The Adventures of Moose & Bear

It’s been a flurry of activity, even more than normal around the Knitting Sarah homestead over the past week. We had a visit from some very special out-of-town friends over the weekend which was extraordinary and wonderful — I’ll get to that recap soon. Today though, I have a different, yet also very special story to share.


While scrolling through social media, Mr. Knitting Sarah showed me a picture. One of his co-workers has a small family farm that primarily raises pigs. They had bred their farm dogs — who work their pastures, helping protect their animals from the area wildlife — and had puppies for sale.

We’ve been flirting with the idea of a second dog for a while now and have been watching rescue and shelter ads online for the right fit. Since we have a great family dynamic with Moose and the kids, the fit was our primary concern. We would happily remain a one dog house, but we felt that both Moose and kids were at the perfect age to welcome a new addition. So we waited and we watched. And months passed. We popped into local shelters from time to time. Nothing really felt right though.

We came to adopt Moose when one of Mr. KS’s co-workers had a sister who had a small farm and had bred her beloved lab to keep her line alive. Moose had been held for a family member who then decided against taking on another dog. We felt great supporting the small farm and I’ll never forget the day he waddled out to meet us, all paws and fat belly and ears. He was and is, truly, the perfect dog for us.

Monday night, though, the picture Mr. KS showed me of a little black pup with white mittens, well, it stopped both of us. Something about this pup’s calm eyes and focus on the camera said, “I’m chill. I’d fit right in with you.” The whole similar situation of a family farm, beloved pets, etc, echoed our good experience with Moose. Mr. KS messaged his co-worker asking all the relevant info and set up a time to go meet the little guy.

At work yesterday, Mr. KS got a little more info on the pup from the owner and we became pretty optimistic that he was going to be the right fit for us. We also learned that he was ready to go home right away, so my day quickly turned into getting ready for a 7 week old puppy. Getting his food, a collar, some flea treatment (since he’d been living in the barn), a couple bones to chew on, and a vet appointment set up for him while also getting through our school day and then setting the kids loose to clean the crate up (which we have from Moose, but haven’t used in years) and do some beginning puppy-proofing. My girl, who has been asking for a puppy for at least 2 years, vacillated all day between excited chatter and tears of joy. By the time Mr. KS got home from work, my introverted self was exhausted!

And so the time came to meet the pup. I was all nerves, of course, because that is me. First we met the pup’s mama, a Newfoundland/German Shepherd mix and just about the friendliest, sweetest dog you can imagine. She actually reminded me a fair bit of Moose’s mama. And from the pasture, the pup’s dad, a Great Pyrenees gave a couple hearty woofs. We went into the barn, mama leading the way to her pups. And they we came to stall FULL OF PUPPIES. This is about the time when my heart and head exploded.

We watched the whole litter and the one we’d picked was definitely one of the most mellow, relaxed, easy-going personalities. He liked saying hi to his mama, didn’t mind being picked up, and mostly just looked ready for a nap. Yep. This was definitely our dog.

We carried him out to the car and mama followed along. We gave them a minute to say good-bye and we thanked her and promised to take good care of him. The two times I’ve been a part of this transition, it always strikes me as a kind of a heart-breaking moment. Mama dog is so stoic & pup never quite knows what’s happening, but both times I’ve felt a connection and understanding with the Mama.

He rode on my lap for the 20minute ride home. He cried a little, but mostly he just drooled excessively so that my sleeve was soaked. And then he threw up. Seeing as though this guy is 7 weeks old, just left the only home he’s known without his mama, and was with strangers in a car (which is also probably a first!), I’m not going to blame the little guy. I’m exhausted and stressed out just thinking about it!

Nevertheless, we made it home and he met Moose in the driveway. Tails wagged and, having made the acquaintance, Bear laid down in the middle of the driveway, exhausted. We carried him inside — to go up stairs is still a bit of a puzzle — and Moose gave him another sniff test…


He looked around a bit…


And then he basically lost all energy and kind of just went flat.


He did eventually make it close to the dog bed…


It seemed a little too much for him to try to get his giant paws up onto the bed, but eventually he flopped over.


Aside from a few minutes of crying when he went into his crate, he didn’t make a peep all night. I finally went in and retrieved him at 5:30 this morning.  I was not expecting that!

This morning — as will be most days for a good long while — was all about playing and eating and training and house training. It’s kind of exhausting.


He had another car ride to the vet where he got a clean bill of health, his first vaccines…


And another nap.

For all that he’s been through in the last 24 hours, he’s done great though. And, under the guidance of his big brother Moose, he’s definitely going to be an asset supervising Knitting Sarah headquarters.


And there is no doubt he’ll be providing many more stories for y’all to read. Stay tuned, The Adventures of Moose & Bear will soon start rolling in!


33 thoughts on “The Adventures of Moose & Bear”

  1. He looks and sounds just precious–Merry Christmas to Moose and Bear and all the KnittingSarah family!

  2. Car sickness in puppies is quite common! Our rescue says to expect it, and keep giving them lots of car rides so they get acclimated to it. Our 13 month old still drools a lot in the car (she’s in the car at least 4 times a week) but mostly doesn’t upchuck unless it’s over an hour ride. So, I thought I’d better pass on that bit of info-acclimate him to the car-because I know you guys do lots of car trips for adventures. Good luck and have fun and congrats. In my opinion, Bear won the new home lotto!

    1. Thank you so much for this! I am pretty sure when we picked him up it was his first car ride, so I was definitely planning to just give it time and keep at it. So yes! My plan is at least one car trip a day for him, starting small and working up to longer. I’m finding having Moose around to set an example is very helpful and comforting for the little guy (it’s the only way we managed to get him to walk on a leash today!), so I will be sure to bring him along for moral support for the little dude! ❤

  3. Just gotta share “I’m jumping for joy” with your new family member.

    Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas.

    please keep updating

  4. So sweet!! Cant wait to see more of the Adventures of Moose and Bear. 🙂

    My now 4 year old Golden retriever thew up on me on his first car ride home too. I guess it’s a puppy rite of passage.

  5. OMG, there is nothing cuter in life than a baby puppy or kitty. This little guy is SO precious! I’m so happy for y’all and even moreso, for him, to have found such a loving family. I’m delighted that Moose has a little one to show around and that Bear has the best big brother EVER. WHAT.A.CUTIE!!! God help you if he grows into those feet, though! 😂

    1. We are expecting him to be 100-125lbs (that is mom and dad’s sizes respectively). He definitely has the right personality to fit our family – lots of playful enthusiasm and otherwise happy to just chill. He figured out how to play with Moose today. Moose is *so* good with him. Gentle, but doesn’t wear kid gloves either. And the little guy watches Moose and follows him like a little shadow. Just wow!

  6. Awww! He’s so cute! (and he’s going to be one big dog ☺️).
    Our 15 year old recently saw a newfie at one of my husband’s clients and now wants one. If it weren’t for the fact that we are looking at moving in the next few months, I’d be very tempted to go take a look at the rest of those puppies 😉.
    A very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, too! Everyone keeps telling me what a great mix he is temperament-wise. We’ve always had big dogs, but he’s definitely poised to be our biggest. I’m thankful we got him so early and that we’ll have the benefit of that tight bond as we train him!

  7. Bear is Adorable! and already looks huge for a 7 week puppy. Good luck! 🙂 The photo of him sleeping beside his bed brought back memories. That’s exactly how our Great Pyrenees always slept. He used it as a back rest/pillow but never as a bed.

    1. He is a character all right! He is about 15lbs, but his feel and fluff are all HUGE. 🙂 He tends to roll around a lot as he sleeps and eventually rolls off his bed. XD

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