So Far, So Good

During my little foray into singles in March, you might remember that I made this yarn…


It’s 100% Rambouillet dyed by Three Waters Farm in the Quilter’s Magic colorway. It’s a worsted weight yarn and from the start I was thinking it would be a good hat.

Along came the Three Waters Farm Tin Can Knits SAL + KAL. I have plans for a few spins for this fun event in the TWF Ravelry Group, but since I was finishing up something on my wheel when the event kicked off, I figured I’d grab this yarn and knit up a quick hat.

Originally I picked the Caramel Slouch because I just really wanted to make that hat — it’s a shape and style I really like. When I started knitting it though…


You know, it just was not the right fit for the yarn. The Caramel Slouch hat is one in which you knit the band first, graft the ends together, and then you pick-up stitches and knit the main body of the hat. The way these singles were striping though… it was looking… suboptimal in my opinion. I sent one photo to a friend to confirm that I wasn’t being crazy and she concurred. I ripped it out and started fresh.


I’ve knit the Barley Hat before, but sometimes you just can’t beat a good basic hat pattern.


It was fun to knit and I love how it worked with the yarn.

And I finishd it in no time whatsoever because I just couldn’t stop knitting it!


I went for the slouchy version, and made it ULTRA slouchy by being super generous with the main body of the hat. I knit an Adult M that calls for 8″ before the crown shaping, an extra inch for a slouchy version and I went with a very generous 9″ and I think it’s perfect.


I really adore how the yarn worked with this pattern. It’s so much better than the Caramel Slouch.


And the singles yarn knit up at a beautiful weight, too. Warm, but not crazy warm — just perfect for shoulder seasons like we are experiencing right now. I know because I’ve worn it a few times already (don’t look too hard at the photos, you will be able to tell this has been on the trail with me!)

I believe I’ve even got enough yarn left over that I can also make a Barley for the Sproingy Haired Bandit, my resident hat thief. I’ve mentioned this fact to her so that she doesn’t steal this one. So far, so good. She’s more of a beanie gal than a slouch fiend, so I do have that going for me. If she maintains patience, I’ll be able to make her a slightly smaller hat so it fits better, too. Everyone, cross your fingers for me!

Along with the second Barley, I do still intend to spin & knit a Caramel Slouch. I’ve got some really lovely red Shetland that I may attempt to spin long draw for it. I’ve never spun long draw to a specific weight, so I think I’ll be going with one more practice run before breaking into that special red. As I work toward it over the next couple of weeks, I will try to remember to share daily photos of my progress. Off camera, I’ll be wearing the heck out of my Barley — partly because I love it and partly to keep it out of you-know-who’s hands. Wish me luck!



15 thoughts on “So Far, So Good”

  1. Wow, that is one gorgeous hat! Yes, the other wasn’t right for the yarn, but is still a lovely hat. Can’t wait to see it when you get the right pairing!

    It is so interesting how the colors in the singles yarn are so bold and bright… and none of the mixing you get with other spinning methods. Glad you have enough to do it again for you know who!

    1. I agree! I was hoping to be a bit farther into the other hat by now, but things have been busy and I’ve been pretty content to just knit on my girl’s sweater. I will get there, of course!

  2. Your yarn really did knit up splendidly in the Barley – it seriously shows off the beautiful colors. I do love the Caramel Slouch, but agree about the combo – looking forward to seeing that one done, though. Good luck with fast knitting to keep the Sproingy-Haired Bandit’s mitts off of this one! BTW, noticed that you were watching the Falcon feed during one of the shots. How are they doing?

  3. The colours are amazingly vibrant, reminds me of the sea. Also looking forward to seeing the caramel pattern completed, I have only ever made regular beanie style hats so have never attempted the band first idea.

    1. The band first arrangement can be a little trickier with the fit, but if you have a good pattern I think they are pretty accessible. I love the style – I have had great success with the fit!

  4. Beautiful! I thought the Caramel Slouch looked ok, but you’re right, the Barley looks much better! Something to keep in mind if I ever manage to spin a project quantity of yarn…lol!

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