A ‘Stylish’ Option

In my last post I shared that I was ready to start my handspun sweater! One more indulgent look at the handspun? Yes, please!img_4396

Of course, as is old news by this point, I’ve been spinning this yarn to create my own handspun Tecumseh SweaterAs it snowed and rained and sleeted Sunday morning I finally buckled down and got it all wound and then I got to knitting another swatch.

You may remember I swatched earlier with the first skein of Sunshiney Day when I was making sure I was close on the weight of the yarn. So why do another swatch, right?! Well, it’s simple. I wanted to do another swatch with the main color to double check where the remainder of the skeins were with regards to weight. I’d aimed a bit lighter after the initial skein and I was hoping that despite doing the math to accommodate the heavier yarn, maybe I’d lightened up the yarn just enough to be able to use the pattern without my calculations. Sure enough, a quick swatch with just one needle change got me right on the listed gauge and with a fabric that with which I’m quite pleased. Perfect! 

Having set my swatch aside, Mr. Knitting Sarah finished up some work and we dashed out for a quick drive through the rain and sleet and snow to see what we could see. We didn’t see much of anything because — let’s face it — not much wildlife likes to be out in that kind of weather, but what we did see was pretty fantastic…


We saw 3 Whooping Cranes. As Mr. KS — who took this photo said — it’s always a special day to find one, let alone three, in the wild considering that at one point they numbered just over 20 living birds in the world. Now, while they are still listed an endangered, there are 757 living Whooping Cranes. This was by far the closest I’ve seen them in the wild. We spent a good long time just watching them rooting around in the fields for food, looking mostly undisturbed by the unpleasant weather. They are always such a regal, magical sight.

After this sighting, we turned and headed for home as the temperature fluctuations were wreaking havoc with our tire pressure sensors and — being in the middle of nowhere — we did not feel like getting stuck with a tire issue in 30 degree rain and sleet. We got back to town, dealt with the tires, and headed home for a warm cup of coffee.

It was then that I grabbed my freshly wound handspun so I could cast-on (for real!) my handspun Tecumseh sweater. Now I did wind all 11 skeins of yarn and needed a place to keep all the yarn, of course. Thankfully I’d just gotten my brand new Stylish Hermit Project Bag in the mail at the end of last week!img_4411

This fabulous bag comfortably fits all 11 skeins plus my project on the needles!


I absolutely adore the size, first and foremost. Big enough for a sweater project, but thanks to its deep V design, you can easily tie it down to smartly accommodate a much smaller project, too. The luxurious linen folds down very neatly as well to create an open basket feel for knitting in action.

Having dabbled in sewing myself, I find the seams a really elegant way to present a no-catch project bag…img_4414-1

They are as beautiful as they are practical.


Thanks to this bag, but sweater is ready to travel anywhere! In addition to knitting projects, this bag will also be perfect for holding prepped fiber for spinning projects. I may need to pick up more!

Stylish Hermit bags are currently available in two autumnal hues — Moss Green and Bordeaux Red —  through Three Waters Farm.


The designer-seamstress behind these lovely project bags is none other than Mary Ann & Stephen’s daughter, Liliana Pagano. Liliana has a BFA in Costume Technology and these project bags are her most recent collaboration with Mary Ann. Combining the talents of these two talented women, it’s no wonder these project bags are so wonderful! I for one can’t wait to see what they dream up next!

In the mean time, I suppose I’ll keep knitting on my Tecumseh Sweater. It might be a drag to tote around such a large WIP, but thankfully I have a ‘stylish’ option. It makes all the difference — there’s definitely no better way to carry around a sweater knit in the making!




6 thoughts on “A ‘Stylish’ Option”

  1. That gray and yellow is looking really stunning. I can’t wait to see how this turns out, I know it will be a beauty.

  2. OH BOY! You’ve started! YEAAAAAA! The colors are looking beautiful together. I also love the bag – I saw it this week in an email and have been really trying to talk myself out of it. Now you’ve made me want one all over again!

    1. I’m almost separating the body from the sleeves… I might be addicted to this one!

      And the bag is pretty amazeballs. I love the size and the fabric is gorgeous!

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