The 1+1+1 Project: Q3 Wrap-Up & Q4 Plans

If you’ll remember, my Q2 goals for the 1+1+1 project were pretty much a bust. I did get a lot done, but I left my goals on the table. I was pretty committed to make Q3 happen though and I’m happy to share today that I did it!

Goal 1: Fun in the Tour de Fleece.

img_3992Done. And I made some fabulous yarn, too.

Goal 2: Knit up my 3 pairs of socks for the Feel Good Yarn Co Summer Sock Club.



img_4415Three! What a blast, too!

And Goal 3: Finish the 2 projects from Q2 I totally whiffed on.

Hamlin Peak…


And Swoop…


I’m going to save most of the photos for next week when I can write a bit more in depth about each project — I hope you don’t mind!

So I did it! I managed all 3 of my third quarter goals! Whew-hoo!

There really is no rest for this crafter, so it’s time to square away what’s what for the fourth quarter, right? I’m trying to take into account that it’s a busy time of year — we got lots of birthdays and holidays happening, so here goes…

Goal 1: Knit a Featherweight Cardi in my Birds in the Holly handspun yarn.

featherweightYou’ll remember I spun the 8oz in late spring and then an additional 4oz during the Tour de Fleece. It is time this yarn becomes a sweater!

Goal 2: Spin some fun yarns for my daughter’s birthday with these fun mini-batts.

delia-battsMy girl is still bonkers for her Wee Weaver and we’re going to surprise her with a Placemat Weaver for her birthday so I’ve got to get her set with her favorite color yarns, right?!

batts-openI can’t wait to spin and then see her weave with these lovely textures!

Goal 3: Try Kool-Aid dyeing.kool-aidThe only dyeing I’ve ever undertaken did not turn out great, so when I got these Kraemer Natural Skeins in the mail I knew it was time to give it another go. I’ve got three different blends and a basic plan for each. A little research and I will be on my way!

I think my goals are mostly reasonable for this time of year. I suppose we shall see! What are your goals for the last 3 months of this year?

2016: The One Plus One Plus One Project

A lot of people have asked if I’ll be hosting another KAL this year so I’ve thought about it a whole lot. There was a time when I was really psyched to set-up another epic year-long KAL because I love little more in my knitting & spinning life than to knit & spin with all of you, to share inspiration and motivation. When I looked at my schedule and commitments and then I thought about your schedules and commitments though… well, that excitement faded quickly. As a human, woman, wife, mother, I am spread thin and I’m pretty sure you are, too. In my mind, a KAL should be something that makes us feel motivated and inspired, not defeated and frustrated. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from hosting KALs, it’s that the best pace for each of us is the pace we set for ourselves.

With that in mind — for both my craft life & life in general — yesterday I started the task of getting my new planner up to speed. I’m old school with a pen & paper when it comes to my calendar and after trying it last year, I’ve come to really love using my Passion Planner.

img_1822I spent time adding in birthdays, penciling in our vacation plans for the year, and marking in already set appointments.

And then I went back to the goal setting aspects. I like that this planner addresses both short-term and long-term goals because I’m not at all a long-term planner. It really challenges me to think about an array of goals and, even more, it has really helped to me understand the concept of reasonable goals. And that’s really just it when it comes to KALs — what’s a reasonable goal?

I’m challenging you, my friends, to come up with a set of goals for yourself based on the number 3 — hence the name — The 1 + 1 + 1 Project. You can plan out 3 projects you really want to complete in 2016. Or 3 projects you want to accomplish per quarter. Or 3 projects per month. You can be as specific or as general as suits your life. Whatever pace and scale of planning is right for YOU.

Personally, I’m going to be working on accomplishing 3 projects per quarter — 2 knitting & 1 spinning.

1 – sweater, 1 – other knitted project (my choice of shawl, hat, mittens, scarf, socks, etc), 1 – skein of handspun yarn

1 + 1 + 1!

I anticipate working on more projects than this, but this will help insure that I am spreading the creativity around without spreading myself to thin. Projects will overlap with other KALs & SALs hosted by other groups throughout the year and that’s just fine.

In addition to letting us each set our own goals, my hope is that by approaching this in the mindset of 1 + 1 + 1 that the focus will be on taking it one project at a time and seeing each project as piece of the whole. Setting those reasonable goals and and accomplishing them, one step at a time.

I’ve set up a Ravelry thread for anyone interested in joining me — please feel free to share your goals & progress there as you’re guaranteed to receive tireless cheerleading, support, and even some prize drawings at the end of the year. Plus, a teensy bit of accountability never hurts either in these types of endeavors, does it?

Let’s make 2016 grand in just 3 steps, shall we?