Spin It, Knit It, Wear It

img_5515Stone House was a colorway I fell in love with right away. Three Waters Farm brought this colorway back as a special pre-order late last year to accompany the Susan Ashcroft SAL+KAL the TWF Ravelry Group was planning to host this January and February. I started spinning it late last year, obviously — you can see by the Christmas lights in the background. I had 8oz to work with and planned to knit up a Light Relief (exclusive to the TWF SAL+KAL until the end of February) so I was shooting for roughly a DK weight yarn.

img_5583It’s a weight that I struggle a bit with — fingering or sport weight is easy, worsted I can do, but I still struggle to hit that in-between DK realm.

stone-house-detThe finished skein came out, indeed, more a worsted weight at about 10wpi and with just about 500yards or a little less. I knew from the get-go I’d have to make some adjustments to accommodate the heavier, lower yardage of this yarn.

img_5656I bumped up my needle size to a US 9 after beginning on a smaller size and noting the fabric was a little to dense. The larger needle gave the fabric a little more drape and I knew would help create a slightly bigger shawl. The pattern is absolute potato chip knitting. I had this baby knitted up in less than 3days.

stone-house-foI believe it turned out smaller than the images in the pattern, but it’s still a nice size — I can easily wrap it around and wear it comfortably and it’ll fit nicely under my main winter coat. Can’t complain about that!

stone-house-fo-detThe colors in this photo are a little more true-to-life. Sheesh — I really do love this colorway!

stone-house-fo2What a fun project from start to finish & such a pretty, pretty shawl!

Askews Me, My Dears!

It all started here.

img_24355 skeins of Spun Right Round DK. Add in the encouragement of my buddies in the Friends of Knitting Sarah Ravelry Group and the brioche-along we decided we to embark on and I was casting-on an Askews Me Shawl.

img_2454Things were going very well…

img_2473I got to about here and then it started to get warm outside and our time outside picked up and the shawl was kind of warm and bulky to drag along with me. So I set it down. And it sat, boy how it sat, until well into autumn. When I finally decided to pick it back up, despite remembering otherwise I found I had taken rather shoddy notes and I wasn’t quite sure where I’d left off. I ripped it back and started over and this time carried on through until the end.

img_5300It’s really so, so pretty and was such a big squishy soft knit. And it was truly excellent to work on in November when there was a chill in the air.

I don’t have the best photos courtesy of the loads of rain and grey skies we’ve been having, but I did the best I could with what I have.

askews-me3It’s a whole lot more wild than my usual projects.

askewsme4Once in a while though, isn’t wild kind of fun?

askews-me2One side is the light pink/orange to medium blue to yellow and the other is light blue/grey to medium blue to dark blue (broken a bit with a yellow stripe). And I used the dark blue for the icord bind-off that it 100% awesome.

askews-meI’ll keep looking for an opportunity to get better photos as I know these are sub-optimal. I just couldn’t wait any longer to share as it’s better sitting here finished for at least a month.

I have to say, brioche is a different pace that non-brioche knitting, but if you give it time there is definitely a wonderful rhythm to it. I found the Askews Me pattern to be very well written, too. There are a couple increases and decreases to learn, but I was impressed in that they were very well explained and easy to execute. The resulting fabric is fantastic, too — especially when paired with the a super soft yarn such as the Spun Right Round DK. Beyond the bright colors and bold combinations, this shawl is by far the squishiest, coziest, craziest, most fun shawl I’ve ever made. Three cheers for my Askews Me Shawl , Spun just the Right way Round.

Nordic Wind + Owl

As I shared at the end of September, I had a terrific lady day with a good friend in which we attended a fun little event at Cream City Yarn. While there, I saw a beautiful shop sample of cabinfour‘s Nordic Wind in Quince & Co’s Owl. With the help of my friend, I impulsively picked out yarn for one for myself…

IMG_0873From left to right I picked: Jay, Cerulean, Papuan, and Cielo (the yarn peeking at the top will be hitting my needles shortly).

Knowing it would be a great, simple project for the holidays, I cast on just before the holiday in December…

img_1723It was about here that I was completely addicted and head over heels in love.

img_1729-3Utterly simple and wildly addictive, I flew threw this knit so much faster than I thought I would. I’ll admit that I agonized a little over where to pop in the lone brown, Papuan, and I took more than one black and white photo to assess the tone of the colors. Between the first two blues or the last two?

img_1760-1I ended up going with between the last two.

colorsI’m happy with my choice.

benchAfter blocking, it ended up being luxuriously large and in Owl’s wool/alpaca blend it is wonderfully cozy.


(Does it bother you that this shawl is a little crooked? It makes me a little crazy, but my son took the photo — it was his first time — and I was freezing, so we’re just going with it.)

I really could not love it more. It reminds me of such a great day and has all the beautiful blues I love. What’s more, I wasn’t thinking of it at the time I bought the yarn, but a couple years ago I’d knit a hat in the lightest blue, Cielo. Now I can be matchers with my old hat & new shawl — it’s a win all around!