Through The Eyes Of Others

Late last year one of my cousins reached out to me and asked if I’d be willing to work on a handspun handknit commission for his girlfriend for her birthday in spring. I don’t do much at all with commissions, but for family & close friends I make exceptions when I have time and ability. Since he contacted me with plenty of time and is generally an awesome human being and a talented artist himself (you can see his artwork here), I quickly agreed. At the time we discussed ideas loosely and settled on something purple and that I’d work on yarn and then we’d revisit pattern ideas once the yarn was ready.

My Three Waters Farm Mercurial Light seemed like it would fit the bill nicely.


I’d originally started it for a weaving project, but as I got to plying…


I had a feeling it was never going to make it to the loom.


I took a photo and sent it to my cousin for his ok and we quickly agreed that it would work. It’s such a rich, pretty purple!

From there, we messaged back and forth regarding patterns and after reviewing a few options, he selected Golden Sand by Joji Locatelli. It’s versatile and yet feminine and the silk blend would make for a lovely drape. I got right to the knitting.


I agonized a bit over the pooling color that you can barely see in this photo. As a handspinner and handknitter, it’s common practice to agonize over such things that normal humans won’t notice. I kept knitting, though, as I had a feeling I was being a little crazy. As I kept going, I could see how much rich depth the varied colors gave the shawl. And once I started in on the lace border…


Well, all doubt washed away. I knew it was going to be even better than I had hoped.

I got it blocked and finished straight away because I could not wait to see it…


It was indeed better than I’d imagined. The silk blend gave it such a nice drape and the lace weight of the yarn made it beautifully airy…


While still providing excellent structural detail for the lace edging.


It turned out stunning, I think. I helped get it packaged up and made a little card sharing whose hands the project had passed through on its way to its forever home. And then off it went!

I am flattered and humbled that I was asked to take on this project and I’m so very happy with the results. It was a wonderful experience. Not only was it fun to work with my cousin to find just the right piece for his lady, but it also felt good to put my skills to work for a purpose beyond my own small circle. There is something very, very cool about sharing those skills and seeing them appreciated through the eyes of others. It’s an experience I won’t soon forget!




21 thoughts on “Through The Eyes Of Others

  1. That is a truly beautiful piece of knitted art Sarah. As you say a lovely creative experience to be involved with 🙂

  2. First, what a thoughtful man who would come up with such a wonderful request for his lady. SECOND, O.M.G., you outdid yourself, lady. That rich purple is divine, and you did such a beautiful job of knitting. Special request, special work, special gift. You rocked it.

  3. It is wonderful!!! I knew you were working on it and that we would have to wait patiently until after it was given to learn more. How cool that you could do this for your cousin and his lady!!! I am sure they loved it.

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