Box Ticking

I’m definitely someone who is driven by ticking items off of a list. Nothing motivates me more than seeing progress unfold. This means that it I make a list and I keep said list on-hand, I’m generally guaranteed to get things done. The more way points I have to check off, the better I function. First you do this, check. Then you do this, check. And finally you do this, check. It is music to my ears.

It should come as no surprise then that when you add evenly spaced colorwork to a sweater project that it will translate to mild obsession for me. First I will work the neck short rows, check. Then I will work the first yellow colorwork section, check. Next I will complete the first blue colorwork section, check. And so on and so forth. This has turned out to be my Tecumseh handspun sweater knit and I am just all in on it.

This is where I was one week ago…


And this is where I am today…


The next complete round will send me into the final repeat of the blue colorwork on the body of this sweater. If I’m estimating correctly that’ll put me somewhere between 2-4″ from the bottom ribbing. Not too shabby for a week of knitting!

Also on the good news front…


My Stylish Hermit project bag still has plenty of yarn in it for the rest of the sweater, I think. My gauge has been pretty consistent throughout this knit and I’m not yet halfway through my main color skeins, so I am hopeful that my yardage will hold up and it’s all going to work out just fine. I don’t know why, but with handspun projects it’s around this point that I start to freak out a little about running out of yarn. I’m relieved that not only is the main color looking promising, but the contrast colors are right where I expected them to be. I’ve been knitting with slightly more generous than I think I need floats on the back of the colorwork because I decided I’d rather risk have slightly larger gauge on those stitches or too much yarn on the wrong side than have the colorwork choking the fabric at all. So far, not only do I have enough yarn, but it’s looking pretty good. I intend to give it a good solid blocking when it’s all done and I feel fairly confident that it’ll turn out pretty darn close to exactly how I want it.

I had been a little unsure about how I’d use the contrast colors because the yellow was a very high contrast to the grey and the blue, not so much. At this point, I’m really not concerned any more…img_4450

There’s some glare on this image, but suffice to say, I just really adore this whole combination. It’s just like I dreamed it would be.

I’d love to keep writing about it here, but honestly, let’s be real, I have an obsession to get back to… I mean a sweater to get back to knitting. I did, after all, just finish the last yellow colorwork section on the body, check. So I know I now need to get on finishing up the last blue colorwork section on the body. And then the last few inches of the main color. And finally, the ribbing. So many boxes to tick, I’d better get to it!


7 thoughts on “Box Ticking”

  1. You are too cute and too funny! I love the sweater and totally appreciate the obsession! Now, stop reading this comment and go knit another row. 😁

  2. Lists can be good and help focus. I must write myself a new list – and top of mine will be to ‘read the list every day’. ! Love the project on your needles – the yellow is a sunny one, it gives a cheerful pop the the whole thing. Nice job so far!

  3. I also love checking off lists , and doing patterns that have such clear sections for the same reason. Love the way this is looking – and I think that you chose the right color for the different sections. Imagine if you switched the blue and yellow? Too much yellow! Not enough blue! So, have you finished the body yet? 🙂

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