Ready, Set, Knit!

Oh, this feels like it’s been a long time coming, this latest handspun sweater project. The idea started somewhere in August when the Three Waters Farm Handspun Sweater-along began and I hemmed and hawed a bit getting started on it because it felt, well, honestly, it felt  d a u n t i n g.

I spun one skein early to get a feel for the right weight…


And then I did a little light swatching…


To make sure I was on a good track. And then I waited for Spinzilla.

Spinzilla, I knew, would be a good combination of motivation and time to push through a good portion of this spin.


And it really did do the trick. I managed to spin through 20 of the 44oz I was planning to spin for this project (hopefully way more than I need) during the week of Spinzilla. Adding in the original test skein, that put me over the halfway mark. As you might guess, that was a mental hurdle that I was happy to clear!

Rather than take a break from the tonal grey, I spun on through the remaining 8oz of grey and then alternated — blue, yellow, blue for the finish. Singles spun first in one long run, gathering full bobbins in a basket and then one nice long final plying extravaganza. And then straight into the bath for a wash and set!

And today, today everything is dry. All my sweater yarn is ready to go. I just have to wind it!


Although I kind of just want to stare at it for a while because I just love the color combination.


I have to admit that I still have worries. I stare at the beautiful pile of yarn and all I can think is… “OMG, what if I don’t have enough after all that?!” and “Are those colors really going to look OK together?!” You know, just a little mild panic.

Thankfully, now that I’m done taking pictures like this…


In order to record this sweater spinning feat for posterity, I can just get it wound and get knitting. I will know the answers to my questions soon enough!



13 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Knit!

  1. Gosh, it’s beautiful. Your sweater is going to be stunning! HURRY!!! I know, I should say slow down and enjoy the knit, and you will, but I just want to see it!

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