Simply Brilli[g]ant!

Last October I started out on a project. Over in the Three Waters Farm Ravelry Group, we held a designer based spinalong + knitalong dedicated to the work of Nim Teasedale. She’s a brilliant designer and just a very awesome human being in general so it was a real treat to participate. I picked her design, named Brillig, and two braids BFL + Silk Three Waters Farm fibers, African Sunset and Iron Blue, which I spun into two chain-plied fingering weight skeins.


And I started knitting…


And I kept knitting despite this nagging feeling…


Something wasn’t quite right with the edge. Finally I couldn’t take it, so I went back and read the instructions more carefully and realized that when slipping a stitch on the saw-tooth edge I was holding my yarn in the wrong spot.  Note to self: when your gut tells you something isn’t quite right, something probably isn’t and you should dig deeper, preferably before you spend a month knitting on and questioning a project.

So about a month later, I found myself here…


Starting over. Sure, I could have just kept going doing it the wrong way so it was all the same or I could have left what I had and worked it correctly going forward. There was a fair bit of soul-searching involved in this choice. At the end of the day, though, having spent that much time spinning the yarn and as much as I loved the color combination, I just had to rip it out and do it right.

So frog it I did.


Ribbit! Or shall I say, “Rip-it!

Thankfully, once I make this kind of choice in my craft, there’s not a lot of post-decision hand-wringing. As the motto of Wisconsin dictates, I just move “Forward.”


And forward I did go, with so much relief and happiness in the improved edge. Totally worth it, totally the right call.

I got it re-started and then the the SAL + KAL ended and I lost momentum. I worked on some holiday gifts, spun a lot of yarn, picked up my Find Your Fade and finished that, made a couple pair of mittens, and then I came back to my Brillig.


It’s a pattern I really enjoyed, so it was easy to come back to. Somewhere in the knitting it became evident that I was going to run out the Iron Blue I needed…


Because this saga was not dramatic enough yet, I suppose. In any case, I managed to pick up an extra 4oz of the fiber that I needed and I got right to it.


I didn’t mind the extra spinning. I love this colorway.

Meanwhile I kept knitting toward the end…



I finished up the spinning and came to the end of the first skein of Iron Blue…


And in a few short days, I was done.


I adore the color combination.


And I think the whole shawl is just so elegant.


Totally worth the extended hours put into it — the spinning, the knitting, the ripping, the knitting, the extra spinning, the knitting — just 100% worth it. It is simply Brilli[g]ant!



7 thoughts on “Simply Brilli[g]ant!”

  1. I’ve been waiting for this finished object post for a VERY long time. I’ve loved the look of this project right from the start. It is more gorgeous than could have been expected!

    1. It’s been done & photographed for quite a while, I’ve just been SLOW posting it! I was reminded to do it last weekend when my mom adopted my leftover Iron Blue. I adore the shawl though and can’t wait to wear it — it was a super fun project!

  2. I really love it. Anne Budd says as soon as you feel something wrong with it, just fix it then because you’re never gonna be happy. With that thought in mind, I have just redone the first 15 rows of casting on a new project about 8 times – gratefully, it starts at the tip, so the rows are really short. Each time something just didn’t feel/look right. ONE of the issues was exactly the same as yours – holding the yarn in the wrong place for the slipped edge stitch. Another was that the twist of the lace-weight yarn was finicky, so I changed to the opposite end of the ball. FINALLY, I’m off and running – I guess 9 is the charm. 😂 Hope my project turns out as beautifully as yours!

  3. WOW – so worth every bit of it! I am glad you ripped back and restarted. I did that with my Fine Sand from handspun. I think that if we go to all the effort to make pretty yarn, then we have to go to similar effort to knit the project properly. No regrets getting it just right. And I remember you having to spin more iron blue. I still have my braid of that, It is so pretty, I love it, but I haven’t spun it yet. Maybe if I finish my TDF spin early, I will do that one. 🙂 I am impressed that Mom was able to walk out the door with what was left of it! What a generous daughter you are!

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