The Calm After the Storm

I am so happy to say that I am in the calm after the storm. There were a number of things coming together over the last couple weeks that have kept me busy and largely away from this space. And then there was the need — introvert that I am — to spend a couple of days just in the quiet of my own mind to recharge and refuel.

A fundraising wine event Mr. Knitting Sarah was helping to put together was last week.


And I’m happy to report that it went wonderfully. I have been working here and there as support for Mr. Knitting Sarah when he needed it on tasks for this event and it was awesome to see it all come together. And, of course, I got to enjoy a little of the food and wine at the event itself as well. Yum.

After such a big to-do, I’ve found myself turning to all the little things around me as spring seems to have sprung (at least for now) in my neck of the big woods.  img_0763

I found this Mourning Cloak butterfly in the back yard yesterday.


And this crocus awoke as if to say, “Tidying up the yard’s not so bad now is it, Sarah?”

We’ve been slowly but surely seeing more and more migratory birds making their way north, too. Just today the White-Throated Sparrows arrived in our yard and I’ve heard all sorts of people in the area reporting Baltimore Orioles. I’ve got my jelly out, but no orioles yet. You can bet in the 75º weather the windows are open and I am listening for the oriole’s unmistakeable voice.

While the orioles are not here yet, I do, have this little dude hanging around…


Our best guess is he’s a very confused and alone Mourning Dove baby. He seems to prefer walking to flying, he’s a little slow to react to most things (how close I was able to get for this picture is proof of that!), and we find him all over the yard doing just what he is doing in this picture, just sitting there looking a little disheveled. Yesterday was blustery and while he was sitting under a tree, you know, just hanging out and looking disheveled, a crunchy leaf from last year blew into him and he — caught off-guard, of course — attacked it with vigor. We endearingly refer to him as “our little weirdo” and marvel at the fact that he’s still alive because really it’s kind of incredible a predator hasn’t targeted him yet. I hope he remains as lucky because his little personality quirks have definitely grown on me.

In the crafting realm, I’ve not had much energy beyond stockinette stitch.


So it’s wonderful that I have my girl’s sweater to work on. It’s Bulle by Oomieknits and I’m knitting it in Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted in the “Candy” colorway. It’s been a very restorative project through a busy time.

I’ve also been working on my long draw with my Shetland fauxlags…


I’ve been working toward a more consistent spin, but my highest priority is spinning to a certain weight. For this bobbin I was working on a supporting long draw which I think it helping me both handle the fauxlags and spin to a more deliberate weight. The goal is to be able to spin a woolen (or at least semi-woolen) yarn that I can use for a couple hat patterns I have picked out. It’s happening in baby steps, but I am getting there!

And last, but not least, I spent some time last night with my upstairs wheel.


I’ve got one little nestlet left to finish on bobbin #1. This is Merry Poppies from Three Waters Farm and I find myself spinning at a leisurely pace on this project. I’ve been working on it out on the deck and when I do that I’m also watching the birds and soaking up the sunshine. I have to remind myself that sometimes a leisurely pace is A-OK. It’s not about how fast can I finish, the journey is half the fun. And you know what, in the calm after the storm, there is definitely nothing wrong with a leisurely pace!




13 thoughts on “The Calm After the Storm”

  1. Love seeing your spring come alive – both in the yard and in your fiber. That little mourning dove is darling and I hope he’s not injured and that he continues to stay out of harm’s way. Glad you are finding time to “smell the roses” and truly appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. As always, your knitting is fabulous and your spinning sublime. Tell Marianne at TWF that I always enjoy her creative naming – the Merry Poppies is perfect!

    1. I know, right?! She does a wonderful job! Every colorway has a story, too — each club colorway comes with it’s own story as to where the inspiration came from. It’s as good as the fiber itself!

  2. Glad you survived it all and are enjoying the budding spring weather! The little dove is sweet! Hope he lives to grow up! Are you giving him any bird seeds?

    1. He’s got access to all of our feeders and the water source and he doesn’t seem to have any issues finding food. I think it’s more a case of his wings/feathers aren’t quite developed yet. I wish we could convince him to hang out in less open spots, but I think trying to change his behavior would be equally as sketchy for him. I’m just going to keep filling the feeders and hope for the best!

      1. Oh, well, if he knows how, then hopefully, he could get away from something like the neighborhood cat! Poor little guy, I hope he grows fast.

  3. As a fellow introvert, I totally understand needing some time to recover from big events. On Thursday, I’m driving 3 1/2 hours to puck up my middle kid from college on the busiest moving out day, and there’s construction near his dorm that will make parking/loading even more difficult. Friday I get to drive a similar distance to pick up my oldest. Even though MDS&W is this coming weekend, I think I’m going to sleep in and not drive!

  4. I appreciate what you mean about requiring some time in your own company to get yourself together, You have certainly been very busy but nice that you have your little weirdo for company as you continue with your spinning. I love the shade of blue, would you call it Teal?

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