10 Days of Quiet

I had the best intentions to keep this space up over the last week and a half. “I have a backlog of FOs to share,” I told myself. “I’ll use this time to periodically catch up on all of those,” I said. “I can share bits and pieces of what’s on my needles and my wheel,” I thought. It didn’t work. None of it did. Hence, crickets for 10 days.

You see, I had a private project I needed to work on that was destined to stay behind the scenes and I thought I could balance the secret work with everything else. Truth be told, though, I’m not great with balancing things like this. When I have a deadline, I am nose to the grindstone, a total maniac of tunnel vision. It’s not that I can’t work on multiple projects at a time, it’s just that if it’s time sensitive and there is work to be done I really struggle to step away from a project. It makes for an incredible ability to see projects through, but can really muck up a regular schedule. Add on top of this that my son’s birthday took place over this weekend and we were hosting family for it, so there was planning and cooking and baking involved in that. Hence, those 10 days just slipped past me.  Ah, hence.

Today, on the other side of both the birthday and the behind-the-scenes project, I am sitting here, a little groggy, wondering where exactly to start. After such an unhinged pursuit to finish the other project combined with the clinging chocolate-brownie-chocolate cake sugar coma from yesterday, I have been daydreaming about just turning the computer off and taking a nap. As the blank page stares at me and the cursor blinks unrelentingly, I am tempted. I know that picking up after a break from this space is just like riding a bicycle, but in order to ride the bicycle, you need to — you know — get on the bicycle and start pedaling. I suppose that means I just need to start typing and share a bit of what the last 10 days has involved.

I could tell you about how green it is here now.


Mr. Knitting Sarah and I stole a quick break for a hike last week. It was serene and beautiful. I watched a juvenile Wood Duck learning to swim with all exaggerated, awkward movements. And I spotted this perfectly imperfect daisy…


I love how all wildflowers are perfectly imperfect. Sometime after seeing this flower and the Wood Duck swimming, the mosquitoes lifted us up and carried us out of the marsh and back to the car. They are large and they are many this year.

In our own yard, we have at least our one Blue Jay nest and one Robin nest as well as a Robin nest we can clearly see across the way. Whether from one of these nests or some other nearby, Mr. Knitting Sarah caught this photo of a baby Robin who was squawking & hopping about in our backyard…


Such a proud little one he is!

While the Blue Jay babes appear to be hatched, they remain in the nest, silent and doted on by equally silent parents. Silent until crows or other predators are nearby and then they are relentless in chasing them off. Thankfully, they don’t seem to mind me putzing around a bit in the backyard. I take that as the highest of compliments. In addition to our birds, we also had a fox visit the yard and we caught a glimpse of him a second time the following day.  What a delight, this place where we live is!

In between all the hubbub of baby birds and fox and mosquitoes and birthday prep and celebration, I did finish some socks.


Nothing outside the norm for me…


Just a simple pair of Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Basic Socks for my husband. I started them back in March and — honestly — after finishing the private project, I just didn’t have it me to start something new yet, so I went to this project and just worked on it. So familiar this mindless task, it was just what I needed.


Alas, they are done, and it is time to start moving forward again in a real way. Cast-on something new, get plying my spinning projects that are ready to be plied — you know the drill. The spinning has been easy to ease back into, but I’m having trouble finding the right knitting project. The next couple days will be about knocking those cobwebs out and reacquiring that mojo. I am a little stuck with where to start, but I’m sure it’ll come to me…


Moose, however, thinks I should reconsider that nap, no matter how ridiculous. I think he’s going to have to just accept napping nearby for the both of us though, while I get to work. For I am sure I have yarn to wind, a cast-on on the horizon, and those FOs are not sharing themselves! It’s time to get back at it!

15 thoughts on “10 Days of Quiet”

  1. I am so in love with Moose – he is so rotten, which is the absolute best of animals! The picture of the baby robin is incredible – Mr. TKS is a very special photographer. He’s way deserving of those socks – remind me what yarn? I’m obsessed with it. FINALLY, I know what your “behind the scenes project” was and what it took to pull it off. You are the best and we can’t thank you enough.

    1. I am working my way through the Regia 6-ply Musee collection for Mr TKS. And yes, Moose is the best *and* Mr TKS is a wonderful photographer. He has way more patience for it than I do!

  2. You have been so busy, no wonder you want a nap today. I think you deserve it, after that secret project marathon! And company and a boy to be made much of! Exhausted doesn’t begin to cover it.

    On a teasing note, may I suggest rainbow warrior for you next project? We are (im)patiently waiting to see what you choose!

    And what you are plying and what’s next, no matter the project!

    I agree with Kendra, the baby robin photo is amazing! So sharp and clear! Hope the fox doesn’t get him!

    1. Well, we had a banquet tonight, so NOW I’m in bed and can rest! I was going to try to stay up and spin a bit, but I made the mistake of laying down – 😂 You know… I was actually thinking about Rainbow Warrior! I have the yarn wound, so I think I may start it and see how my yarn combo works!

      I need to seriously make a list of blog posts I need to write – I have at least 3 major projects done and a whole lot of spinning in the works. I really just need to get myself back on a schedule!

      1. I really am looking forward to your rainbow warrior, I know it will be fabulous.

        Last night I fell asleep in my chair, watching the evening news. that means it wasn’t 7 o’clock yet. And I was knitting at the time! I never fall asleep knitting! Guess I was tired.

        It seems like it is time for the summer sschedule revamping activity! there are so many more things screaming for our attention this time of year. At least, those of us who live in the colder northern climes. Summer is so special, with gardening, and events and things to do outside without freezing. When you get a chance to write them, we will love reading the blog posts. Whenever that is!

      2. I hear you. I think it doesn’t so much slow down as change gears. Yes, all the school related stuff goes away, but the kids don’t, and they still need just as much attention, and they need activities to fill their days relatively productively, and that all boils down to Mom and Dad making it happen.

      3. Lol poor Moose! While the kids are at day camp, do you get a few minutes of Sarah time? I know my homeschooling sister adores day camp for the time to just get things done or not at her own pace. But she only schleps one kid to and from camp. 😉

      4. We did an all-day, one-day camp last week which was awesome. I felt so lousy in time to just do whatever. This week it’s just a couple hours in the morning each morning, so it’s more like I get to eat and write one blog post and then I’m on the road to get them. It’s a little more chaotic from that standpoint, but they are loving it. Well worth to chasing!

      5. That is a bit chaotic. I think some of the camps my niece goes to are like that, but others are until 3. She goes to lots of them, as it gets her with other kids. Farm camp, Audubon camp, fiddle camp, even circus camp. Fills up her summer!

      6. Those sound great! This is the only time of year my niece is really around other kids, so my sister makes the most of it. And fiddle camp is actually the whole family, so that is more like a vacation. STEM camp sounds like it would be fun! So does the zoo, actually. I bet your kids love it!

      7. They do! We do a lot of volunteering throughout the year now, so the kids do get a fair bit of exposure to lots of age groups of other people. These are nice, though, as they go independently which is so good for them. We’re so lucky there are so many options!

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