The Polar Vortex and Me

It’s been big news all week — the Polar Vortex. Schools and businesses across my fair state of Wisconsin closed and the governor even declared a state of emergency for a day this week due to the extreme cold. You know when Wisconsin says the cold is an emergency, it must be bad!

At our humble abode in north central Wisconsin, I think our lowest recorded air temp was -31F and — as if to add insult to injury — during the cold we had some decent wind as well forcing the wind chill to register at it’s coldest -52F. It was cold enough that Mr. Knitting Sarah — whose motto is “there is no bad weather, just bad clothing choices” — even stayed home. I don’t think that in the almost 20 years I’ve known him that’s ever happened.

I left the house Monday for a lunch, but from that time until yesterday afternoon I didn’t leave the house except to scamper around the back yard with the puppy. As part Newfoundland, part Shepherd, part Great Pyrenees, Bear doesn’t mind the cold (as illustrated on this GIF from the trail last weekend).


In fact, I don’t know that there’s much on this Earth that he’s discovered in his 13 weeks on Earth that he loves more.



In fact, we wonder if he may in fact be part wolverine (not really, but he sure does move like one!).


So even when it’s -20F outside, he still requires short jaunts around the yard. Moose is having no part of those shenanigans (proof of his ‘older & wiser’ status, clearly), so the job falls to me. There are worse things in life than playing with a puppy, even in subzero temperatures. Thankfully, our family has no shortage of cold weather gear.


Of course, being (mostly) captive indoors doesn’t really bother the fiber artist in me. I worked on the sleeves for my Weekender sweater. I got all the way to the ribbing on sleeve #1. And then I tore it all out.


My gauge was just a smidge off and when you are decreasing based on rounds, not measurements, of course, gauge being a smidge off throws the whole thing off. So rather than do a bunch of fudging mid-sleeve, I ripped it out, took the time to do the math, and now I’m back to within 5″ of being done. This kind of set-back is a little irritating, but I’d rather have the sleeves done well than doing the mid-sleeve mega fudging, so I don’t second guess or feel bad going back. Thankfully I did take good notes for sleeve #1, so I’ll be able to replicate sleeve #2 without any problem.

I’ve also been spinning away. I finished singles for my  Nest Fiber Studio ‘Hayride’ colorway.


I fell in love with this colorway and got it from a friend willing to destash it to me. I’m excited to be working on it.

Part way through I started having some issues with my Schacht Reeves — the back maiden wasn’t holding its position and was causing pressure on the drive wheel to the extent that the screws that hold it in place were coming loose. I could still spin, but it was clearly not right and I didn’t want to cause further problems with the wheel. I emailed Mielke’s Fiber Arts where I purchased the wheel and they got back in touch with me in less than an hour. Within 24 hours we had an action plan with Schacht who will be replacing the piece at no cost as it’s still under warranty. The only bad part is I need to send the part in so they can be sure they get me a part that properly matches my wheel. “Bad” only because it means I’ll be without this wheel for an estimated 2 weeks. I was pretty bummed (and still sort of am!) to be without my “big wheel” because it’s my main wheel for spinning singles, but as Mr. KS pointed out, I have 2 other wheels and a whole bunch of spindles. I will manage (somehow).

And manage I am! I’ve been spinning away on my Jensen Tina 2!

This is Summer Palette from Three Waters Farm. I may have gone to my stash and grabbed anything with the word “Summer,” “Hot,” or ” “Heat” in the name Tuesday evening as the hinges on our door froze to the point I used a blow dryer to defrost them. Next up is “Roasted Gold” — again with the nod to all things warm, even as temps are above zero today for the first time in a week.

For those who may be missing stories of my dear Moose, I assure you he continues to be spoiled and loved…


And to instruct me in the fine art of the nap. Undoubtedly he is occasionally bummed he has to share me with his attention grabbing little brother and when he goes back inside alone because his feet are sore while I continue to chase Bear around the yard, but I make sure he gets lots of attention and love. He is and always will be my spirit animal, after all.

I hope you all have stayed warm and busy this week, too!


(gratuitous cute puppy picture)

13 thoughts on “The Polar Vortex and Me”

  1. Every time I see pictures of your dear Moose, I pine a little bit, having lost our Chocolate lab in 2017 to cancer. He is a gorgeous dog! Of course I love seeing pictures of Bear too, he is such a cutie, and so fluffy! But there is just *something* really special about chocolate labs! Thank you for including pics of him. 🙂

    Glad you all are surviving the polar vortex. Here in Seattle, it’s been in the 50s, and I’m afraid we may not get any snow this year, MUCH to my dismay. I’m a little envious of the Midwest right now (thought I definitely do not like the cold, I’m more like Moose in this regard.)

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Moose will always be my spirit animal.

      I’m guessing since it took me a bit to get back to you you may be retracting this “no snow in Seattle this year” comment. XD

  2. Defrost the door hinges? OMG!

    Glad you have the gear for that weather!

    Spinning looks great! I love that hayride colorway, it looks like summer. 😊

    I am sure Tina will love the attention while her big sister is sick in bed. Hope the part comes soon.

  3. Loved seeing Bear grow, and I loved that short video of him running! Nothing better than spinning and knitting when it’s cold out. But cold is a relative term and I’ve found that to be especially true living in Texas. If it drops into the 30s there is a run on groceries that clear the shelves!

  4. no such weather in my part of the UK. it would seem the whole country is locked in by snow but Nottinghamshire remains completely unaffected. i hope it passes soon for you.

  5. Sweetest faces EVER! Our elder statesman, 14-year-old Rommey (an my spirit animal too), feels Moose’s pain and sends his sympathies. Every key stroke these days has a baby kitty helping, I’m constantly reminded of Mr. TKS’s comment about what a short time we have with them as babies, and I’m taking it to heart – even as I type one-handed!

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