In Review: Lazadas Project Caddy

I haven’t been doing as many reviews lately just because I haven’t had as much time as I once did for such things, but when I received an email offering an opportunity to review the new Lazadas Project Caddy, I was intrigued enough to make room in my schedule. I mean, a snag-free, flexible knitting bag that is sturdy enough to convert into a bowl? Yes, please! I’d like to try that out!

Normally I’m more of a natural fibers kind of gal, but one of my biggest problems, especially in summer, is that it’s far too easy to get my project bags dirty. So much of my fair weather time is spent outside and even if I’m just out on my deck spinning or knitting, let alone at a campground around the campfire, my project bags seem to be dust & dirt magnets. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and am thankful most of them are machine washable, but the idea of one that was made to handle the elements had me immediately interested.

Enter the Lazadas Project Caddy…



I’ve been using it to hold my fauxlags for spinning projects lately. It’s 10″ long and 5″ deep, so it holds a lot — all 8oz of my fauxlags for this project are heaped in it in this picture, in fact! The sturdy structure of the bowl means not only can it hold what’s in the bowl, but I can stack my fiber and yarn in it as well, well beyond the top edges of the caddy — a point that is obvious from the picture! For my knititng friends, I would say I could comfortably fit 3-4 skeins of fingering weight yarn in it, less if you want to close it. Oh, yes, did I mention it closes? It’s ingenius, really. See the handle there coming off the back right side of the bowl? Well, it threads through this slot over on the other side…


And voilà!


My yarn bowl tucks into a neat little dumpling! Fabulous! Those little X’s on the side there? You can use them to secure your needles or keep multi-color projects from running amok. So many clever little aspects of the tool!

For those wondering, Lazadas Knitting Accessories is a family owned company based in Israel. As their name implies, they focus on knitting accessories — project caddies, stitch markers, flexible blocking wires, and — most recently — needle labels. In their description of this caddy, they deem it:

Modern materials for an ancient art in modern times.

And that’s just what they provide in all their products. A modern twist on knittig tools. The caddy is made with 100% silicon, which means it’s snag-free, so you don’t need to worry about your materials getting caught on zippers. Likewise, your needles won’t slip between the fibers, poking out of the caddy. Everything stays where it needs to be, undamaged. And for those who might be worried that a silicon bag might smell plastic-y… it doesn’t. It’s odorless. What an innovative container!

All in all, this is one functional little piece of art — a fantastic addition to my knitting & spinning toolkit if I do say so!


Many thanks to Lazadas Knitting Accessories from providing me with this Project Caddy for review.

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  1. How very innovative and terrific! I’m off to check it out right now. Thanks for the scoop!

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