I had a wonderful end to the week yesterday with a couple really fun classes at Firefly Fibers. Days like yesterday remind me how much I will miss teaching. I am not kidding when I say I have the best students on Earth!

When I got home from work I took the pup out for a few rounds of fetch. I discovered that while I was away, the sun & warmth — not to mention the last few days of rain — allowed a few of our perennials to bloom. I am still waiting on our irises, plum tree, & quince tree, but I do have some blooms to share with you today.

20130504-190423.jpgA tulip that is almost open. My dear pup actually nipped the only open tulip as I was walking up to it — he’s lucky he’s cute!

20130504-190414.jpgThose hyacinths I posted a week or two ago are wide open, so open they are almost waning.

20130504-190406.jpgThe forsythia is blindingly yellow.

20130504-190354.jpgAnd my favourite, the Nanking cherry bushes. I love these dainty little blossoms. I kind of wish they would stay like this all summer.

More life is waking up every day. Today I heard chimney swifts over the house for the first time — a true sign that warm weather is here. Their chittering is an unmistakable sign of spring.  I hung my hummingbird feeder & put out the bird bath. There are bees buzzing around the blossoms and the grass is growing. The only question that is up in the air… when will I need to break out the lawnmower?

Happy Spring!