So today I was doing my time with the Wii Fit for strengthening and yoga and it just so happens that I do this in a place where I stare at the bulk of my stash. I live in a small house, so really this isn’t shocking — there’s only so much room, after all. It is, however, a very happy coincidence. My mind wanders a lot which is probably not necessarily great for my workout except for the fact that it certainly keeps it interesting for me.

Anyhoo, as I was doing the Palm Tree this afternoon I happened to notice this…

Two totally separate projects, added to my stash about a month apart and they are pretty much completely matching. I had no idea until today.

Hilarious, especially since both are next in my to-do list for their respective crafts. Hilarious and maybe a little worrisome since I had them both on my radar, but totally did not put together that they match. Definitely stashtastic, though. Definitely.