…

IMG_9466Complete with a special treat — a braid of Targhee!

And a package from Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe was in the mailbox…

IMG_9465Complete with some summer-friendly scents like Lemon Lime lip balm & a Spring Meadow lotion bar and a couple scents that prove I’ve been keeping my eating habits in check lately, a Chocolate Cupcake lip balm & Lemon Cake lotion bar. All are, of course, amazing.

A big box also showed up from the supremely awesome folks at Louet including their June Spinzilla Pack…

IMG_9470I am so wowed by this — there is SO MUCH here to spin and so many different fibers. I cannot wait to dig in!

Also in the box was this little kit, the super stylish ATX Linen Tote

IMG_9469This pattern is currently only available with purchase of the yarn, Euroflax Sport. Since I love working with linen, I absolutely can’t wait to try out the much lauded Louet Euroflax Sport.

Oh, a super fun knit from The BagSmith was waiting on the doorstep. I got going on it right away…

IMG_9443It’s so unique & fun and I finished it yesterday!

IMG_9445 I’ll have some FO photos & a special coupon just for you for this awesome project later this week.

As you can imagine, Mr Knitting Sarah was kind of… um… surprised by the small mountain of packages that arrived on our doorstep. Since I’m usually the one who gets the mail before he gets home from work, I think he’s a little worried this happens — you know — everyday. Rest assured, dear, it does not. But I am thinking that maybe I should visit my parents more often. Apparently all the best things show up while I’m away!