Cool Spiced Cocoa

I meant to partake in the Three Waters Farm Laura Aylor SAL + KAL by way of a sweater. As April ended up being busier than expected and suddenly turned into May, however, I realized that was probably not going to happen. While yoga-ing one morning in my living room my skein of Three Waters Farm Cool Conundrums caught my eye…

super detAnd I thought, “I bet I can find a pattern to use that skein.”

Sure enough, Laura Aylor‘s Spiced Cocoa fit the bill perfectly. I was delighted to see that my yarn would actually work well with the smallest size, a size that would suit my daughter who has been continually stealing my mitts on early morning hikes. It was a win all around. I printed the pattern and took a little beauty shot…

img_2969And off I went.

The knitting was so fun and so easy that I literally finished them in just a handful of hours and I have only one WIP photo…

img_3057From when they were finished!

As you can see, these mitts have also spawned a hat, but that will be a story for another day. I started casting-on for it and my daughter begged to be able to knit it herself. So we passed the ribbing back and forth (it was a little tedious for her) and then my mom knitted on it a little over the weekend because she forgot her knitting, and my girl has been knitting on it. Three generations all added stitches, but oh, yes, that’s for another day when it’s complete.

The mitts, however, are finished and they now travel with us everywhere.

full frontKnit in my handspun and in the prettiest colorway imaginable for my little lady, I’m not sure who’s more tickled about them — me or my girl!

detail slippedI love the twist detail across the back of the hand, lending just enough texture to be unique.

wrong sideAnd the palms, already slightly worn from use are just a plain stockinette.

mitts prettyI wasn’t able to get an ‘action’ shot this time around, but I will eventually — keep an eye on Instagram for that! Suffice to say, the fit is perfect and I couldn’t be happier with the detour I took in this SAL + KAL. Had it not been for the matching hat, I’d have used the remaining yarn to make myself a matching pair. Sometimes though, a little girl needs a matching handspun hat for her handspun mitts. It’s as simple as that.

Twiglet Mitts

Over the past few months I’ve sung the praises of Martine – the creative lady behind the iMake blog & podcast – many times. I live in the middle of the United States and she lives on Guernsey, an island in the middle of the English Channel, so we’ve never met or even spoken to each other, but as co-hosts of the MerryKAL we have been in touch over the last few months many times via email. I’ve also been listening to her podcast & even left her an audio message which she shared on her show. I have been so thankful for her involvement in the MerryKAL — the space she’s provided for the KAL in her Ravelry group has been such great fun. Beyond that, the energy & enthusiasm she brings to everything she undertakes is contagious and so fun to be around. It’s hard to not walk away from one of her projects smiling & excited for whatever comes next. In fact, I find it pretty hard to move at the speed of a mere mortal afterwards. It’s a curse I happily bear!

A few weeks ago, Matine very kindly gifted me one of her patterns: her Twiglet Mitts. I did a stage four stash dive (this was pre-organization, so it was kind of a big deal) to find the perfect¬† yarn. I was looking for something kind of earthy to contrast the lace, so I settled on some Dream in Color Smooshy in the November Muse colorway.¬† I am a big fan of Dream in Color yarns — they are also a US distributor of The Herdy Company, makers of pretty much the cutest sheepy gifts on Earth (they even make a lot of their stuff in the UK — love those ‘local’ manufacturers!). Some day I totally want these.

But I digress.

Anyhoo, Smooshy & pattern in hand, I started out on my Twiglet Mitts the day before leaving on our spring break vacation to Omaha.20130325-170112.jpgThey were super fun to knit — not too hard, but not boring either. I did the bulk of their knitting in the car to and fro’ our vacation spot. By the time. I got home I had finished my beautiful mitts.

twiglets both fullI have thumbs that were made for a hitch-hiker which makes my hands rather wide — it makes me well-suited to piano playing, but I did need to add on stitches to make these mitts fit properly. Have no fear, though, Martine includes easy to follow directions for doing this. She thinks of everything.

twiglets close upI love how this yarn makes the lace a little rustic.

twiglets wristsAnd yet there’s this hint of daintiness with a slightly scalloped edge.

on handThe fit could not be better! There is a lot of hype on her Ravelry thread from those who have completed the pattern about the excellent fit of the thumb. I am here to concur that this thumb construction is the best fitting thumb I’ve worked. She really outdid herself perfecting it!

I’ll be announcing the lucky winners of the MerryKAL giveaway shortly — some of the lucky participants will be winning a copy of this pattern. Thank you again, Martine, for contributing the patterns & helping make the April giveaway — and the Merry KAL in general — awesome! For those who don’t win a copy, you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry here. You won’t be disappointed!

For details on my Twiglet Mitts, check out my Ravelry project page here.

Twinkling Stars Mitts

Twinkling Stars Mitts by Firefly Fibers

Just like the first clear, crisp night of autumn, the Twinkling Stars Mitts are made up of countless little stars. Simple stitch patterning & lengthwise ribbing not only provide style while chasing the chill away, they make these mitts easy to fit to almost any hand.

To purchase your copy of this pattern on Ravelry, click here.