Both of my kiddos are sick with colds on this late-winter Saturday, so I decided that nothing would suit this morning better than some good old-fashioned home-made comfort food. Today’s choice: blueberry muffins.

I did a little searching on-line for a recipe that used sour cream — I love how moist it keeps baked goodies & I had some leftover from a batch of banana bread. After reading a few recipes & assessing my ingredient situation, I went with Smitten Kitchen’s Perfect Blueberry Muffins. I love Smitten Kitchen, don’t you?


So, here is the batter just after ‘folding’ in the blueberries. For whatever reason, I really stink at ‘folding’ things into batter. I almost always end up with purple blueberry muffins, but this batter is pretty thick, so it actually wasn’t as bad as normal.


Fresh out of the oven. This is where I started snapping pictures like mad because I was excited.


6 jumbo sized blueberry muffins. These were so warm I burnt my fingers putting them on the plate. They smell AMAZING.

imageOnly one word caption is necessary here: YUM.

Can’t write anything more, I have to go eat these muffins while they are still warm!

PS — Hopefully I will be back to regularly scheduled knitting updates later today or tomorrow!

A couple notes on the recipe:

  • I used the sour cream instead of plain yogurt simply because that’s what I had on-hand.
  • I also omitted the lemon zest. I absolutely love lemon zest in fresh baked goods & it would have been awesome here, but I was at home with two sick kids so running to the store for lemons was not an option.
  • I sprinkled a little sugar on top. It is awesome & I highly recommend doing it. I used regular old white sugar which worked fine, but a turbinado sugar (like Sugar in the Raw) would be better. Sadly, I am somehow out of stock here at Casa Knitting Sarah.
  • I used frozen blueberries & as instructed did not bother defrosting them.
  • I made a double batch so I’d have plenty for my kiddos & a few extra to share with Alisa the Yarnista & her hubby. My double batch yielded 12 regular sized & 6 jumbo sized muffins.