Dear Readers…

Dear Readers,

I’ve been writing this blog for quite a long time. I can tell you the archives here go back to the end of 2010, but I honestly had to look that up because I don’t spend a ton of time looking that far back over the years on content I’ve posted. I just know it’s been a very long time. August is the month when I first transitioned from more of a photo journal to a blog, though, so it’s this time of year that I tend to spend time reflecting on the labor of love that is my collection of projects and stories here.

I inevitably contemplate the evolution of this space. Initially this blog started — as I mentioned above — as more of a photo journal and project log. It eventually grew into a means of reaching and staying in touch with my knitting students once our classroom time had ended; to inspire and be inspired by a knitting community that I could not access easily. I had young children at home and not a lot of time or money for babysitters to give me the freedom to get out of the house on my own (largely because I like being home with my family and babysitter money can also go a long way to fund projects) . When I left teaching, this space became a place where I could continue to connect with fellow knitters and spinners, to fill the void left by the loss of my classroom community. It allowed me an outlet to talk about my projects, the things I was learning, and in little ways to continue to teach which is something I have always loved. It was at this time that this space grew to allow me to write about and share a glimpse of my other passion, my family’s adventures, as well.

Over the years, I’ve found that it’s pretty normal to go through periods where I write more or write less, where I am very good about keeping up with daily snapshots and then not so much — it’s much like the ebb and flow of the tides. There are times I ponder where my writing should go, if I’m failing to reach some larger potential, or if I should bother to continue writing at all. It all used to really get under my skin and, in truth, sometimes it still does. I’m someone who craves order and reliability, who is very much all-in or not-at-all and when I’m off my game here, it is easy to let the doubt creep in and for me to question if I should keep tapping away on the keyboard.

At the end of the day though, the point I’ve come back to time and again for the last 8 years is that writing and sharing here is an important creative outlet for me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always written and I’ve always been compelled to share what I’m writing. Frankly, I might be a little lost without it.

Today, after a summer that felt as though it sailed past, of which I barely scratched the surface here with the stories of life and updates of my fiber-y exploits, I find myself back at my desk, still tapping away. Even though I wonder if I should or if the time might be better spent, I will continue to share when I can because I don’t know how nor do I want to let it go. Still compelled to keep tapping, I’ll relentlessly ride the tides of inspiration and the flux of time and keep on sharing my photos, techniques, stories, thoughts, dreams; successes and failures as life and coordination of thought allows.

And with these whimsical thoughts, I’ll embark on the next year here in my little space. I think I will start by winding some handspun yarn into skeins.


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  1. As for me, I always look forward to your posts .. inspirational and learning from them.

    Thank you for all you do for as long as you are still having fun, enjoyment and love from us out here in computerland

  2. When I started reading this, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that you were going to tell us you were stopping. I am SO very grateful that the message, instead, was that you still enjoy this. Your stories of life and your spinning and knitting make me feel like I am right there with you – your trials, your tribulations, your funny kid & Moose stories, your adventures, your yard, your… well, your life. Living so far away, it’s the closest I can come to sharing with you, and you write and photograph so beautifully, that I always feel like I’m right – dot – there. There may come a time when you choose a different outlet or this blog no longer fulfills you – and we’ll all support whatever decision you make, whenever you make it – but I sure am glad it’s not today.

  3. I’m with Kendra, I thought that you were going to say you were quitting your blog. I would understand why but, I would miss it. You inspire all of us, not only with your stories of family life but with your beautiful spinning and knitting projects. Sarah, no matter what you do just know that you made a huge impression on my life by teaching me to knit 🙂

  4. I fully understand the issues of keeping up a blog when there are so many other things to be doing…I gravitate to the creative ones myself. My blog hasn’t been added to in sometime, however, I recently felt the need to start it back up again.

    Also, even though I am a knitter and spinner and love sharing that community and seeing what you’ve made, I have to say I really enjoy the hikes, birds, all the wild life and scenery you share. I’m an armchair traveler, so you provide me with some beautiful photos and thoughts on your blog. So, please keep writing, but I understand that you just may not have the time to post regularly.

    1. For me, the blog has always been a creative outlet as much as knitting and spinning are. I really enjoy the acrobatics involved in putting words on the page that articulate my thoughts. Barring catastrophe, I’ll likely be at this for a good long while!

  5. I am another one that was worried you were going to say you were ending your blog. I am very glad you are not! You are such an inspiration to me in your knitting, spinning and family life. I appreciate your willingness to share. Thank you for sticking with it and keeping me inspired!

  6. So happy you will continue! Your knitting is beautiful, but it’s your spinning that really gets to me. It makes me believe that maybe someday I can spin! Thank you for shayour life with us!

    1. You certainly can spin! Whenever you are ready to invest some time in it! Thank you for the kind words — I so appreciate your taking the time to share them with me! ❤

  7. What they said!!!

    Like you, I feel like my blog connects me to a world of people I otherwise might not know or get to see often. It is also a creative outlet, and as such, does sometimes ebb and flow. That’s just part of life, I think. I am so glad that you do what you do. Because of you, I have a whole pile of friends from around the country, and especially in Wisconsin!

    So when you wonder if you should be doing it, or why you do it, just remember that you,in your house of fiber and kids and dog and binoculars in Wisconsin, have a positive impact on people scattered far and near. And that if you decide to move on, we will understand but oh how we will miss you.

    1. I’m tearing up, ladyfriend! Thanks for these kind words! On occasion, it can be hard from my house of fiber and kids and dog and binoculars in Wisconsin to sometimes get lost in my corner of the world and miss the bigger picture. Thank you so much for the reminder! xoxo

      1. I imagine that is true of everyone, especially when that home is so perfect for one and one’s family. I love to travel and see things and meet people, but oh, how I LOVE to hunker down in my own home and yard!

  8. I love your posts and had an awful moment when I thought you would not be blogging any more. I would , of course , understand, and I appreciate the time you take to post your progress , but I am very glad that you will keep “tapping away”.

  9. My heart sank when I began reading and sighed relief as I continued! I would miss your blog should you ever decide it was time to move on. Of course, family comes first, we’d all agree, and I have lived long enough to know nothing lasts forever. However, for as long as you keep blogging, I (and many others) will keep on reading!

    1. Thank you so much! And I’m sorry for the concern caused! Thankfully, I think this is a part of who I am and I believe I’m self-aware enough to see that I need the outlet, whatever amount of time I set aside for it. Thanks for reading!

  10. Like others have expressed here, I also thought you were winding up your blog when I read the title “Dear Readers” Thank goodness you are still continuing. I love what you share here on Knitting Sarah. I’ve included your post in my latest craft inspiration roundup, so our readers get some understanding of what goes on in a knitting blogger’s world. A wonderful insight, thank you. Cheers Jodie 🙂

    1. Maybe I need to write a “Dear Readers” post more often so I can have a space to just talk to y’all and not cause the dread! Maybe there’s something to sharing what goes into the blogging process in addition to actually doing it! I never really thought of that! Thank you for sharing the post!

  11. I have followed you on and off over the years – depending on ‘me’ time too! I like the fact you admit that sometimes you have had time to blog and other times you have not – I was worried as it happens to me that people forget to come and follow you again. I guess you’ve proved it’s ok to change a little and dib in and out of online blogging, etc. Well done!

    1. Thank you for the kind words!

      You know, I think we all have to be real about where blogging — both reading and writing — falls in the scope of priorities. I just don’t think it’s realistic for anyone to continuously churn out good blogging material for years upon years on a rigid schedule — you’ve got to live and work and do things to write about after all!

      For me, writing has always been an outlet, longer than knitting and spinning have been. Knitting and spinning give me something I’m passionate about to focus on, a lens through which I tell my stories. I’m very happy that self-publishing via blogs exist so that I can continue to write at my own pace and in my own way & voice!

  12. I am glad to hear that you will continue your blog. I was a knitter who became inspired to spin by reading your blog. You inspire me with your spinning projects that encourage me to test my own skills. Thanks to you I now have a handspun stash that I am starting to knit with just recently. Thank you, Elizabeth

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