Two WIPs, A Future WIP, And A Few Random Thoughts & Happenings

First of all, I want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who took the time to share words of encouragement after my last post. I’m sorry the message felt more dire than the reality to some — that was not my intention, of course! As most of you know, I write from the heart and believe in being frank, so I felt like letting y’all into my head a bit to see the doubt and joy and passion that are all rolled into what comes out here on the blog. I assure you, even on the occasions that Mr. Knitting Sarah & I have talked about the possibility of closing down the blog, when it’s felt unsustainable, he’s made the point that I need such an outlet. We whole-heartedly agree that I might be [more of] a handful without it. Thus, I will continue to keep writing as time allows.

On that note, I do have a few ideas in the works for the coming months and maybe even a bigger, grander scheme for next year — you’ll have to stay tuned for that! For the immediate future though, I’m going to work toward sharing more short posts intermingled with the longer sagas I’ve gotten in the habit of posting lately. I think that approach will jive a bit better with getting back into the swing of our school schedule which gives me wonderful structure, but more short bursts of free time than opportunities to write longer stories. And I’m going to work on getting back in touch with my “Today on my…” serials because I think those are fun and a nice way to stay in touch.

Where does that leave us today? Well, it’s Monday, my friends, in the truest sense of the word! Here at Knitting Sarah HQ it was our first full day of school. It started off with the whole house waking up at 5am to an extremely powerful, extremely close electrical storm outside. You’d think I’d have been ahead of schedule for the early wake-up call, but I was not. Mr. KS and I enjoyed the light show over coffee and conversation and then it was a mad dash to be ready for the school bell (there’s no actual bell, but we do start promptly at 8am).

I’m happy to report that other than the most intense street cleaning I’ve ever witnessed (can you say 4+hours?!) and spending some quality time talking with a nice lady named Sheri from the customer service department of a publisher who provided a link to nowhere in place of a registration page for their online content, it went very smoothly. Rather than try to cram a lot into smaller time blocks as I did when the kids were younger when they benefit from switching things up more frequently, I’m working off of a schedule I drafted with larger blocks of time in the hopes that we will get through all our materials thoroughly and not feel as rushed. If today is any indication, I think I’m on to something.

Believe it or not, I have yet to wind those finished bobbins I shared in the last post into skeins. Shocking, I know! In all fairness, we had some seriously intense rain over the weekend and the humidity is insane, so the idea of of washing and attempting to dry yarn seemed to fall into the “why bother” category. Maybe I’ll wind this afternoon, maybe I’ll spin instead. We shall see where the afternoon takes me…

On the spinning front, I DID start my spinning for the Three Waters Farm Handspun Sweater-Along! It’s about time, right?! I shared a snapshot last night, but grabbed another image in the light of day here so you could see the beauty of this yellow a bit better…


This is Three Waters Farm’s Sunshiney Day on Merino + Tussah Silk. I have the most fiber to yardage required ratio for the Sunshiney Day than the other sweater fibers I have here, so I decided to start with it. I would be smart to sample, but instead I’m being bold [read: possibly foolish] and spinning a whole 4oz and will wash, dry, and swatch this skein before continuing on with the rest of the spin. If I was more worried about the weight or didn’t have the control card to keep me in check, I would probably be better about making a smaller sample. But I’m familiar with the fiber and I’m feeling fairly confident in my overall consistency.  The Merino + Silk is spinning beautifully and I’m just… I’m feelin’ it. I’m close to being done with the first 2oz, so I’m hopeful I can have the whole sample skein finished — spun, washed, and dried — before the week is out and then I should be on my way to swatching and spinning the rest. I’m just… I’m all in on this project now as the fiber is just so dreamy. I was definitely right to choose the colors I am really passionate about — I think it’s going to make this large scale project feel like a breeze.

I’ve also been plugging away on the Honey Trail Shawl


I’m very determined to get this project done sooner than later. I’m motivated to get it done before my MIL visits (as it is hers!), but I also really want to see how it blocks out. It’s knitting a bit small despite the fact that I’m working to the prescribed gauge, so I’m interested [read: slightly nervous] to see how it’ll relax in the blocking stage. In any case, I’m decreasing and it looks and feels good, so I think that’s what matters!

And as a last little bonus, I just ran out to grab the mail and look at what I found…


My Three Waters Farm Top of the Month Club! I switched from the Wool to the Wool + Silk club this month and I was so pleasantly surprised to get this blend of Organic Polwarth + Cultivated Silk. It’s a blend I’ve been wanting to revisit, but just haven’t gotten around to ordering. What a delightful surprise!

While I’ve gotten accustomed to “reading” the fibers relatively well from their packaging, I thought it’d be fun to share what it looks like out of the bag as well…


Do you hear a chorus of angels singing from on high in exaltation of this beauty? So do I. Maybe while I’m washing and drying that sweater sample skein I can crack into this beauty.

That, dear friends, has been my Monday: two WIPs, a future WIP, and a few thoughts & random happenings. I hope yours has been delightful!

6 thoughts on “Two WIPs, A Future WIP, And A Few Random Thoughts & Happenings”

  1. Oh, my! That Mary Ann sure makes it hard to stay focused on the job at hand. She should include a spindle or wheel each month so you can dive right in, not have to finish something first!

    Have a fun first week of school! I hope the big chunks of time do work well for all of you.

    1. I know, right?! Not that I don’t generally have a wheel or spindle available…. LOL!

      Thank you! So far, there have been some bumps along the way with getting things set-up and still sort of having one foot in summer — pretty normal for the first week of school anytime. My hope is next week will be SMOOTH sailing!

      1. 😊 you do? I had no idea!

        The first week of school is all about settling in and setting the tone, right? I am sure next week will be VERY smooth.

  2. That TWF fiber at the bottom is GORGEOUS!! Wow, those colors. Cant wait to see how that spins up.

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