A Tale of Many WIPs

My last post was about an FO, so it seemed only fitting that this one be about WIPs. For those not familiar with the term, a WIP is a “work-in-progress” whereas an FO is a “finished object”. As you might guess, I’ve usually got a few WIPs going. It just so happens that today I have more than a few, more than I usually do. So let me tell you a tale, a tale of WIPs.

First, a sock.


This is my autopilot project that has no real finishing timeline or goal. They are another sport weight pair for Mr. Knitting Sarah and they are what I pick up anytime I’m tired or I want to keep my hands busy, but my mind free. I’m almost to the heel flap on sock #1 and while I could probably have the pair finished in a day or two if I applied myself, I’m not in a rush at all with them. They are my project for unwinding and I’m content to not rush them.

You might also recognize my handspun Brillig.


Why, oh why, with so little left am I dragging my feet on this beauty?! Well, I need to spin more Iron Blue from Three Waters Farm so I can finish! Because of how I spun this project, I want to use up all the African Sunset colorway which requires as much or more of the blue. And I’m short on blue!

I’ve been busy spinning singles for our singles challenge this month, so the Iron blue has been pushed a few times in favor of other projects. So I’ve purposely been making super slow progress on knitting this project, knowing that I have another hurdle to clear before I can totally finish it. Thankfully, I finished up a couple more skeins of singles this weekend and then finally


I pulled out that other braid of silk blend Iron Blue from my stash and got going on it. It’s absolutely swoon-worthy. I just LOVE this blue.

For some not super clear reason, I also thought it was about time to chain ply my February Top of the Month Club from Three Waters Farm


It has been sitting here since the third week of February at least, so it was time. It’s unusual for me to have spinning projects on both wheels at once, but it’s happening!

And let’s not forget the spindles…


I’ve not been real driven to make progress on this, but they sit on my desk and while I wait for the computer to boot up or sit on hold on the phone, I spin a few lengths here and there.  I added a couple Turkish spindles to my flock of favorite spindle weights, so while I may be taking my sweet time on the spin, I’m super excited to try out these new spindles!

And let’s not forget my soon-to-be WIP…


Unless winding the yarn makes it a WIP, in which case it’s the newest WIP. It’s not yet on my needles, but it will be shortly. This is destined to be a special gift and I absolutely cannot wait to get started on it!

And that, my friends, is my tale of many WIPs! What kinds of WIPs are you working on today?

11 thoughts on “A Tale of Many WIPs”

    1. I like to choose fibers that lend themselves to heavy wear – like BFL, Polwarth, or a nylon blend and I like to spin the yarn as a relatively high-twist 3-ply.

      Honestly, I think as much of it is in the knitting as it is about the spinning with handspun socks. I usually spin for a fingering or sport weight sock yarn, but being able to customize for the gauge you’ve spun makes for the best socks.

  1. I always enjoy looking at your pretties! As you know, I’m still working on my sweater, and about halfway done on a shawl that I’m knitting along with my knitting class I’m teaching. It’s a Zaubershawl with Zauberball gradient yarn that is just so much fun to watch emerge. I’ll be happy when these are FO’s!

  2. Oh, such pretty things! Still plugging away on my hitofude, feeling like it is almost where a big push will finish sh it. 33 more pattern rows to go. And Durrow dawdles along, taking all my brain power. Naturally, there are socks for those down times. Working on the heel, and it’s a new one so I have to pay attention. 😖. Spinning? I prepped for my next spin, a fractal spin of the Cloudlover I got from my good friend – you! Needed a nice blue- green spin. Still have iron blue ahead of me…

      1. I hope you are right, though, the 33 rows are growing longer and longer. I didn’t get to knit on it at all last evening, hope to make up for that tonight.

  3. EVERYTHING is gorgeous. Especially that shawl. I am sure you will find time to spin more yarn and finish it up, just have patience. It looks like you have lots of other lovelies on your wheel and spindles right now to keep you smiling 🙂

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