Charted (vs Uncharted) Territory at Bijou Basin Ranch

As you most likely know, I’m lucky enough to occasionally be asked to write guest blogs for Bijou Basin Ranch on and off during the past year and I’ve been reviewing yarns for them for much longer than that. This is a company that I really have come to love over the years — the yarn, the patterns, and just the company in general. You can check out my latest post on the Bijou Basin Blog right here. In it I discuss working from charts versus written instructions in patterns and why patterns which contain both options, like the highlighted sample Glenna’s Cowl by Marly Bird, are so wonderful. I even include some tips for those wanting to try charts for the first time.

This pattern looks awfully complex, but it was actually really, really fun. I thought I’d never be able to handle it during the move, but it actually turned out to be really relaxing. And the Himalayan Trail I knit it in is the absolute perfect pairing. Definitely check it out and read more about it over on the Bijou Basin Blog. And while you’re there..

Have you seen their new Yak Enamel Pins? I can’t wait to tack this little dude onto my knitting tote!

And before I sign off, I want to share a very, very heartfelt thank you to Carl at Bijou Basin Ranch for his patience in working with me on the timing of this project and post as it ended up landing right in the middle of my move. It could have easily been an added stress for me during a very busy time, but because of his flexibility it simply was not and I’m very grateful for that!