Surprisingly Caught-Up

The strangest thing just happened to me. I sat down at the kitchen table to maybe knit a few stitches on my current project and realized the craziest thing: I am mostly caught-up on the things I need to have done. Lessons for the morning are checked. School records are up-to-date. The projects I have going for an event Mr. Knitting Sarah is helping to put together next week are as far along as they can be. Another website project I’m helping with is coming along. I’ve read through and responded in the Ravelry groups I’m active in. Bills are paid. The dresser I needed to move up from the garage is in place and in use. The shawl I was knitting for a special commission is blocked and drying. The ironing is done. Sure, I have a couple small mending jobs that I need to do and, you know, general cleaning that is just a revolving door of tasks, but all the big deadline things are well in-hand.

How did that happen?

I suppose it’s not really a mystery. I’m not one who waits to the last minute to get things done. Ever. I pulled exactly one all-nighter in college writing a paper for my French literature class my freshman year and it was such an awful experience I vowed to never put myself in that position again. 20 years have since passed and I have held true to that promise. While it’s not really a surprise that I am ahead of schedule on things, it’s never not a shock the moment I realize it when things have been busy!

As usual, I’ve got a couple FOs to share thanks to the 16″ of snow last weekend’s snowstorm dumped on us. That much snow definitely kept us home as we spent equal parts of our time playing, digging out, and enjoying being in our cozy home. For today, though, I’ll share the WIPs because I’m so excited to have time to work on them!

First, my handspun Brillig is nearing the finish line…


If you’ll remember that I ran short on the blue, so that little ball will mark the end of the project short of the bind-off. I am so close and I’ve been working on this steadfastly to get it to the finish line.

I also prepped some fauxlags in order to work on spinning some Three Waters Farm Shetland with long draw…


I’ll share more on this process as I go along. It’ll be my second attempt at long draw from shetland fauxlags (I’ll be sure to share the first attempt as soon as it’s fully dried). It’s a very interesting process through which I’m learning a lot. I’m so looking forward to sharing it with you!

I’ve also got a sock on the needles…


Mr. Knitting Sarah had to retire a couple pairs of handknit socks last week, so I really do need to hop to it once that Brillig is done.

The only other project that is still in-progress for me is the one on my Jensen wheel…


This has been on hold while I sent the flyer and a bobbin in to Jerry Jensen himself to have a replacement flyer and spare bobbins made along with a couple other spare parts. Amazingly, I got the call a couple days ago that everything was ready to go and it should arrive by tomorrow or Monday. I’m floored & elated — it was a super fast turnaround!

And that, my friends, is what’s happening here on my wheels and needles. The thermometer is creeping up toward 60°F today & after a rough start to the week, the birds are singing. For those interested in birds, I’ve started an eBird profile and am trying to make lists or report significant (at least to me!) sightings when I see them. So if you’re interested to see what birds I’ve seen lately, you can pop over there anytime. I will say that we’ve had a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker in the yard most of this week which has presented me with the best ever views and I’ve had swans flying within view of my desk almost daily. This time of year new birds are landing almost daily, so I’m going to sign-off, grab my binoculars and a light coat, and go soak up some much appreciated vitamin D and see what I can see — just another benefit of being surprisingly caught-up!




13 thoughts on “Surprisingly Caught-Up”

  1. Just a word of advice to NEVER tell the universe that you’re caught up. Things will immediately conspire to change that! 😂 I totally hope that’s not the case and you get to incredibly enjoy your beautiful afternoon – it’s well deserved after all of your hard work and bad weather! Kudos on all of the FO’s. Beautiful.

      1. I’m so sorry. Yep, the Universe just loves to mess with us! Hope it’s swinging back the good way now!

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