12 thoughts on “Today on my wheel…

    1. Ummmm… yes, I will. It’s the long draw — it’s so much fast. Even the “freestyle supported long draw” is like flying! I can whip through 4oz in a couple hours or less depending on how particular I’m being.

      1. It takes some getting used to and of course it produces a different kind of yarn, but YES it is much faster. The people who spin like a zillion yards during Spinzilla, that’s how they do it!

      2. Inch-worming along with short forward draw takes time. It makes a great yarn, but it is definitely slower. If speed is what you’re after, you should definitely learn the long draw!

      3. I should add that not all fiber peeps work well with long draw. True rovings are best, but you can also use Shetland rolled into fauxlags. Rolags of varying fibers work (sort of!), but it really depends on the fiber. Experiment and you’ll see what I mean!

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