Today at my wheel…

In between laundry loads & house cleaning, I snuck in a little time for spinning this afternoon.

20130511-152956.jpgI learned today that I am using the ‘short forward draw’. I don’t know proper names for much in my spinning & am working to improve on that. When I spin with this method, my left hand is active & my right mostly just supports the fiber (or in the case of this photo, the camera).

20130511-153006.jpgHow this is comfortable or comforting I have no idea — his ear moves every time I treadle! I will admit, however, that of all the things I love about my Moose, this is one of the most endearing. My ♥ melts, little spinning buddy.

20130511-153017.jpgAnd finally a progress picture. I’m just through the yellows and am starting the very end of this gradient — the bright and then deep oranges. My spinning wheel is put away for the weekend, but I hope to keep on keepin’ on next week. I can’t wait to see how the oranges spin up!