Destined For My Girl

There are just some colorways that beckon to be spun for a certain someone. For me, from the moment I saw Dyeabolical‘s Rainbow Vista, I saw something for my daughter.unnamedSorry for the tiny photo — it’s the only one I can find of the braid before I spun it! In any case, it’s the one in the front on the right. Bright & cheerful, I saw a fun winter hat and ordered it on the 100% Targhee base.

When I awoke this weekend to our very first dusting of snow, I knew it was time to spin this braid.

img_5265-1I mean, how does it get any better for a cold, snowy day?

As I’m practicing for another bigger scale worsted weight spin, that’s exactly how I spun this one. Spinning sport weight is pretty much my default, so fingering or worsted are always kind of like stretching before a run — it feels good, but it’s not exactly comfortable in the first few moments. I used my control card though to be sure I’d stay on target and went for it. It was just the happiest, brightest spin. I spun the singles on and off during one day and then let them rest overnight before plying the following morning.

img_5273I was a little worried with the level of saturation in these colors that there would be some bleeding so I ran out to pick up some white vinegar (somehow I was out…) to help set the colors in the wash just in case. Nine times out of ten with the dyers I use bleeding is not a problem, but sometimes the extra precaution — whether necessary or not — is worth it for my own piece of mind. I’m happy to report there was no bleeding, no problem. And the finished skein is…

skeinPretty much spectacular.

detail-2Bright and fun and more or less 200 yards of worsted weight yarn.

rainbow-detailMy daughter’s been lobbying hard to weave with this skein. I might let her have it… or I might go ahead with my original plan. Try as I might to envision it woven, I still see a simple little knitted hat. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which way this one goes, but regardless of what it becomes unlike so many things I spin and knit that just sort of find their way to my girl, it’s pretty indisputable that this skein is and always has been destined for my girl is one form or another.

Five Days, Five Spins: Day 5

Well, this has been kind of fun, hasn’t it? Five days, five new handspun yarns. Today the new yarn was created with fiber from Dyeabolical. Not too terribly long ago I accidentally/on purpose got 3 fresh braids of fiber from the shop to try out some of the new colorways Rachel, the lady behind Dyeabolical, developed earlier in the summer. Before I dive into my spin of…

img_392766 Sunset on Fawn Shetland, I’d like to go on a tangent for just a moment to share that Rachel has also started doing a podcast under the title Knit. Dye. Read. and I started listening last week.

Normally I am not a podcast listener, mostly because I just rarely have uninterrupted time and I go bananas jumping into and out of thought processes. For those who know me well, you will recognize this as quite ironic considering how my mind works. But I digress… In any case, to put it simply, I really like Rachel’s podcast. First, she has the perfect voice for it. Seriously, I thought I’d tuned into NPR when she started talking. Second, the content is great — she has a fantastic format that includes segments that talk about her knitting, her dye biz, and what she’s reading. Her thoughts and opinions are clearly well-informed and authentic & I’ve found myself looking forward to hearing what she has to say. And lastly, her show is 20-30minutes long. This is huge for me! I never realized it before, but a big reason other podcasts have lost me is they are just too long for me to hang with them. It’s not that I have a short attention span, but to find a full quiet hour in one go can be tough in my life. Sure I could press pause and come back to it, but the fact is that I don’t. Rachel has definitely taught me that that whole 20-30 time frame is a perfect fit for me. So what I’m saying is check out her show. It’s interesting and fun and easy to squeeze into your busy day — if I can do it, so can you!

All right, tangent complete. Let’s get back to the spinning, shall we?I started these singles while on vacation in Missouri and being around family at the time, I just went with a simple 2-ply.

img_4256-1One of the things I truly love about buying from Dyeabolical is that while she does have in-stock items, most of her business is dyed-to-order. I know some don’t care to wait, but the wait is never too long and I love being able to pick & choose which colorway I’d like on which fiber. This Fawn Shetland 66 Sunset is a prime example — I could have picked from any of her 6 bases, but I had a feeling that the earthy light brown base would be lovely with this colorway.

66sunset2And I totally, 100% love the results.

66sunsetThe finished yarn is not quite as soft as if I’d picked a Targhee and it has less drape than if I’d selected the Falkland, but I love the depth of these colors. In my mind, it was such a worthy trade-off.

66sunset3The finished skein is a beautiful, earthy 440yard fingering weight skein that measures roughly 14wpi. I had no plans for it until this afternoon when I saw a knitter friend in the Friends of Knitting Sarah Ravelry group share a photo of her own Yellow Dwarf Shawl. I think it’ll be a perfect match for this skein and a fun knit, too!

Thanks for taking a little trip through new handspun with me this week. It’s probably time to start another spin now, right?!

My Week, Interrupted

I had some high hopes for this week.

With our homeschool year getting into full swing on Monday, I kept telling myself that would mean I could finally get back into a busy, but good rhythm of doing all the things I love doing — from hiking and family time to gardening to writing & reading to knitting and spinning. And then on Monday night I had a tightness high up in my chest and this weird persistent tickle in my throat. I went to sleep early hoping to sleep it off, but by Tuesday morning I was coughing and wheezing and had to work to catch my breath when I was moving around. Ugh.

I survived Tuesday and thankfully my hubby had Wednesday off of work and since I was woefully unfit to be out and about, he decided to take the kiddos to the Chicago Field Museum for a field trip and leave me with a nice long day to myself. Normally I’d make big plans to get a lot done, but instead I alternated a little spinning with a lot of laying on the couch. And thus we answered an important question: How do you know when Sarah is really sick? She’s laying on the couch, not knitting or spinning.

Alas, I did get some crafting done this week. It was slow-going to be sure, but I managed to forge ahead in my efforts to FILL ALL THE BOBBINS with singles. You see, every now and then as I’m spinning along I decide to put off plying. After finishing one braid of fiber, I spin another set of singles. And before I know it, all I have left are my plying bobbins (and no real interest in making bulky singles) and 3 very fast bobbins and — seriously — why not just fill them up, too? I left one regular bobbin open for plying purposes, but yesterday I think I finally reached the point where I’m actually going to start plying.

So what will I be plying, you might ask?

img_4256My 66 Sunset from Dyeabolical.

img_4258My Painter’s Backdrop from Three Waters Farm.

img_4257My August Top of the Month Club, Satisfied with Summer from Three Waters Farm.

img_4260Heartache from Three Waters Farm.

img_4261And my first ever Nest Fiber Studio fiber, the May 2015 fiber club colorway Agaricus that I got from a destash sale. I used my Very Fast Flyer for this one (they were the only bobbins free, after all) and I posted a short video my son shot of the flyer, well, flying. A flyer moving at 36:1 is fast. As a side note, if you watch the video carefully, you can see that the rhythm of the treadling is regular, but uneven. Hilarious to me, it’s the exact same rhythm as when I cross-country ski — whoosh-whoooooosh, whoosh-whooooosh. That’s what happens when you’ve got a bum leg, apparently — you make your own weird rhythm in all things. I’m not complaining — it works!

In any case, you put all these spins together and you get…

img_4262An awfully pretty picture. I can only hope the resulting skeins will be as lovely.

As I creep all too slowly back toward feeling back to normal, the to-do list unfortunately continues to grow. My week may have been interrupted by illness, but the lawn keeps growing, the weeds need pulling, the house needs cleaning, and so on and so on. With the backlog of chores, I’m not exactly sure how long it’ll take me to work my way through this beautiful stack of singles. I sure am ready to see some finished skeins though!

Dyeabolical Yarn + Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Please note that I edited in a very special treat — a special discount code from Dyeabolical! — about one hour after originally posting this. Don’t miss out!

One of the most popular patterns right from the get-go in the Socks with Sarah KAL was Hermione’s Everyday Socks. After reading the reviews that poured in on the Ravelry thread — everyone raving about how addictive the pattern is, how quickly they were knitting through it, and overall how enjoyable it was to knit — I decided I really needed to give it a try.

I cruised through my stash a bit and finally settled on this skein:

dyeabolical4Dyeabolical Strong Arm Skinny in the Flower Shop Inferno Colorway

While I’ve spun with Dyeabolical fibers before, this was my first time knitting with yarn from this fantastic little shop. I absolutely adore that the vast majority of my purchases from this shop are “made to order.” I pick the color & base, submit the order, and within a few weeks I have exactly what I want in my hands. No mad rushing for updates, I just take my time and order exactly what I want. Turnaround times area always very prompt and the service is super friendly. Love. This. Shop.

And as for how it worked out with the Hermione’s Everyday Socks, well, I am kind of a big fan…

feetThe colors are just phenomenal!

heels longI also really loved the new-to-me heel — a ‘slightly modified garter stitch edged eye of the partridge heel’ – it’s pretty fetching.

toesSeriously, I love these colors!

full viewOverall, beautiful socks. Just beautiful. And the pattern is very well done & easy to follow (and free, too!).

I kind of have my eye on the CMY colorway — so wild & vibrant — and Queen’s Tea which is such a nice neutral. First though, I should probably knit through what I have in my stash. They are pretty lovely, too.


Top to Bottom: Nehi To A Grasshopper on Strong Arm Skinny, Wicked City Woman on Tenacious Sock, and Velociraptor Says What on BFL HardTwist

Interesting in trying out and/or stocking up on some gorgeous Dyeabolical yarns? It’s your lucky day! Rachel, the fabulous proprietor, is offering 15% off your orders now through March 15th. Use the coupon code “SARAH” when you checkout to get your discount.  Socks with Sarah KALers and general readers alike can benefit from this sale, so go-go-get — treat yourself to some of these beautiful yarns today!

For the Ravelry project page for my Hermione’s Everyday Socks, click here.

Check out all the gorgeous yarn, fiber, and soaps from Dyeabolical here.

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