Early Christmas Gifts, Trail Cam Discoveries, And Some Knitting & Spinning, Too!

I hope each of you celebrating Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday and got to spend some quality time with friends and family. Since Mr. TKS works on almost all the holidays, we are generally hosting my parents and a few others and this year was no different. I’m not much of a cook so I have always been a little terrified of the big holiday meals, but after taking the reins since our move I’m now to the point that I kind of enjoy the cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still got a long way to go until I can start bragging about my holiday meals, but I’m no longer just overwhelmed by the prospect. I find that getting more familiar with some of the recipes to the point that I don’t mind incorporating some news things has lightened the stress level quite a bit and made it much more fun.

Alas, part of my learning curve — because the learning curve is ever-present — this year was a reminder not to use a mandoline while trying to have a conversation.


Yes, I managed to slice a bit of my thumb off. It bled an alarming amount which is the main reason for the giant bandage. In reality the cut was pretty small and while I opted to take that night off of knitting and spinning, I was back at it the next day.

In fact, I grabbed a new pack of fiber to test out the ol’ liquid bandage remedy.


What a pretty way to recover! This is Vivid Choosing on Falkland from Three Waters Farm and it’s sheer delight. I’ve got just one small nest left to spin of it, so clearly I’ve been flying! After the long sweater spin, it was fun to just spin to spin.

Speaking of the sweater, I finished!


My Tecumseh sweater is done and drying! I bound-off the final sleeve Sunday night and put it in the bath straight away. I’m not sure yet if I’ll need to lengthen the sleeves, so I left whatever ends I’d yet to weave in as is just in case I do want to add on some length. The sleeve length was close, so I’m guessing the relaxation brought about from the bath will do the trick. Usually I just knit them longer and roll the sleeves, but I thought I’d try something a little different this time. We’ll see how it looks in a few days — with the colorwork the drying is going to take some time!

Beyond these two projects, I’ve been working on my sock blank socks a bit, wrapping gifts, and — oh yes! —  I must not forget, I got an early Christmas gift! I went to run the dishwasher after dinner on Saturday night and apparently it have given up the ghost. We tried some troubleshooting, but it’s quite old and it was just fried. So in one of the world’s most exciting (is there sarcasm there, I’m not sure…) surprise joint Christmas gifts, Mr. Knitting Sarah and I treated ourselves to a new dishwasher! Try to control your enthusiasm!!!

I grew up in a house where we had no dishwasher so for 18 years I was a designated dish dryer while my sister washed. Maybe it wasn’t all 18 years because once I had a job and other obligations in high school I don’t think my parents expected much dishwashing out of me… but you get the idea. In any case, I don’t take it for granted and I fully recognize the dishwasher as a “want” not a “need” when it really comes down to it. While I may be a little sarcastic about my excitement for my Christmas gift, I am indeed very thankful for it. Perhaps the most exciting part, however, is that my dishwasher will no longer be called the “Quiet Partner” — I don’t know why, but that name has always been weirdly disconcerting to me. The new one will have a “name” that’s a bunch of numbers and letters — I’m much less creeped out by that!

And in one final bit of news from the Knitting Sarah homestead, I checked our trails cameras today after almost a week of not touching them and in between a zillion pictures of squirrels and deer, look at what I found!


At first I thought it was our friend the Red Fox, but my friend asked a furbearer biologist she knows and was told it’s actually a Grey Fox. The good news is it’s a fox in the yard again (because YAY!), but the bad news is that Grey Foxes and Red Foxes don’t generally share territory, so as long as this guy is around, we aren’t likely to see our friend the Red Fox.

And that, my friends, is the latest from Knitting Sarah HQ. I hope your holiday was grand and that you are all recovering, enjoying leftovers, and maybe relaxing with some knitting & spinning, too!

12 thoughts on “Early Christmas Gifts, Trail Cam Discoveries, And Some Knitting & Spinning, Too!”

  1. Glad the thumb healed so quickly! And so happy that you finished the sweater so fast. It’s gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! The new spinning is lovely, and the fox is exciting! A good holiday indeed… except the surprise gift…

  2. I fully expect a modelled Tecumseh when it’s dry! OMG, it’s so gorgeous, and I’m so excited for you to finish. Sorry that the dishwasher turned into Merry Christmas, although, our Merry Christmas is new hearing aids for hubby, so I think you got the better deal there! I did splurge on 2 skeins of qiviut that were Cyber Monday on sale 20% off, so I got a little Christmas for me in there! 😁 I hate that you messed up your thumb, and just when you were gaining cooking confidence. DARN! What did you make? The little piece of your thumb probably made it extra sweet! 😉 OH, and love the fox sighting. I’m still pulling for Red to return.

    1. Stay tuned! I have cut my head out of the photos because it’s been a long week and I’m too tired to look more presentable, but barring disaster, it’ll be up later today!

      I was actually just slicing an onion for a fresh salad with the mandoline when I tagged my thumb. The piece of my thumb was still attached to my person (thank god!) — no extra seasoning!

      1. OUCH! I did the same thing 3 days ago cutting tomatoes. Hard to knit with a bandaid and a sore thumb. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! It would be even harder if you cut your head off, so I’m glad you’re just cutting it out of the pictures. 😂

  3. Oh! sorry about your thumb. Glad it is healing ok Your sweater is gorgeous! We have foxes our neighborhood and often hear them “barking” at night sort of an eerie sound….

  4. You really have wizzed that jumper out! Can’t wait to see it and the colours in their full glory, it really is beautiful. Your Thanksgiving sounds fun and lovely to see a grey fox. Hope the thumb is ok and enjoy your new dishwasher😉

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