Oh, Bear


This was the last spinning I touched. It’s been a full week. You’re probably wondering, “OMG, Sarah! Are you feeling all right?!?!” The answer, quite simply is that it’s been quite a week.

About a week ago, Mr. Knitting Sarah went from being kind of sick with a cold to pretty darn sick with a cold. The worst of his cold seemed to hit Sunday night — there was a fever and a lot of restlessness which led to our Bear, tender heart that he is, spending most of the night whining. Unfortunately, Monday through Wednesday of this past week was Mr. KS’ annual work conference and it’s one where the kids and I ride along, board the dogs nearby, and spend a couple days at the indoor waterpark at the conference center where the meetings are held. It’s a wonderful treat… unless you arrive sleep deprived thanks to a puppy’s good-hearted concerns as well as pretty certain you’re going to leave sick. Then, it’s kind of exhausting.

I don’t know how, but Mr. KS went and handled his conference well (clearly he has superpowers) and the the rest of us managed to stave off the sickness until the last day and enjoy ourselves. I played some arcade games with the kiddos day one and day three, we went bowling, and ran ragged while we had the chance — sanitizing as we went, of course, to hopefully not infect the entire complex with any germs we might be carrying along. The kiddos spent one day in the waterpark while I knit.


I started a sock for Mr. KS since it was small and easy to carry around and it felt like a nice thing to do while he was busy working. Plus, he needs some new socks.

Also, I finished up my Milliken vest on the way down, doing a 3-needle bind-off with a pen because I didn’t have the third needle.


You would think with the load of stuff I packed that I’d have remembered a needle for this bind-off, but I did not. In any case, this beauty is washed and drying as I type, so there will be more on it soon!

By the time we hit the road home Wednesday afternoon, I was feeling the dreaded cold setting in. I was unwell enough that I didn’t touch my knitting at all on the drive (it was also a snowstorm because it seems we can only travel in snowstorms now). There was also this…


Bear still hates the car and awkwardly sits next to or on top of Moose a lot. It’s as heartbreaking as it is hilarious. Moose, it’s clear to see, is a very patient gent. I should mention that while Bear is riding in the car he is almost always drooling profusely so Moose emerges soaked. If they sainted dogs, Moose should be first on that list.

Yesterday, among a bunch of chores, I started a new garment project…


Lesley in this Quince & Co Osprey that’s been in my stash for a long while. I’m knitting the top-down seamless version and my goal was to get through separating the sleeves today. Let me tell you, I managed it, but it was against great odds. Thanks wholly to this guy…



Oh Bear. Bear who decided that instead of letting me get some rest last night, he would whine almost through the entire night, waking me about every 30minutes to an hour. Normally, he sleeps from bedtime to 6am with no problem. I’d have gladly slept through it if I could have, but mom hearing being what it is, I woke up for every whimper. Since he did it when Mr. KS was at his sickest as well, I wonder if it was that? Some sort of intuition? Some sort of attempt to help. I have no idea. Let’s pretend that’s it because it’s at least endearing.

Suffice to say, I awoke exhausted and much worse for the wear today, but after a brief nap this morning, I did manage to get through separating the sleeves off of my Lesley.


And Bear, well, he thinks it’s his job to find me where ever I am and whatever I’m doing, check in with me, and play with me. Or share his treats with me. And I’m going to tell myself it’s because he’s a baby and if he was sad or didn’t feel good, he’d want me to find him and play with him. Or share my treats with him. Oh, Bear.


Now maybe tonight he can let me sleep so I have the energy to get back to spinning (and shovel the 5-8″ of snow we’re supposed to get tonight) tomorrow. Oh, Bear.


17 thoughts on “Oh, Bear”

  1. Sometimes when dogs drool it is either because they are nervous or because they are nauseous. Could it be that sweet Beat is carsick?

    1. It is! It absolutely is. We are hoping he will grow out of it (one of our dogs in the past did), but if not we have already mentioned it to the vet. W heave other options, just trying to give it all time as he’s still a pup.

  2. OH, that sweet Bear face! Any amount of sleepless nights are forborne to love that sweet face, right? I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. Are you better today? Have the kids stayed well? LOVE the sweater – I’m always amazed at how quickly you get done once you’re going! Hang in there and many hugs! OH, and super scritches to St. Moose!

    1. My girl’s been sick as well and our son seems to be teetering on the edge, but so far he’s ok. I’m touch and go and Mr. KS was just diagnosed with pneumonia, so he’s on medication now. Fingers crossed I don’t get that bad!

      1. OMG, poor Mr. TKS! That’s probably a result of not getting meds and rest right away. Use this example and get meds for yourself NOW! I know, I preach, but I love you!

      2. I’m keeping tabs on me and my girl. I think we’ve both turned a corner on it, so I’m holding off the doctor visit. πŸ™‚ I promise to not wait too long though!

  3. I’m not sure what to comment on first. πŸ™‚ Moose always looks so huge in the photos but now he looks like a small puppy when Bear is next to him. Bear is so precious but gosh – he’s going to be Huge! Our foxhound always fretted over the kids being sick. She didn’t seem to worry to much about Mike & I, but the kids… she wouldn’t leave their side until their fevers and sniffles had disappeared. Glad you are starting to feel better and hope the kids stay well.

  4. Hope you and your family are feeling better. Bear sounds like he is a dear, sensitive soul who is very attuned to what’s going on around him. He needs lots of love, hugs, and kisses. Moose seems to be the perfect companion for him: calm, kind, and easy going. The sweater is looking great.

    1. They are good buddies. We laugh because the two dogs’ personalities mirror our kids in a lot of ways — one always wants to do right and is very easy going and rule following and the other likes to always put that toe over the line, be adventurous, and have selective hearing. XD

  5. Oh, gosh! I hope you all are better soon. Because that Bear needs to go out and play!

    He is getting so big! Moose is very patient and sweet!

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