iMake Magazine Issue 3 is Live!

Just a quick note today to let you know — if you haven’t heard already — that iMake Magazine Issue 3 is live & available for purchase!

imake 3 cover

Don’t you just love that gorgeous photo? It’s by the lovely & talented Libby at Truly Myrtle.

I’m proud and honored to be a contributor with my article & accompanying photos, “Leap Into Socks.”¬† It tells the story of how learned to knit socks and gives my recommendations for how to begin your own sock knitting adventure if you haven’t already. For readers who are wondering, my photos contain goodies from Signature Needle Arts needles, Dyeabolical Yarns, Sheepish Yarn Co, Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, and West Yorkshire Spinners — feel free to contact me for specifics.

As usual, however, mine is just one of many — this issue contains very fun and incredibly informative articles inside¬† to a variety of topics from cookery to craft and much more! I highly recommend giving it a read!

You can purchase iMake Magazine in the iMake shops here on Craftsy or here on Etsy. If you missed out on issues 1 & 2, you can pick those up, too, while you’re there.


Many thanks to Martine at iMake for asking me to contribute as well as for permission to use this photo.

In Review: iMake Magazine

Martine Ellis is a rare breed. A creative dynamo with an endless stream of interests & inspiration, if you are a creative or DIY-type you really ought to be paying attention to her. I first “met” her through the MerryKAL which she generously offered to co-host with me back in January. Then I started listening to her podcast, a really top-notch program that touches on craft, cookery, the island of Guernsey where she lives, her travels, sewing, music — it is a really lovely mix of topics conveyed in such a friendly, welcoming tone that it’s hard not to love it. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was following her blog, her facebook page, her twitter, her instagram — I just couldn’t help myself. I love that Martine tries everything – you really never know what is coming next, but you can count on the fact that her energy & enthusiasm will be absolutely infectious.

A few weeks ago, she launched her latest endeavor, iMake Magazine.

imake mag coverI, of course, picked up a copy straight away. This pilot issue — like everything Martine lays her hands on — is organized neatly & professionally with a layout that matches her tone perfectly. The e-zine contains articles on cookery, local interests, craft, tech, personal stories, and finding inspiration — a really nice mix if you ask me!

The tone of each article is very distinct and it’s clear that each contributor is well-versed in his/her field & cares deeply about the subject matter on which they write. I found the articles on rare sheep breeds & foraging to be quite fascinating – both articles made me wonder about such themes in my own location on the other side of the Atlantic. ‘The Golden Toilet‘ is both amusing & informative, offering some useful suggestions for finding & nourishing an ethic of inspiration in daily life. Especially effective though was Kate Ellis’ ‘Doing My Bit‘ in which Ms. Ellis discusses her work with Doctors without Borders in such a candid, warm tone that I felt like I was sitting down to coffee with her.

What iMake Magazine does best, however, is its instruction. Its ‘how-to’ and ‘why do’ articles are second to none. From whipping up a batch of pesto to trying out Audioboo to starting a podcast to upcycling vinyl records — Martine & her crew make these segments so clear, concise, and easy to follow that readers would be fools to not take advantage of them. To enhance the excellent information provided in the magazine, in purchasing it you will also gain access to loads of helpful, useful, and neatly cataloged links, or ‘Bonus Material.’ It’s the cherry on the sundae of this wonderful publication!

The quality of this little magazine in both content & layout make it a little hard to believe that this is only Issue 1 for iMake Magazine. Issue 1 of many — at least I certainly hope so. The sheer avalanche of ideas, information, and energy in this e-zine is well with the $5 price tag. Available for download from both the iMake Etsy store & the iMake Craftsy store, the iMake Magazine is well worth your time & money. Check it out today!

imake mag


Both of my kiddos are sick with colds on this late-winter Saturday, so I decided that nothing would suit this morning better than some good old-fashioned home-made comfort food. Today’s choice: blueberry muffins.

I did a little searching on-line for a recipe that used sour cream — I love how moist it keeps baked goodies & I had some leftover from a batch of banana bread. After reading a few recipes & assessing my ingredient situation, I went with Smitten Kitchen’s Perfect Blueberry Muffins. I love Smitten Kitchen, don’t you?


So, here is the batter just after ‘folding’ in the blueberries. For whatever reason, I really stink at ‘folding’ things into batter. I almost always end up with purple blueberry muffins, but this batter is pretty thick, so it actually wasn’t as bad as normal.


Fresh out of the oven. This is where I started snapping pictures like mad because I was excited.


6 jumbo sized blueberry muffins. These were so warm I burnt my fingers putting them on the plate. They smell AMAZING.

imageOnly one word caption is necessary here: YUM.

Can’t write anything more, I have to go eat these muffins while they are still warm!

PS — Hopefully I will be back to regularly scheduled knitting updates later today or tomorrow!

A couple notes on the recipe:

  • I used the sour cream instead of plain yogurt simply because that’s what I had on-hand.
  • I also omitted the lemon zest. I absolutely love lemon zest in fresh baked goods & it would have been awesome here, but I was at home with two sick kids so running to the store for lemons was not an option.
  • I sprinkled a little sugar on top. It is awesome & I highly recommend doing it. I used regular old white sugar which worked fine, but a turbinado sugar (like Sugar in the Raw) would be better. Sadly, I am somehow out of stock here at Casa Knitting Sarah.
  • I used frozen blueberries & as instructed did not bother defrosting them.
  • I made a double batch so I’d have plenty for my kiddos & a few extra to share with Alisa the Yarnista & her hubby. My double batch yielded 12 regular sized & 6 jumbo sized muffins.