Not That I’m Getting Ahead Of Myself…

Yesterday, Mr. Knitting Sarah and I had made plans to go out bird-watching with a friend. As we always do, when making the plans we both checked the weather and found it was predicted to cold — in the mid-30s — and cloudy. Chilly, but not bad when you are armed with hot coffee in the car.

We awoke early Sunday to make said coffee and I went to put a little bird food in the feeders for the day before we left and I could swear it felt like maybe it was raining. But it couldn’t be. I had checked the weather. I chalked it up to me being crazy and imagining things, you know, as one does with rain so often — lol! When we’d finally packed up and headed out, we didn’t get more than a couple blocks from the house when it started to rain in earnest. Rain turned to sleet which turned to snow that didn’t stick to the ground which turned to snow that did stick to the ground…


We got less than an inch total, but it coated everything in a beautiful white glow this morning…


Set off by the truest of blue skies that you get when you have weather like this. The bird watching expedition may have been pretty quiet thanks to this unexpected (at least for us!) weather, but I think it was worth it for the beautiful outcome. And what does snow bring out in the knitter and spinner in all of us, but knitting and spinning, of course!

I’ve been almost singular in my pursuit of the end of my Tecumseh sweater spin. I started with 44oz to spin well beyond plenty yardage for this oversized sweater and I’ve got just about 7oz left of singles to spin and then ply. In the grand scheme of things, I’m so close and oh can I feel it! To keep myself motivated, I’m now spinning both of the contrast colors — one on my Schacht Reeves & one of my Jensen Tina 2.

Sunshiney Day on my Schacht Reeves…


And Iron Blue on my Jensen Tina 2…


The singles for the remaining Grey I have for the main color are finished and waiting to be plied…


This has become my plying basket as I intend to finish all the singles that remain and then ply and finish everything all in one go. All these fibers are spun from Three Waters Farm colorways on the 80/20 Merino + Tussah Silk base. It is safe to say that I am beyond pleased with myself on the progress of this project!

It wouldn’t be me, however, if this was all I had in the works. I’ve also been slowly but surely plugging away at my AndreSue Sock Blank socks…


I’ve got about an inch left to go before I hit the toe decreases on sock #1 here.

There you have it, my nearly single minded pursuit of all things handspun sweater. And if you didn’t think I was crazy enough for my handspun sweater obsession, I want you to envision Andrea Mowry’s Nurtured, in this….


I may have the fiber sitting here ready to go for it… Not that I’m getting ahead of myself or anything.

11 thoughts on “Not That I’m Getting Ahead Of Myself…”

  1. Lol, I love that our brains are so alike… almost done spinning for a sweater still to be knit and you are eyeing the next sweater spin. 👍😉 i think that yarn will be amazing in that pattern. After you knit Tecumsah, which I am patiently waiting to see in those amazing colors!

    And snow. Ugh. Pretty for sure. Too soon, also for sure. My new rule is no snow while there are leaves on the trees. 🙄

    1. Yesterday leaves were dropping out of the trees like mad! But, it was kind of a surprise. Yes, yes, I need to get going on winding yarn, but this week my volunteer gig for the holiday season is ramping up a bit, so I’ve got some extra things on the ‘ol agenda.

      1. Ah, yes, organizing volunteers, right? That takes a lot of time and organizing. But yarn will wait!

        We had high winds today, so some of the colored leaves have fallen, but the oaks are still green and hanging in there.

  2. You’re almost there! And I’m with AJ – every knitter/spinner I know is ALWAYS thinking 42 (or maybe that’s just me) projects ahead! Both will be beautiful. AND btw, it’s been forever since I’ve seen a sock post from – what kind of Sock Queen ARE you?! 😂 I love the sock – for you?

    1. LOL! Right?! “Knitting Sarah” has been doing next to no knitting lately! The horror!

      Yes, for me! And I’m actually going to make them 2 slightly different lengths this time to suit my weird feet!

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