Pink For The Peanut

In yet another installation of a series we could call, ” Hey, Let Me Desperately Try To Catch Up On Things,”  I’ve got a sweater FO to share. As a sweater for my daughter knit in worsted weight yarn, it was a quick knit that took less than 2 weeks to knit up. Unfortunately, it then took me over 2 months to sew on its 2 buttons. It guess it’s true that you win some and sometimes you spectacularly fail!

In any case, the chosen pattern was Bulle by Oomieknits which is available on Ravelry. I’d had this pattern bookmarked since my daughter — who we often refer to as our Peanut — would have fit one of the smallest sizes and since she is precariously close to growing out of the largest, it was time to get this sweater knit up.


I’d found some Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted in a pretty pink on close-out from Jimmy Beans Wool a while back and knew it would be just right. After the last time I made a sweater for my girl out of Malabrigo Worsted which is decidedly NOT machine washable and she proceeded to roll down a freshly cut hay field in it, forever embedding bits of hay and thorny do-dads into it, superwash was a must in my book.


It really did knit up in no time at all and the yarn — although not what I’d call luxurious — is really exactly what you want for a child’s sweater. Soft enough to the touch, durable, and machine washable.


As I said, the knitting was done in under two weeks. I picked out the buttons within the next day or so and then it sat… for more than 2 months!

I’m happy to report that I finally got it finished though. This morning — finally, finally — I got the sweater, the buttons, and the needle and thread and got to it.


And now it’s finished!


It’s a very cute design and it fits her nicely.


And let’s not forget the pockets knit from my handspun!


I like the whole sweater, I love the pockets.


Oh! And look! I managed to get a smile!

Its been a few hours since I took these photos and my girl is still wearing the sweater, so I think that bodes well. Pink for the Peanut, this project turned out just the way I wanted it to. Here’s hoping that even with my delays getting started and then getting finished that my girl doesn’t grow out of it overnight!

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      1. Ooo I will be off to check that out, though I often admit I end up making kids sized stuff for myself 🤣

  1. This is adorable and so is she! I think the pockets need to be worn pulled out – jus’ sayin’… 😁😁

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