When the Spackle Dust Settles

As I type this, I’ve covered in a thin layer of the dust leftover from sanding spackle. As has been the story line here since late February, we are moving and all that that entails is mostly consuming me. I’ve been staying away from writing just because 1) I’ve just been non-stop busy/tired/asleep and 2) What I’m up to has absolutely nothing to do with fiber arts. Yesterday though a friend reminded me that these are stories, too, and that it’s ok to write them. So here I am today, covered in spackle dust, writing.

I’m pleased to share that things are moving forward on our new home. In the 48 hours we spent in our new town a couple weeks ago, we found a house and made an offer. I don’t think normal people usually pick a house this quickly and I certainly had my share of panic and worry over it, but after having the offer accepted, inspection done, and minor repairs being made, we’re really rounding the bend and hoping to close in less than a month. I couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s a house with a lot of quirky character and a few things on the to-do list, but it’s in a fantastic neighborhood with a beautiful yard and I really just can’t wait to be there. Really, can’t we just be there already?

Alas, closing on a house takes time of course. Likewise, getting a house ready for sale takes time. When I was in college, I moved all the time. Seriously, I remember one year when I think I moved 4 or 5 times and everything except my bed fit in my 2-door Saturn. Since we bought our current house though, we haven’t budged. We’ve been here for almost 13years and as many of you I’m sure understand, despite routine decluttering efforts The Stuff just kind of piles up after that long. My Stuff, His Stuff, Kid Stuff, Dog Stuff. Stuff, Stuff, Stuff. We’re taking this move as an opportunity to look at our things and decide what we really use, what we really need and only those things are coming with us. I’m re-homing and have made countless donation runs and I’ll be really honest, it feels great.

Moving really is a mixed bag though. It’s a lot of work, mixed with what feel like enormous triumphs and also its share of facepalms. I’ve been steadily spackling and sanding said spackle for what feels like a month, but really it’s been 2days. And not like 2 days straight, just a couple hours, but with some of the work above my head, you know, my arms start to get tired fast and I start to exaggerate heavily. In any case, I just started applying a nice fresh coat of paint for whatever lucky souls decide to buy our humble abode here. I’m quite happy with the progress – it’s going to look very nice when I’m done, those lucky ducks! Why didn’t I do this for us long ago?Earlier in the week, I scrubbed and dusted the basement and then I also re-caulked both the bathroom and kitchen. In hindsight, the caulking should have happened after I painted, but we weren’t sure we were going to paint until a couple days ago so it is what it is. Caulking is a new-to-me skill, but I won’t lie, I’m kind of weirdly in love with it. It’s so satisfying to get it just so. I think I was also really just very shocked with how easy it was because for the first time in my life I bought the recommended tools for the job and therefore it went smoothly. Go figure!

In the realm of facepalms, there was some drama surrounding a broken ceiling fan. At some point over the years, the kids broke the pull string on the light of their ceiling fan. Cheapskates that we are, because the fan still worked fine, we bought an inexpensive floor lamp instead of fixing the light. We figure ceiling fan with a non-working light will not be a selling feature though so I resolved to switch it out. I’d helped/watched-and-held-tools for my dad when he put the ceiling fan in a few years back and figured I could probably handle it. Well, suffice to say, it took two days, multiple trips to our local Menard’s, one very confused employee in the lighting department, and a couple of returns before I got the fixture in. All the running around was really me utilizing an excess of caution and mild paranoia, but it turns out it’s really a whole lot easier than I thought.

This light is a million times more exciting than it looks. Trust me.

So that’s my life. One big WIP after another.

I’m really a one-project-at-a-time kind of lady so having multiple things needing to be done here in the old house and needing to plan multiple aspects of the move and then trying to figure out what order to do the things that need to happen in the new house is unfortunately not always bringing out my most useful, gracious, or positive self (read: I’ve been kind of a hot mess). All I can say is that I’m trying and I’m very, very thankful my husband is patient and is incredible at this juggling act. When I’m at my most overwhelmed, he’s cool as a cucumber just planning away in good spirits, undeterred by any speed bump along the way. I don’t know how he does it, but I’m sure glad he’s on my team!

And if smoothing the rough edges on almost everything that pops up wasn’t enough, on my second trip to the local Menard’s this morning I had this exchange with Mr Knitting Sarah:

The perfect reminder that when the spackle dust settles, it’s just us. Our family — eating, playing, learning, adventuring, and growing together. And while it’s a bit of chaos right now, we’ll be right back to our simple, happy life before we know it.