19 thoughts on “Today on my wheel…”

    1. You need to spin that baby! It’s too good to hang out in your stash! (I should talk though… I *still* have at least 3 gorgeous skeins of yarn in my stash from you and 1 from Kendra!)

      1. Lol there is so much I want to special order from her. I still love her Tuesday at Three more than almost anything… but this blue might contest that pretty strongly. 😉

      2. I am in your same boat! I have a ridiculous stash and still worry about spinning the special-est things. I do strive to spin my faves though because I’m thinking we all deserve to do just that, worry-free!

      1. I made a moderate mistake when I first started spinning and I sent a gifted alpaca fleece and a llama fleece to a mill that sent it back as 100% alpaca and 100% llama.
        It was terrible! Alpaca isn’t the fiber to learn on- short slippery fibers so it took me years to get through all of it.
        Mainly I spin blends of alpaca and merino- because the mill I use now usually won’t send back 100% alpaca- it’s fiddly even at the milling stage.
        It’s also because that’s what I have access to, I help a friend out all year with her alpacas and then she sells me the fleeces at the shearing cost.

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