That’s OK. That is life.

I had high hopes for keeping up during the Tour de Fleece this year, but as it so often goes, life happens and things don’t always work out according to plan. And that’s OK. That is life. Time spent away from this space and goals unmet in the TDF were time traded for adventures with my family and that is always a trade I am happy to make.

I am glad to have taken this hike…


Where the woods broke open to reveal a pond with a perfectly reflected sky…


After which my foursome squeezed onto a bench and ate peanut butter crackers in the sunshine. Mr. Knitting Sarah tried to extol the virtue of trying new things by creating and eating a cheese & peanut butter cracker. It was not a good example, but I applaud his effort and his optimism.

I would not have rather been spinning than take this hike…


Even though I lost a couple pints of blood to mosquitoes despite being covered in deet. I saw these beauties…


And then found myself here…


How could I complain?

We spent a week with family celebrating my dad’s 75th birthday with salmon fishing on the Big Water and loads of fireworks. And I did a bit of spindle spinning…


And we ended our week in another heavenly spot, just a few miles from home…


In the tall grasses teeming with monarch butterflies…


And wildflowers…


And puddles with more perfect reflections of the billowy clouds delivering rain everywhere by where we stood. We even got to share a few minutes with a Black-billed Cuckoo, a rarity for our area and a true beauty with its mysterious chortling song and bewitching red eye-ring.

Somewhere along the way, I spun…


At a park while my girl swam…


In the evening while we watched movies…


And in my little spinning corner in our room while the coffee held out and Moose grabbed some extra z’s in the mornings.

And I made a bit of yarn this Tour de Fleece, even if I haven’t been the world’s best record keeper of it…


This pile, plus another 3 skeins that were just washed and set this afternoon. Don’t fret, I’ll introduce you to each skein just as soon as they are all dry and I can take proper glamour shots of them, to let them sing their own individual multi-colored glories.

There are also some singles that I’m plying now that I’d hoped to finish yesterday. But the trail had called and I had listened, twice. And that’s OK. That is life.

And I wouldn’t rather have that skein of yarn a day earlier. I’d have missed this moment captured by Mr. Knitting Sarah…


While we walked along a breezy trail watching Pied-billed Grebes and talking about how best to prepare our kids for their futures. Sure, the Tour de Fleece ended yesterday and I missed plying that last skein, but I can finish it today. It may not be the TDF any longer, but that’s OK. That is life. And the trade-offs I made, I will always be happy to make.

7 thoughts on “That’s OK. That is life.”

  1. I love your posts. I always finish them with a feeling of wellbeing and contentment. Even when you drop the cake on the floor before a dinner party you carry on with humour and calm! Thankyou for taking time to post and share!

  2. I’m glad you spent many lovely happy moments with your beloved – they make the stuff of dear memories ❤
    The yarn will be ready soon and even if the TdF is ended, it doesn't really matter
    Have a great day!

  3. I’m with you; I only set the goal of spinning each day of the Tour but ended up taking extra rest days. They were worth it! A road trip with a friend to another friend’s party for her son’s first birthday and a much needed day of rest were far better than an extra skein of yarn to add to my total.

  4. Well-traded. I always love your photography – it makes me feel like I’m there with you. I love your family’s sense of adventure. Kids don’t stay kids for very long. Well done, Mom.

  5. Life sure is worth living! Such fun you had while away from your wheel! And still so productive. Nothing at all to be sorry for. What gorgeous photos of your hikes – that sky! Wow.

  6. You tell that husband of yours that cheese and peanut butter sandwhiches are indeed wonderful and delicious!

    It looks like you had a lovely time with your family so good for you! Awesome pictures of some powerful quiet moments. Those are the times I like best too. 🙂

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