Thawing Winter into Spring

The sun is popping out in fits and spurts today despite constant snow flurries. While it’s true that we are fairing much better than our friends on the east coast as we begin the slow and steady process of edging out of winter and into spring, the Feb-blah-ary feeling I wrote about last month remains to a certain extent. We are enjoying slightly warmer temps and the snow is starting to melt… img_0169

But it is still covering a fair bit of the landscape. It’s wet and slushy when we go out for hikes and while the wind can be cold, the sun definitely feels warmer now. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

My parents visited for the weekend. Between the snowy weather and our busy schedule, we haven’t seen much of them lately, so it was nice to have a visit. Of course the company changes how much time I have to craft, but I do still have some progress photos to share with you!

Remember my sock blank socks?


They are coming right along. I’m probably about 6″ up the leg at this point. I’m still really enjoying them and having fun knitting from the blank. I pick them up almost every morning and every evening for at least a few rounds. I’m thinking I’ll knit another inch or two and then add on the ribbing and cast-off. I won’t use up the entire blank because 460yards is just more sock than I need, so I’ll have to figure out what I have leftover when the time comes and see what I can do with it. It seems a shame to waste such fun yarn!

In my spinning life, I’ve been working on this…


This is Calendula Flowers on 60/40 Polwarth/Silk from Three Waters Farm. Spinning these colors so reminds me of spinning on my porch in the sunshine — such a wonderful vibe right now! I’m working on spinning this as a stand-alone singles yarn. I say “working on” because it’s definitely a steep learning curve because of the fiber blend and the fact that I’ve been spinning it somewhat thin. From what I can tell, it’s looking like it’ll all work out in the finishing, but time will tell! I have 8oz of fiber for this project and I’m about halfway through it. After a slow and unsteady start, I’m really in a groove with it now, so I should be able to wrap it up this week.

Speaking of wrapping things up…


These skeins are finished and sitting on my desk, waiting for some glamour shots and a few kind words.

Another things that’s done…


…is Moose.

He’s so tired from running through slush and daylight savings havoc that he could not even be bothered to take up his usual place on the couch. The other day I found his big puppy dog eyes looking up at me from my chair (also known as the one piece of furniture he’s not supposed to be on). Can’t he please just stay and sleep in this nice comfy chair?! Of course, I let him stay there until he felt like moving. Those eyes can thaw even the fiercest determination. If only they could thaw this winter into spring!


14 thoughts on “Thawing Winter into Spring”

  1. Love your fur baby’s eyes. “Oh please mom, I’m so tired and I LOVE you so much” I hear him saying that to you.

  2. The landscape is bleak and beautiful at the same time. Glad you are getting a bit of sunshine and all of that beautiful spinning screams “sunshine” to me! I’m still grooving on the sock blanks. Though I’m promising myself no more yarn for a while, if a wonderful sock blank fell on my head, I probably would succumb. Such is the life of a yarn addict. And you should be ashamed of yourself for working poor Moose so hard!

    1. You should see him now he is on his side, all stretched out snoring. We got back from our normal walk (not even trail walking where he goes much further) and he’s zonked. His struggle is real!!!

      So far I’m doing awesome at not buying more sock blanks. In fact I haven’t bought yarn or fiber in a while. I have been combing eBay for small spinning wheels though… 🤣 My struggle is real, too, I guess!

  3. love those socks! they are so much fun! Maybe a hat or some fingerless mitts to match? It’s great that you got so much yarn in the blank. I would be sorely tempted to get more of those. 🙂

    Still loving that spinning – it will be a beautiful singles.

    It is good to see snow melting! Our big dump from last week had melted quite a bit, down to just a few inches, I would guess, but of course, we are getting a new big dump this afternoon and tonight and tomorrow. It is tiring to think about. I am with Moose, time change and winter are kicking me, I want the comfortable chair to nap in!

    1. Yeah, I have to weigh the blank to see the yardage left, but I’m guessing not enough for anything beyond additions to scrappy somethings. Whatever the case, I’m cool with it!

  4. Oh, I just love Moose so much! No one could resist those eyes. Your current spin is so dreamy, those orange and pinks just make me so happy. 😀

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